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When we're kids, being an adult and getting to do whatever we want often seems like the bestest, most awesome thing we could imagine.

But not everything is better as an adult.

Jobs, responsibilities, and that weird back pain you always seem to get when you sit at your desk too long are just part of getting older. A lot of things that were awesome as a kid just don't hit the same as an adult either.

Redditor Athompson9866 asked:

"What was f'king awesome as a kid, but sucks as an adult?"

Get out!

"People coming to your house to visit and stay a few days."

- macaronsforeveryone


Luxury Bones

"Losing a tooth"

- Content-Discussion56

"Oh yes! Can you imagine running around showing your family: 'Look! I lost a tooth! Doesn't it make me look adorable?'"

"And when you are a kid, a lost tooth makes you money. $ As an adult, it costs you way more than all the money the tooth fairy ever gave you."

- 4ninawells

It's All Junk

"Getting mail. I remember everyday begging my parents if I got mail. (I had pen pals). I got so excited when something came for me. Now I dread going to the mailbox because all that will be there are bills."

- Slowmechanic180

"Always bills 😞"

- Athompson9866

"And junk scams or advertisements"

- bsEEmsCE

Doughboys Cost How Much?!

"The State Fair. Especially now that I have to pay for everything."

- Lala6699

"My parents took us to Disney World for a week as kids. I went for 4 days with my husband a few years ago and wanted to go home with how expensive everything was. I went home and thanked my parents for that trip."

- jetsqueak

"'2 slices of pizza and 2 sodas? That’ll be $35 please.' —The County Fair"

- oiwefoiwhef

Get In, Get Out

"Going to the mall. I used to like browsing stores, but now I just want to get what I need and go."

- JumpyBomber

"I mean, most malls are also depressing vistas of empty storefronts bookended by a department store on life support these days"

- negativeyoda

"There used to be fun things at the mall. An arcade, stores with stuff in them to look at... now it's empty except for maybe a drug store and a grocery store."

- arvy_p

World Go Spinny

"Spinning in circles."

"I try to do that now while holding my little one and I do about two spins before I'm lightheaded and dizzy as a drunk."

- lamacake

"Turning my head too fast makes me dizzy and nauseated lol"

- Athompson9866

"I was soooo surprised by this as an adult! Spinning and rollercoasters are fun as a child. I tried that as an adult with my kids and felt like I was going to die. The dizziness takes so much longer to go away and you feel terrible the whole time."

- AgeOfJace

"Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a teen/young adult: 'Yea baby!! the possibilities are ENDLESS!!'"

"Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a 40-something: 'This is gonna hurt in the morning'"

- Significant_Map122

"My circadian rhythm is set so firmly that I know I'm still gonna wake up at 7 am no matter how late I try to stay up so I hate staying up past 1 am. I'm usually in bed by like 9:30pm these days just cause I'd rather get comfortable and play a game on my phone until I get sleepy."

"I'm 38 with the sleep schedule of a 4 year old but I don't care."

- JoeyJoJo_Junior

All Pain, All The Time

"No Pain! I could fall down, scrap my knee and cry for like 1 minute and then get back up and ride a bike, or play tag or whatever. Now, I fall down... I am staying down and may need Life Alert! I have to take advil, put my knee up with Ice, and complain to my wife how painful it is for the next week. That is if I am lucky and didn't break the whole thing."

- Ekecede

"So I'm like into jogging now and I wished I got into it when I was younger. After a run, I felt this weird pain, like a bruise, on the back of my right foot. Long story short, it's Haglund's deformity. I googled it and it said, 'it's a common injury that occurs to middle aged people who runs.'"

"I don't know what hurts more, my foot or my self esteem when I realize now I'm middle-aged."

- mymymissmai

🎶 Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel ... Blah

"Summer. When you’re a kid, it's three months of freedom from school. When you’re an adult, you still have to go to work, but now it’s sweltering hot and you’re sweating your balls off all day, every day."

- chadthundertalk

"This is the answer I was looking for. It’s even harder if you are a working parent - trying to give your kid that super awesome summer while trying to keep your job. That balance between 'I want to come play at the park with you' and 'I really don’t want to lose my job' is hard."

- kennedar_1984

Sick Days

"Staying home on a sick day."

"As a kid it was a huge victory, got to stay in bed all day, watch TV, and having a parent tend to your every need. Then as an adult you're just thinking about the work you're gonna have to make up for and how you hope you don't need to go to a doctor."

- -eDgAR-

"Hehe, now there's WFH so you can be sick AND still work! Got COVID? Well, we have to get this proposal out today and you have a laptop, right?"

- Thunderhorse74

Adulthood definitely isn't the sunshine and roses most of us thought it was going to be when we were little, that's for sure.

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