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People Divulge The Most Shocking Family Secret They've Ever Discovered
Image by suju-foto from Pixabay

Witt so many generations and people living entire, difficult lives, it's hardly surprising when a family's history includes a few shocking details.

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People Who Were Adopted And Finally Met Their Biological Parents Share Their Experiences
Photo by Heike Mintel on Unsplash

Family is important. And so many families are not built by blood and that is just as beautiful sharing DNA. If you are a person who was given up by your blood, it's okay to want to find the ones who left you. Many times it's necessary for health reasons. So it's never wrong to inquire about your past. You just have to be careful. Once you know the answers you'll never un-know them.

Redditor u/Owanjila wanted to hear from all the adopted people out there who came face to face with their history by asking...

Adopted redditors, did you ever meet your biological parents? How did the first meeting go?
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People Adopted Later In Life Share How Long It Took To Feel Like Family
DNF-Style/Getty Images

Adoption has been talked about a lot in the media lately, but it typically focuses on young children.

Have you ever wondered what adoption is like for older children?

Adoption is bound to be a different experience for someone who is old enough to remember and participate in the process in their own way.

A person who already has an established personality, fears, quirks, anxieties, etc... is surely going to experience the adoption process differently than an infant or very young child would.

But what does that look like?

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Siblings Of Adopted Kids Reveal When Their Parents Told Them
fstop123/ Getty Images

Adopted families are unique. First, in how they come together to create a unit, but second, in revealing to established family their clan is going to grow. Telling friends and cousins and parents can be exciting, but telling children you already have can be a more unique experience, especially for the kids hearing they're about to get a new sister/brother.

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