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Baffled People Share Their Most Embarrassing "Why Didn't Someone Tell Me Sooner" Moments

Have you ever walked down the street with your skirt tucked into your underwear or your fly wide open, and when you finally fix it, you wonder why NOBODY told you anything?

Reddit user itsMurphDogg asked the embarrassed public:

'What was your biggest "Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?" moment?'

Here are some of the best answers.

Vision Impaired

I was suffering from conjunctivitis for almost 10 years. I was told by a couple of Doctors that it was because of my allergies.

So I would stop wearing contacts, treat my eyes with antibiotics drops or gel. My eyes would get better so I started putting my contacts again. A couple of weeks or months later another conjunctivitis! Treat them again etc... etc..

Finally a new Doctor looked at my eyes for 10 seconds and told me that I was probably allergic to my contact lenses solution and eye drops.
I just changed the solution for the one with peroxide in it and since then no more conjunctivitis... Someone should have told me this a long time ago... (Or I should have figured it out) sonia72quebec

Something We All Take For Granted

I never had a family growing up. Holidays were mostly just like every other day, I might get a few presents on Christmas or be served turkey on Thanksgiving but no big gatherings or parties. I didn't even know that people really did that, I thought it was just a thing in movies. When we were dating my wife invited me to have Thanksgiving with her family and I was fucking stunned to speechlessness. There were like 20 people, all gathered together to enjoy each other's company. They were welcoming, loving and just happy. It was the weirdest, most wonderful experience of my life. The food was amazing, no gravy from a giant institutional can, no rubbery turkey slices, I couldn't eat enough. Since then I go all in for holidays, all of them. I throw parties, decorate, send cards, wear stupid sweaters, and just generally make a complete fool of myself, because I've got lost time to make up for. IAmCthulhuAMA


Stay Gold Ponyboy

Ponies are not in fact, baby horses.

Skincare Lifestyle

Coconut oil.

I have been struggling with really dry, flaky skin on my face - think light version Psoriasis. I tried a lot of expensive ointments, including various prescription drugs.

A colleague told me I should try coconut oil (literally the stuff you use for cooking), but I dismissed it due to his overall "alternative medicine" tendencies.

On a whim I bought a jar, because I saw a bunch of it stacked by the counter. I put some on in the evening, and I woke up with perfectly smooth and nice looking skin the next morning. It's been around a year, and I've spend roughly $1 worth of coconut oil to have a normal looking face, applying a small amount every evening. iouoneusername

Broil Me This

Moved out of my childhood home with a double oven into my own which has a single oven with a broiler. "Oh," thought I, "a drawer for pans." 4 years later, my friend helping me in the kitchen finished off garlic bread in there and blew my mind. farawyn86


Bare Necessities

How to use a computer.
I grew up in a house without internet - during the 90's, when dial-up was coming in to fruition. My days were spent playing outside, or going to the library, or watching little league games, and so on. School work involved paper and pencil. As such, I didn't have a need to use a computer.
In High School, one of the classes involved doing some research (can't remember what). The class trudges to the computer lab. Everyone else plunks down and starts researching online, and I'm sitting there wondering how to use the dang thing.
Best part is that the teacher didn't believe that I didn't know what I was doing, and really didn't want to spend the 40 minute class period explaining how to use the computer and look stuff up on Britannica Online. No surprise that I failed that assignment.
This was early 2000's, for what it's worth. F117Landers

Frozen Fractals

In middle school, we had a separate math book for fractions. It just tried to learn all these rules on how they work and they never made sense to me.

2 years later, first year of highschool, a math teacher says fractions are just divisions. Suddenly, fractions made a lot more sense because I knew what they actually represented.

Still want to slap whoever made that middle school fractions book which made it way more complicated than it had to be. To this day I don't know why they would ignore the most important thing about fractions. Chirimorin



I pronounced the silent P in everything (puhfone, raspuhberry) until high school, and for some reason nobody ever corrected me.

I'm pursuing the psychiatry training program now, and am worried someday I'll say 'puhsychiatry' in front of my colleagues. manlikerealities

Family Secrets

I had a grandmother who I only saw once a year and talked on the phone to occasionally. Typical old lady but would sometimes go on tirades about people living in trees outside her apartment, or she'd call me by another name. I genuinely thought those were normal age things or that she was slightly eccentric.

I was 14 when she died and only at her funeral through talking to people did I realize she had pretty severe Alzheimer's which apparently everyone had known for years except me. ihopeyoulikeapples


I grew up a sickly child. When I was a baby/toddler, my parents would discover me with blue lips and they'd rush me to the ER for a breathing treatment. I would get sick often, and if I got a chest cold I had it for weeks. I would be so sick, I'd have to sleep sitting up because I'd cough too much to lay down and also I wouldn't be able to get enough O2 in my lungs. When I was in grade school, I was so amazed that all the other kids would keep running even though their lungs were on fire. Turns out, only MY lungs were on fire.

In my senior year of high school, I got extremely sick for 4 months. I was so sick that I'd have to walk at a very slow pace, and I'd have to pause halfway up a flight of 13 stairs (to get to my high school's entrance). On my fourth visit to the doctor, I was diagnosed with bronchitis. I was prescribed oral steroids, antibiotics, and an inhaler. It changed my life!! Now I just recognize how it feels and tell the doc that I have bronchitis and he/she listens to my lungs and gives me the drugs I need to heal me.

Finally, when I was 24, I was diagnosed with allergies. I now take a metric ton of allergy meds, but I can breathe. I've only had bronchitis twice since then (nearly 2 decades). Damn_Dog_Inappropes


The Simple Things

Was in the hospital for a stem cell transplant, being absolutely miserable during chemo and surviving on ice water and popsicles because hospital food is gross (even the call-to-order special stuff I could get).

Second to last day I was there, one of the nurses mentioned you know you can order literally anything you want and we will make it right? Butter noodles, a quesadilla, whatever - as long as we have in the ingredients we can make it. Meanwhile, Ive been struggling with gross soup, mashed potatoes, and the worst scrambled eggs thinking my only options were the gourmet dishes listed on the menu.

I pass that info along now to everyone I meet going in! katbonk

Temperature Change

For my entire childhood, my father was incredibly stingy about heating and air conditioning. He'd always tell us we were spoiled and should dress warmer/colder and/or toughen up rather than using energy for heating/air conditioning.

Then, when I was in my early 20s, he started getting really weird about air conditioning. It would be turned up full blast all the time, and if I set the thermostat to a warmer temperature or even just mentioned that it doesn't need to be so cold, he'd scold me and tell me to put on a sweater - and this was on extremely hot summer days! He was still as stingy as ever about heat, but had become completely bizarre about air conditioning!

I just wrote it off my father being weird, moved out of my parents' house soon afterwards, and didn't give much thought to the whole thing apart from repeating it as an anecdote in conversations about parents being weird.

Fast-forward a decade. I'm now in my 30s, filling out a family medical history for a new doctor, who asks me at what age my mother reached menopause. I don't know, so I ask my mother. And she said in her early 50s.

Which is right when my father started getting weird about air conditioning!

Back in my early 20s, I knew menopause was a thing, I knew hot flashes were a symptom, but I hadn't put any thought or research into what age it happened. My grandmothers had reached menopause before I was born so I'd never seen anyone go through it before, and my mother never let on that anything was different with her, so it just wasn't on my radar.

If someone had told me my mother was having hot flashes I would have cheerfully put on a sweater and cranked up the air conditioning so my mother could be comfortable, and I would have perceived my father as a loving husband.

But instead, I obliviously ran around reseting thermostats for my own comfort, thereby inadvertently making my mother uncomfortable, and at the same time concluded that my father was being a contrary ***hole. jednorazowa

Ear Buddies

Like 4 years ago my friend got me a pair of these Shure earphones for Christmas. They were pretty good earphones, not the best, but they pretty good sound quality and decent noise cancellation.

In October of this year we took a bus up to Minnesota to visit a friend for a few days. We chose the late bus so we could just sleep during the 8 hours it would take us to get there. We're getting settled and I see him pull out his earphones, which were the same as mine, and put them on like this over the ear. I never wore them like that. I just kind of jammed them in a way they fit. I asked him about wearing them like that and he said, "What do you mean? That's how you're supposed to wear them. How do you wear them?" I showed him how I typically wore them and he laughed and said, "Wearing them the right way gets a better seal for the sound."

I still wore them my way, until he fell asleep and then I decided to give his way a chance. HOLY SH*T it made such a huge difference. The sound was better, they felt more comfortable, and they were so much better at cancelling out noise. When we got to the first stop I told him, "Why the hell didn't you tell me I was wearing them wrong for so many years?! This is so much better!" He told me I should have read the manual, but in my defense I didn't think I had to read the manual for a pair of ear buds. -eDgAR-


For My Sake

during this time last year i was happily going to work because i was told a raise/promotion was coming soon. on top of that, i was happy going to work because i actually cared about my co-workers and saw some of them as actual friends.

eventually, i got tired of being overworked/underpaid and i was mentally/physically exhausted. it also didn't help that a physical problem started to get worse, which was a result of me constantly working my ass off. if left untreated, i would've developed chronic lower back pain and i'm just now getting over it, nearly 2 years since it initially started.

it was towards the end of february when i realized that me busting my ass wasn't worth it, even if i did care about my co-workers and i knew they relied on me.

it was only after i quit my job that people started to let me know that they had a feeling that things would end up that way. i wish they would've said something to me while i was still working there, but i doubt i'll ever know why they didn't say something along the lines of "you're being played, look for a new job or try to figure something out". Alejandro4891


I was 19 when I left for college. My overprotective father was trying to drill any last minute life tips into my head that he could before I left, like dont answer the door if youre home alone and never forget to turn off the stove, things like that.

I moved into an apartment a short bus ride from campus and on one of my first days living on my own I wanted to go to the school gym. The bus stop was right outside my apartment and I was told by my roommate any bus would take me right to the stop I needed. I had never taken public transportation before (because, you know, overprotective father) but hey, how hard could it be? So I march my happy ass down to the bus stop and get on the first bus that shows up. The bus stops at each of the stops between my apartment and the school gym and people get on and off, everything is seeming to go as planned.

The bus begins to approach the stop that I need and I prepare to end what was my first ride on public transportation. However, the bus isnt stopping at my stop the way it did at all the others. My anxiety starts to kick and as we pass the school gym I begin to panic. Im looking around and no one else seems to be worried so I just sit there and wonder what the hell Im going to do. A couple minutes later, a boy sitting a few rows ahead of me lifts up his arm and pulls a yellow cord running along the side of the bus. It makes a bell noise and the bus stops at the upcoming stop. I practically RUN off of the bus and immediately take out my phone to call my dad.

I know how to lock my doors and turn off the stove Dad, but why the hell didnt anyone tell me to pull the cord if I needed to get off the bus?! hauntedhatbox

Sugar Sugar

Not shaving at all. All the time I wasted shaving...all of the awful razor burn....all of the money spent on shaving cream and a razor. Nope. Never again. I make my own sugar wax, it's cheap. It's long lasting and wax is more effective in terms of time and money. I just wax for Summer, and trim the rest of the year. This I will never change. PlantsMcGheefus


An End In Sight


I knew since about age 7 that one day I would have a period and it would be one of the worst experiences of my life, and it would be repeated over and over and over again.

I dreaded it for years until one day at around age 11. My mom and I were visiting my grandparents at their beach condo. My mom unexpectedly got her period and sent me and my grandmother to the store for tampons. My grandmother was super embarrassed. She said that everyone would know Im too young for the tampons she was buying and she was too old.

Too old?! You mean it stops?! I dont have to bleed until the day I die? It was a relief. Ive been looking forward to menopause ever since. Im worried about the hot flashes but it doesnt outweigh how excited I am to stop bleeding. mandy6059

Meeting New People

I came to America about 5 years ago. Where I come from it is kinda hard to talk to people. Walking up to strangers is considered weird and even rude. I believe it is like that in the rest of the world actually. Well while I was in college here in America, I was shy most of the time, except during my senior thing where I actually decided to be "weird" and tried walking up to people and saying "hi". For the most part, people were great, friendly, welcoming. I wish someone had told me. I wish I had been able to do this since my sophomore year, I would have made many more friends. DrumhellaFountain

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Shorts feel great in the summer. I'm 27 and my entire life I wore nothing but long pants. I never understood why anyone would ever wear shorts. I thought they were impractical, they don't cover anything up, if you bump you leg while you work you're going to get scraped. If you work outside you'll get your legs all scratched up by small bushes and plants. Then my mom gave me a nice pair of cargo shorts on a whim. When I walked outside... It changed my life. It was a hot summer day and I was actually comfortable. In 27 years I never realised shorts could make such a huge difference. Cuboos


Slurs Will Be Slurs

That the n-word was as big of no no as it is. Im a white guy that grew up in a mostly white rural community. I grew up watching classic comedians that I really looked up to. People like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock. These guys were my heroes and they used it for humor, and I saw no difference between them and myself. I never used the word in a hateful way, and always knew it was offensive, but Id only ever say it to make jokes. Not even racist jokes, more to try to take some of the racist power away from it. Didnt figure just how wrong my thinking was until I was 25 and lost a permanant Federal job because of it. Lesson learned. I never meant to hurt anyone, and I think that point was conveyed, but policy is policy. dubforty2

Success Is Malleable

I struggled with reading in grade/high school but did well enough in math to try out junior college. During the first two weeks of college my English 060 professor identified me as having dyslexia. She taught me strategies and showed me the free resources on campus. Today I'm working on my PhD dissertation. davihodg

Baby Mama


All women I talked to said it was so calming to the baby, natural, helped them bond, and that overall it was a beautiful experience. The first 2 weeks were the worst of my life. It felt like glass on my nipples and the baby never seemed to be full. But there was this weird pressure from women I've never met, the lactation consultants, and even some family members that breastfeeding was the only option. The moment I introduced the bottle was this weird sense of guilt and relief, but I feel like it made me a better mom because I wasn't so fearful of ever time she was hungry.

A month into it, it wasn't torture, but it remained a chore. Then, when I told other women about how much I disliked it, they would suddenly remember how much of a chore it was too! It is a great experience and I do love the way my daughter will turn to my breast for comfort. At the same time, though, it takes a lot of time, energy, and even sometimes tears, to get it right. Katiebyrd93


As Simple As FloNase

Nasal spray. I spent my whole childhood being sick and was never given any medicine except Tylenol for fever, or when I hit mid teens, some mucinex. My immune system is still a wet paper bag to this day and colds are hell. At 21 years old, I was sick, and my husband brought home nasal spray for me to try. I figured it couldn't hurt, so why not?

Oh. My. God. I could breathe! Through my NOSE! I was taking actual breaths! I wasn't gasping, it wasn't hurting! I could even sleep like this! My mind was blown, and I was so relieved I legit started crying. Why didn't anyone ever give me this?! All the wasted years-!!! TywinAteMyBaby


We wear these horrible ugly uniforms at work. (I try not to complain, as they're fairly comfortable and hide my body from the many perverts on site) We were due to get new uniforms, with our names stitched and all that fancy stuff. I noticed a rack of uniforms sitting in the break room for a few days, but didn't think much of it. The day after the uniforms were removed, a coworker asked if I had tried on the uniform sizes. Cue my look of confusion and a roundabout conversation, leading to the realization that I was supposed to figure out what size my 16 uniforms needed to be. Nobody mentioned anything about it to me, including my supervisor. The uniforms where supposed to arrive yesterday, but I wasn't working so I don't know what is waiting for me next time I go in. Anyway, that's my "Why did nobody tell me until AFTER the trial uniforms were gone?!" moment. SheSkisS3s


As Simple As FloNase

Nasal spray. I spent my whole childhood being sick and was never given any medicine except Tylenol for fever, or when I hit mid teens, some mucinex. My immune system is still a wet paper bag to this day and colds are hell. At 21 years old, I was sick, and my husband brought home nasal spray for me to try. I figured it couldn't hurt, so why not?

Oh. My. God. I could breathe! Through my NOSE! I was taking actual breaths! I wasn't gasping, it wasn't hurting! I could even sleep like this! My mind was blown, and I was so relieved I legit started crying. Why didn't anyone ever give me this?! All the wasted years-!!! TywinAteMyBaby


We wear these horrible ugly uniforms at work. (I try not to complain, as they're fairly comfortable and hide my body from the many perverts on site) We were due to get new uniforms, with our names stitched and all that fancy stuff. I noticed a rack of uniforms sitting in the break room for a few days, but didn't think much of it. The day after the uniforms were removed, a coworker asked if I had tried on the uniform sizes. Cue my look of confusion and a roundabout conversation, leading to the realization that I was supposed to figure out what size my 16 uniforms needed to be. Nobody mentioned anything about it to me, including my supervisor. The uniforms where supposed to arrive yesterday, but I wasn't working so I don't know what is waiting for me next time I go in. Anyway, that's my "Why did nobody tell me until AFTER the trial uniforms were gone?!" moment. SheSkisS3s


As Simple As FloNase

Nasal spray. I spent my whole childhood being sick and was never given any medicine except Tylenol for fever, or when I hit mid teens, some mucinex. My immune system is still a wet paper bag to this day and colds are hell. At 21 years old, I was sick, and my husband brought home nasal spray for me to try. I figured it couldn't hurt, so why not?

Oh. My. God. I could breathe! Through my NOSE! I was taking actual breaths! I wasn't gasping, it wasn't hurting! I could even sleep like this! My mind was blown, and I was so relieved I legit started crying. Why didn't anyone ever give me this?! All the wasted years-!!! TywinAteMyBaby


We wear these horrible ugly uniforms at work. (I try not to complain, as they're fairly comfortable and hide my body from the many perverts on site) We were due to get new uniforms, with our names stitched and all that fancy stuff. I noticed a rack of uniforms sitting in the break room for a few days, but didn't think much of it. The day after the uniforms were removed, a coworker asked if I had tried on the uniform sizes. Cue my look of confusion and a roundabout conversation, leading to the realization that I was supposed to figure out what size my 16 uniforms needed to be. Nobody mentioned anything about it to me, including my supervisor. The uniforms where supposed to arrive yesterday, but I wasn't working so I don't know what is waiting for me next time I go in. Anyway, that's my "Why did nobody tell me until AFTER the trial uniforms were gone?!" moment. SheSkisS3s


How People Would React If They Found Out Their Friend Was A Porn Star

"Reddit user Isuckathis22 asked: 'What would your reaction be if your friend was a porn star?'"

A young woman sits on a bed scrolling through a computer
Photo by charlesdeluvio

Adult entertainment has seen a boom in the last few years.

And it's real work for many.

Who is anyone to judge?

Yes, it's still a taboo topic for many.

But if that is where your success lies, than who is to judge?

Redditor Isuckathis22 wondered what everyone would say if they discovered someone close was a sex worker, so they asked:

"What would your reaction be if your friend was a porn star?"

I actually have friends in the business. Doesn't change a thing for me.

Family Matters

Season 18 Omg GIF by America's Got TalentGiphy

"We found out our cousin was a porn star, my mom and aunt (both 70 at the time) asked me to google her name to see if it was true... Um, safe to day I don't google family members anymore."



"Not necessarily a pornstar but I do know a couple of people that successfully out-earn me to varying degrees on OnlyFans. None of our friends really care, but we are a little jealous of the money and not having to answer to a boss."


"They actually re-use old videos and pictures. I know someone who did it for a while and is now retired but they have a huge vault of videos and photos that they pay a management company to post and chat with subscribers. They just sit back and collect checks now at least $150k a year after management fees."


My EYES!!!

"Depends on the friend either a bleach bath for my eyes or a night of studying."


"I've watched professionally produced videos of 3 girls I know IRL."

"One posted a NSFW picture on FB with a more known actress which got me wondering since she was a dancer and I knew her stage name. One was through the rumor mill and the last I just stumbled on by accident. Thankfully no eye bleach was required but the dancer made me realize some things are best left to the imagination."


The Day Player

"I wouldn’t care."

"Source: my college best friend was never a star, but she did a few scenes, including with a famous pornstar."

"This happened nearly a decade ago. She used the money to fund her drug addiction. She is married now and is no longer involved in sex work (not that there would be anything wrong with it if she was). So no, I will not be giving more information, sorry lol."


Past Due

Living My Life Lol GIF by The MickGiphy

"I just asked her a lot of questions. (She was retired by the time I met her)."


The topic itself fascinating.

Who wouldn't have questions?

Good for You!

heath ledger joker GIFGiphy

"As the Joker said, 'If you’re good at something, never do it for free.'"

"But in seriousness no big deal. As long as it’s consensual and they aren’t being coerced into stuff, sex work is work and shouldn’t be stigmatized."



"LMAO wouldn't necessarily call her a porn 'star' but somewhat encountered this situation. A girl I knew from when I was younger didn't really know what she wanted to do and tried becoming an influencer for a couple of years, but that didn't work. I followed her and always tried to be supportive of her doing influencing stuff because it was semi-related to the industry I'm in."

"Anyways that wasn't doing well so she decides to start an Onlyfans, she asked all her friends to subscribe and support her. It was like 5 bucks so I said alright f**k it lmao. For a while, I didn't want to even check it out because it felt weird but I did at some point sift through what she was posting but it felt so weird I was like... nah."


The Happy-Go-Lucky Guy

"I have a friend who’s done more than one professional porno. It’s been about 8 years since his last one. He received an offer from a producer shortly after we graduated high school. He claims he and the producer totally randomly connected over Snapchat. I suspect he researched the producer and reached out first."

"My friend is a good-looking guy and hasn’t been shy about his manhood. He made home videos with a girl, and I believe he passed those along. The girl in his home videos did amateur porn after. When he first told me I didn’t believe him. He’s shown me some of his work, and frankly, I’m pretty impressed that he put himself out there. The one 'film' he showed me featured him and an actress twice our age."

"I’m jealous that he had the opportunity. I’m not sure I’m secure enough to do it myself. He made enough money to put a decent down payment on a Dodge Ram, and he stopped after his parents found out, which is hilarious to me. He was also told that if he wanted to make real money he had to switch teams."

"I asked him his thoughts on the whole process, and he basically said it was easy money and a lot of fun. He’s a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I was curious if he felt any pressure or nerves, and he said he didn’t. Nowadays, he’s in the trades, he’s single."


Bad World

"I ran into a high school friend about 6 years after graduating and learned that she was doing porn. It made all the sense in the world because was always highly sexual in school and she was open and not sorry about it at all. Was nominated for a VPN award too so she was doing quality stuff, I’ve been told. I just asked her question after question. It’s a pretty f**ked up world they live in. Wild and fun, but brainwashy and not good for the soul."


I got you!

in living color GIFGiphy

"No judgment. Earn your snaps however you want. I'd only check out their content if they're comfortable with it. I'm loyal, we're going to be friends always, now let's have drinks."


How people make their money is their business.

As long as no one is hurting anyone, who cares.

Man in suit walking down the street with two bags
Photo by Romain V on Unsplash

We've all worked in jobs that have left us feeling a little less than fulfilled.

Where we spent more time at our desks or in our cubicles contemplating the best way to leave this job, rather than focusing on our work.

Of course, many people never actually go through with these fantasies, choosing instead to stay the course and suck it up for the paycheck.

Others, however, eventually come to decide enough is enough, and say sayonara to their soul-sucking jobs.

Sometimes, in a manner which is anything but dignified.

Redditor Nikhil_88 was curious to hear what people thought were the absolute worst ways to leave a job, leading them to ask:

"What could be the worst way to leave a 9-5 job?"

Alive Is Always Ideal...

"In an ambulance because you’re having a heart attack."- Amishoutkast

"In a coroners van."- _Daryl_Dixon_

Know Your Worth

"Without being paid."- a_jar_of_happiness

2 Chainz Pockets GIF by MOST EXPENSIVESTGiphy

Not A Minute Too Soon...

"At 5:01."

"I enjoy my family time and don't get paid OT."- thatguy32503

Timing Is Everything

"One day before being eligible for a pension or large financial payout."- TheDadThatGrills

"At 5 and have to be back the next morning at 9."- Olorin919

See You Tomorrow GIF by South ParkGiphy

"Family Guy style, "… and there's a poo on your desk"- roastedjam

"Diarrhea dripping on your legs."

"Huhuhu just please not this one."- sempaisempaisem

Happy Poop GIFGiphy

Ending On A High Note Always Pays Off

"Maybe not the worst.....but the way I did it."

"Having a massive panic attack and meltdown, crying uncontrollably, and finally just getting in my car and driving home."

"It was NOT unprovoked."

"Nevertheless, I wish I had been able to handle it in a calmer manner."

"But I have PTSD and I don't always get to react the way I wish I could."- clumpypasta

"Maybe burn down the building."- DirectorLow7023

cinemagraph GIFGiphy

Not The Legacy You Want To Leave

"In handcuffs?"- EnigmaCA

Stay Classy

“'F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, you’re cool, and f*ck you I’m out'.”- BrodaciousD

"Tell your boss to go f*ck him/her self then leave the premises (I have done this)."- darkheartshadows

Angry Season 4 GIF by The OfficeGiphy

When you can actually start to feel your soul being sucked out of you, then it's probably time to move on.

Whenever that time comes, it is always a good idea to take the high road.

Or at least save the vitriol for the exit interview.

Man in a suit
Photo by Gregory Hayes on Unsplash

From kindness to hilarity, there are some qualities that will instantly make a person more likable or attractive.

But there are some less-expected things that will instantly make a man more attractive.

Redditor Extension_Flan_6615 asked:

"What instantly makes a man attractive?"

An Air of Goodwill

"When he shows a sense of humor, not taking himself too seriously, and kindness."

- TheSaladInYourHair

Genuine Hobby-Sharing

"Attractive for five seconds? Abs and a broad smile."

"Attractive for slightly longer? A good joke or an actual compliment."

"Attractive like boyfriend material? Being genuinely interested in my hobbies and knowing how to explain your own without making me feel stupid."

- Aggressive_Tear_769

A Unique Skillset

"Owns a llama farm."

- leviticusreeves

"Cries in Alpaca."

- Folhaki

True Humbleness

"Humble confidence."

- AwkwardFortuneCookie

"The kind of guy who never acts like he knows more than everyone but actually does. (Swoon)"

- shegedep

A Clean Look

"Personal grooming."

"While it might not make you attractive in the literal sense, there is little that is LESS attractive than a person who stinks and wears ill-fitting, ill-maintained clothing."

"Wash yourselves, dress yourselves like you care what you look like, and you will instantly look far more attractive than you would otherwise."

- EclecticDreck

Kind to Animals

"Petting a stray cat."

- ZealousIdealKing2736

"Oh my gosh yes. Men that are kind to cats are automatically sexy."

- pussnbootsmeow

"When I see a random guy petting a cat, I just melt."

- zerowo_



- Emotional-Sorbet-759

"I learned recently that 'self-confidence' is the most misunderstood concept in our era, mystified and distorted by the red-pill movement, even up to hilarious levels."

"Self-confidence comes from how much you know yourself, how you accept your limits, and mostly, that you won't be shaken if others won't like you. Self-confidence is high when you are truly content and happy with yourself, and you don't need someone else to make you happy."

"'Didn't she talk to me? Fine, I'm happy anyway, because I can be content with myself anyway.'"

"But it takes a lot of work, possibly with a therapist, to work on your demons and kill them."

- Joonto

Unexpected Physics

"Enough mass that he generates his own irresistible gravitational pull."

- DoggoToucher

Self-Sufficient Human

"One that doesn’t 'need' a woman to be a happy, healthy individual."

- Aries-Corinthier

Personal Preferences

"For me personally: A good sense of humor, Confidence, and Nice hands (it’s the artist in me, I don't know)."

- Whiskeybreathh

Deeply Authentic and True to Themselves

"Intelligence and confidence, nice smile, sense of humor, sense of fashion. But especially authenticity, I like people that look different, I am into weirdos but in a good way. And I also love it when they are into art and music."

- art_baby


"No fragile masculinity."

- ForestGnomeX

Honors Boundaries

"Knowing his self-worth. This isn't to be confused with being a cocky f**ker... I mean one that can recognize when a person, place or thing isn't for him anymore, silently removes himself and can confidently articulate his reasoning when challenged."

"Boundaries are sexy... to me anyway."

- InhalingBacon

That About Sums It Up

"I am a man, attracted to women, so these answers are the best I can figure out based on experience. Everyone has preferences so these generalizations sometimes don’t apply."

"What makes men attractive to other men: fitness and how willing you are to bang."

"What makes men attractive to women:"

"How bright you are. Doesn’t necessarily have to be smart, but whether you're passionate about something and active. Blandness and docility are not attractive. You need a sense of purpose."

"Your looks. Looks are part of attraction for everyone who can see. THAT DOESN’T MEAN HUGE MUSCLES for the young men here. Fitness is part of the picture but grooming and self-presentation are key. A big giant slob is less attractive than a skinny but well-groomed man with a nice haircut and smile."

"How you make them feel. Women will pick up on your character. Is he possessive or is he protective? Patient and kind or quick to anger? Is he honest? Nurturing (yes, nurturing. That’s part of the reason men with healthy and well-behaved dogs are approached more)?"

"How does he respond to setbacks and to being disagreed with? Women want to know if they’ll be safe and loved in a relationship and will try to figure you out before they get involved."

"That’s the best I have been able to ascertain. Yes, wealth is a big plus for being attractive. That’s true for anyone. The points above are more actionable and universally applicable. Wealth can be hard to control and it takes a long time to change your status, but getting a haircut and a nice shirt can be done more easily."

"Having passion and being kind, honest, loving, trusting, and brave are free you just need self-awareness."

- WhatHadHapenedWas

Selective Listening Powers

"Women answering: Takes care of himself, sense of humor, and doesn't take himself too seriously."

"Men answering: Has money and is tall."

- my_son_is_a_box

"Women: no, seriously. We want well-groomed men who are funny and kind."

"Men: (not listening) MONEY and TALL."

- grapefruit_witchhh

While we're all attracted to distinctly different people, it's intriguing to see how often some of these, such as personal grooming, self-confidence, and kindness, were mentioned.

As Queen Victoria's grandson, King George V never had a chance to escape the drama that hounded his family. From the tragedy that thrust him into the spotlight, to his complicated relationship with his despicable elder son, the Sailor Prince barely saw a moment's rest in his seven decades on Earth.

1. He Had A Big Family

His Royal Highness Prince George of Wales was born on June 3, 1865, at Marlborough House, right in the heart of London. His parents were Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales, and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The couple went on to have six children in total, filling their luxurious mansion with little princes and princesses—but George's parents were no ordinary royal couple.

These two hid a scandalous secret.

2. His Dad Had Too Much Time On His Hands

George's grandmother, Queen Victoria, had a...complicated relationship with George's father. She callously blamed him for the loss of her husband, and could barely stand to look at him. For that reason, she gave him absolutely nothing to do. Of course, George's father spent some of that time with his mother—they had six kids after all—but the rest of his time was spent somewhere far seedier...

3. He Adored His Father

George VGeorge V grew up adoring his father—aside from Queen Victoria, most people who met Prince Albert Edward loved him—but George likely didn't know about his parents' secret: They lived a double life. The first life was the one that George saw: The happy royal family. However, George must have noticed that his father was gone from home for long periods of time.

He likely figured his dad was just off performing his royal duties. Yeah...something like that...

4. His Dad Slept Around

Prince Albert Edward eventually succeeded his mother and became King Edward VII—but before that, he had another name: Dirty Bertie. You see, Edward VII was a man of massive appetites, and we're not just talking about his bulging waistline. Edward's favorite place on Earth was Paris, where he frittered away the hours in the finest brothels the city could offer.

But how did George's mother feel about this? Well, like everything else in the royal family, it's complicated.

5. His Mother Put Up With It

File:King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra - Wedding -1863.jpg

By all accounts, Alexandra of Denmark loved her husband, and at the very least put up with his philandering. She couldn't keep up with his ravenous desires, and at least he still spent some of his time at home performing his marital duties. So, she simply turned a blind eye to Edward VII's Parisian adventures and spent her time raising George and his siblings—and boy, did she have her hands full.

6. He Grew Up With His Brother

An important note: The young Prince George was never supposed to be the King of England at all. That role was supposed to fall to his older brother, Prince Albert Victor. Born only a year apart, the two boys spent nearly their entire childhoods together. They received the same education, but neither of them was what you would call a "star student."

The classroom obviously wasn't working out for them—so when they were old enough, their father shipped them both away from home.

7. His Dad Wanted To Make Men Of Them

The Prince of Wales thought there was only one proper way to turn a boy into a man: The Royal Navy. George's father sent both him and his brother off for training when he was just 12 years old. By the time George was 15, the pair of them entered service on the HMS Bacchante. But don't go thinking the boys were off seeing active combat. Their time on the Bacchante was more holiday than boot camp.

8. He Got A Tattoo

Aboard the Bacchante, George and his brother traveled the world, visiting the furthest reaches of the British Empire, from the Caribbean to South Africa to Australia. In 1881, they visited Japan, where George made a scandalous decision. Like so many teens after him, he got a tattoo: a blue and red dragon on his arm, to be specific (though of course he never allowed anyone to photograph it).

George would fondly remember his teenage years on the high seas for the rest of his life—but his magical childhood was coming to a close.

9. He Split Up With His Brother

George grew up with his older brother Albert Victor, but they had to part ways eventually. Albert Victor was to be king, after all. Eventually, their parents sent Albert Victor to Trinity College to study, while George stayed with the Navy. But he wouldn't be alone for long—he was about to meet his first love. Unfortunately, she was...let's say a little too close for comfort...

10. He Fell In Love

File:Queen Marie of Romania, née Princess Marie of Edinburgh.jpg

Once he and Albert Victor parted ways, George began serving with his uncle, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, in Malta. It made perfect sense: Like him, Alfred was a second son. Who better to show him the strange duties of a royal prince? But Alfred wasn't alone on Malta. He had his daughter, Princess Marie of Edinburgh, with him. George quickly fell in love with her, and she with him.

But, wait...doesn't that mean...?

11. She Was His Cousin

You read that right: Prince George's first love was...his cousin. And no "second cousin twice removed" business. She was his cousin. He quickly decided she was the one for him, and planned to pop the question. And even stranger, his grandmother, father, and uncle all approved. For the royal family, it seemed like a match made in heaven—at least, it did for most of them.

Others weren't so happy about it—and that's when the scheming began.

12. It Wasn't Meant To Be

Even with so many people in favor of these kissing cousins, some in the family despised the idea. George's mother and aunt were both against it—though not because of the cousin thing. They both disliked the political implications of the match. In the end, George's aunt convinced Princess Marie to refuse George's proposal, and she later went on to become the Queen of Romania.

George was heartbroken—but there was far worse pain right on the horizon.

13. He Fell Horribly Ill

Not even the royal family's resources could protect Prince George from everything. Around 1891, George fell ill with typhoid—the same disease that biographers believe killed his grandfather. For six excruciating weeks, George lay confined to a bed, praying for the fever to break. When it did, the entire royal family rejoiced. It seemed as though they'd evaded the Reaper—little did they know, George wasn't the prince he was looking for.

14. His Brother Was A Mess

George's older brother Albert Victor had started spiraling almost the instant the two of them parted ways. In England, rumors of his scandalous exploits were on everyone's lips. Whether it was secret affairs with chorus girls or controversy at a gay brothel, the name "Prince Albert Victor" seemed to just keep coming up where it shouldn't.

When he announced his engagement to Princess Mary of Teck, it seemed like he might finally settle down. Tragically, he never got the chance.

15. He Lost His Best Friend

File:Albert Victor late 1880s.jpg - Wikimedia

Prince Albert Victor and Princess Mary of Teck got to enjoy their engagement for all of six weeks. This entire time, an influenza pandemic had ravaged the empire—and it finally came for a member of the royal family in 1892. Prince Albert Victor succumbed to pneumonia on January 14, 1892, at just 28 years old. George's closest friend in the world was gone—but that wasn't all.

His entire life, George never thought he'd have to become king. Well, that had changed.

16. His Grandma Matched Him Up

Is marrying your dead brother's fiancée weird? At least it's better than first cousins, I suppose. Queen Victoria had worked hard to choose the perfect bride for her grandson—so why let such a great match go to waste? She suggested that George, now in line to become king, marry Princess Mary instead! Now, we've all had grandparents meddle in our lives—but in a bizarre twist, this one actually worked out for the best.

17. He Fell For His Brother's Girl

Things must have been awkward between George and Mary of Teck at first, but over the months, their shared grief and loss brought them together. Though Victoria undoubtedly pushed them into it, the two of them soon grew to care for each other. About one year after losing Albert Victor, George asked for Mary's hand, and she said yes.

18. He Couldn't Express Himself

George V and Mary of Teck had a surprisingly devoted and tender relationship. Though they might have seemed slightly cold and distant in public, that was just because George struggled to express himself. However, both he and his wife frequently wrote each other love letters. Despite the strange way they got together, they were a team, and that was a good thing.

Pretty soon, they would both need all the help they could get.

19. He Ruled Through Fear

George and Mary had five sons and a daughter. George allegedly gave a simple explanation of his fatherhood style: "My father was frightened of his mother, I was frightened of my father, and I am [darn] well going to see to it that my children are frightened of me." That would certainly line up with what his son Henry would later say about him, calling George V a "terrible father."

Maybe the kids resented the fact that George didn't give them the life most royal families expected...

20. He Liked The "Simple" Life

File:King George V (1865-1936), when Duke of York.jpg - Wikimedia

George's blood was as blue as it gets, and he could have lived in any number of extravagant palaces or castles. But that wasn't George V's style. He raised his family mainly at York Cottage, a relatively small house in Norfolk. They looked more like an upper-middle-class family than anything else, even though George was now directly in line to be the King of England.

So what did George do with all that time out in the country? Simple: He shot things.

21. He Loved His Hobbies

Queen Victoria was still alive, so the crown was still quite far off—and that meant George didn't actually have that much to do. He had plenty of time to kill, and he took that literally. As his official biographer put it, "when he was the Duke of York...he didn't nothing at all but kill animals and stick in stamps." George's two great loves were hunting and stamp collecting—though one of those pastimes got a little bloodier than the other.

22. He Loved Big Game Hunting

Later in his life, when he became Emperor of India, George and his wife took a trip through the Indian subcontinent. And while George was in India, you just know he was going to buck wild. Over 10 days, he shot 21 tigers, eight rhinos, and a bear. He may have been rich, but you did not want to mess with George while he had a gun in his hand.

23. He Went Too Far

The peak of George V's hunting obsession came on December 18, 1913. That day, he went hunting for about six hours. In that time, he shot one thousand pheasants. That's one bird every 20 seconds. By the time he had finished, likely because there was no ammo left in sight, even George had to admit "we went a little too far." You don't say, Georgie!

24. He Moved Up In The World

When Queen Victoria finally passed, George's father became King Edward VII, and George became the Prince of Wales. He spent the next several years having children, traveling the world, and learning about the business of being king from his father. Well, he was going to need all the help he could get: While Queen Victoria had seemingly lived forever, his dad was not long for this world...

25. He Became The King

File:KingGeorgeV QueenMary Coronation1911.png - Wikimedia

Years of debaucherous eating, drinking, and sleeping around took their toll on Edward VII. Victoria's reign lasted 63 years; Edward's only lasted nine. He succumbed to illness on May 6, 1910. The loss devastated George—soon to be King George V. Numb, he wrote: "I have lost my best friend and the best of fathers...I am heart-broken and overwhelmed with grief..."

But George didn't have long to mourn. At the time, Europe was a powder keg—and it was about to explode.

26. He Ruled Through WWI

On 4 August 1914, four years after George V became king, he wrote a frank entry in his diary: "I held a council at 10.45 to declare war with Germany. It is a terrible catastrophe but it is not our fault....Please to God it may soon be over." WWI would prove the most horrifying conflict that the world had ever seen—but not many people realize just how close to home it hit for George.

27. His Cousin Was Public Enemy #1

During WWI, the British public saw Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II as the figurehead for all the horror taking place on the continent. To them, he was little more than a monster—but he was George's first cousin. King George V was quite literally fighting with his own family—and the nightmare would only get worse as it got better.

28. He Sounded Too German

George tried his best to remain a beacon of strength and national pride during WWI. That meant making a decision that changed the royal family forever. Technically, George's house—the ruling house of England—was German. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, to be exact. Britons had to watch as thousands upon thousands of their fathers, sons, and brothers went off to fight Germans, while a German ruled them.

It was a terrible look, and George knew it. So he decided to do something about it.

29. He Invented A New Name

I don't expect you to know the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, but I bet you've heard of the House of Windsor. Well, turns out they're the same thing. In 1917, George V released a royal proclamation, changing the British royal house's name to Windsor. He also made his German relatives change their names too. Prince Louis of Battenberg became Louis Mountbatten, for instance.

The royal family as we know it was born that day—but changing your name can't solve all your problems, as George was about to learn.

30. His Cousin Lost His Crown

File:Tsar Nicholas II -1898.jpg - Wikimedia

As if he didn't have enough on his plate, later in 1917, George received truly harrowing news: His first cousin and near-doppelganger, Tsar Nicholas II, had been overthrown, and the Bolsheviks had taken over the nation. The British government acted fast and planned to offer asylum to the Russian imperial family—but in a surprisingly heartless turn, George stepped in the way.

31. He Betrayed His Family

Kings must have to make countless hard decisions, but this one was particularly harsh. George feared that the Romanov family might inspire revolution in Britain. So, he abandoned his own cousin to a chilling fate. George blocked the offer of asylum: The Romanovs were not welcome in Britain. They remained in Russia where, after several grueling months in captivity, the Bolsheviks executed the entire family, then dumped their bodies down an abandoned mineshaft.

32. His Youngest Child Was Sickly

Finally, in 1918, King George V got some good news: WWI was finally over! George rejoiced along with his nation—but his happiness would be short-lived. Prince John, George's youngest child, was born in 1905, but from the moment of his birth, he was a sickly and frail boy. Little "Johnnie" was the baby of the family, but no matter how much anyone spoiled him, his health just never improved.

Finally, just two months after Armistice Day, George's worst fear came true.

33. He Suffered Every Parent's Nightmare

On January 18, 1919, Prince George had a severe seizure, and this time, he would never recover. He passed in his sleep at 13 years old. George and his wife Mary were both devastated, but part of them was relieved. John's entire life had been filled with sickness and pain. In a letter, George painfully described John's passing as "the greatest mercy possible."

34. He Started A Tradition

If you've ever watched Queen Elizabeth II's address on Christmas Day, you've got George V to thank. In 1932, he delivered the first-ever Royal Christmas Speech on the radio. He didn't want to do it, but his advisors reminded him that his people wanted to hear from him. And it turns out they were right! George became a beloved king—even if he didn't see it.

35. He Didn't Know Why They Loved Him

File:George V(GN09264).jpg - Wikimedia

In 1935, George celebrated his Silver Jubilee, and he could not believe the crowd that came out for the occasion. His radio addresses had allowed him to reach his people unlike any monarch who came before him. When he heard the crowd's adulation, he exclaimed, "I cannot understand it, after all I am only a very ordinary sort of fellow."

Well George, not everyone liked you—and at the top of the list was your own son.

36. He Was Disappointed In His Son

When George was young, his older brother was the problem child. When it came to his kids, the story was the same. Though they had once been close, George's relationship with his eldest son Edward grew more and more strained as the years went on. Now, oftentimes, fathers expect too much of their sons. In this case, I side with George 100%.

Prince Edward was not the kind of guy to make a father proud...

37. Edward Was Not A Good Guy

While he traveled the world, George had noted the prejudices of the British Empire with disgust. Edward had a...different reaction. His world travels only confirmed his belief that whites were superior to everyone on Earth. His writings about the indigenous people he encountered are truly despicable—yet that was just one way he disappointed George.

Edward's scandalous affairs might have been even worse.

38. His Son Slept Around Too

Edward VIIIdefinitely would have had more in common with his grandfather than with his father. He refused to settle down, embarking on affairs with married women, courtesans, and whoever else happened to catch his eye. Edward's antics horrified George and the other royals, but at least to this point, they had mostly stayed under wraps.

Then a scandal broke out that threatened to drag the entire royal family into Edward's mess.

39. He Found A Scandalous Mistress

Her name was Marguerite Alibert, and she was not the kind of person George wanted his son sleeping around with. A one-time working girl, she caught Edward's eye, and he upgraded her lifestyle to "courtesan." Edward met her while on leave from the front during WWI, and she gave him whatever he needed. But his grandfather was the one who loved working girls—not the current king.

When George found out about his son's new mistress, he was horrified.

40. She Shot A Man

King George V | George V's reign began amid the continuing c… |

George and the rest of the royal family heaved a sigh of relief when Edward broke things off with his Parisian courtesan—but that wasn't the last they'd hear of Marguerite Alibert. Just a few years later, she visited London with a new lover...and she shot him in the back several times. This upper-class murder shocked England—but for George, the stakes were so much higher.

41. He Kept It Buried

George V did everything he could to make sure that his son's name never appeared in the press surrounding the Marguerite Alibert. He mostly succeeded, and though there were rumors, the public never learned that the Prince of Wales had an affair with a working girl, who then shot her new lover. George eventually tracked down every last letter that Edward had written to Alibert and had them destroyed.

But the damage was done: George would never truly trust his son again.

42. He Adored His Son And Granddaughter

The members of George's family weren't all as exhausting as his eldest son. He thought extremely highly of his second son, the future King George VI, and adored his precocious granddaughter "Lilibet" (you might know her as Queen Elizabeth II). She loved him in turn, affectionately calling him "Grandpa England." He thought both of them would make excellent monarchs—if only they got the chance.

43. He Feared His Son Would Ruin Himself

By 1935, George's faith in his son and heir had all but evaporated. He said, "After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself within 12 months...I pray to God my eldest son will never marry and have children, and that nothing will come between Bertie and Lilibet and the throne." He must have sensed that the end was near—and he would have been right.

44. His Health Failed

Back in the days when people called him the Sailor Prince, George V was the picture of health—but he'd seen hard miles in his time as king. During WWI, his horse bucked and threw him to the ground, causing serious injury from which he never fully recovered. The fact that he smoked like a chimney his entire adult life didn't help matters either.

The once hale and hearty king grew frail and sickly—and a painful tragedy only made things worse.

45. He Lost His Favorite Sister

File:Victoria de Gales.jpg - Wikimedia

George V's brother Albert Victor had been his closest companion growing up, but he still held a soft spot for his little sister Victoria. In December of 1935, when George was already at death's door, Victoria suffered a hemorrhage and suddenly passed. Her loss sent the king into a spiraling depression from which he would never recover.

46. He Went In His Sleep

By January 1936, George barely clung to life. He retired to a country estate at Sandringham House, but pretty soon he was too weak to leave his bedroom. Finally, his doctors released a statement: "The King's life is moving peacefully towards its close." And that it did. George V passed quietly in his sleep on January 20, 1936—only, that wasn't the whole story.

47. His Doctor Had A Secret Diary

Lord Dawson of Penn was George V's chief physician in his final days. He kept a detailed diary from that time, but he kept them a closely guarded secret for the rest of his life. Finally, in 1986, his diaries were made public. They revealed the king's last words, a mumbled "God damn you!" to his nurse. But that's not all they revealed.

It turns out, Dawson had not been entirely honest about that final night.

48. His Doctor Euthanized Him

The entire world thought that George V had passed from natural causes. In truth, Dawson had actively ended the king's life. A believer in euthanasia, Dawson knew that George's end might take hours or even days, and he saw the toll that it was taking on the king's family. So, he made the decision to kill a king. He injected King George V with morphine and cocaine.

15 minutes later, George's breath slowed...then stopped.

49. His Son Gave Up The Crown

George's son Edward became King Edward VIII—but it turns out that George's fears about him were baseless. Sure, George thought he'd make a terrible king, but apparently so did Edward! Before the year was out, Edward abdicated his throne so he could marry his divorcee partner Wallis Simpson. He was then free to live a life of high fashion, German sympathies, and extreme prejudice while his younger brother became King George VI.

So at least our guy King George V got what he wanted in the end.

50. His Son Really Was The Worst

File:HRH The Prince of Wales No 4 (HS85-10-36416).jpg - Wikimedia

It's hard to pinpoint when exactly George V's relationship with Edward went south—but it certainly could have been around the time the family lost young Prince John. While George and his wife experienced mixed relief and sorrow, Edward's response was truly disturbing. Despite being a 24-year-old man, Edward called his brother's loss "little more than a regrettable nuisance." I, for one, am happy this guy gave up his crown.