People Reveal All The Ways The Attention Hog Kid From School Went Too Far

Attention is something children need to develop properly, and many don't get enough healthy attention from their families.

This can cause some behaviors that are disruptive during their classes, and make it hard for the child and their peers to learn. Most people will remember that one kid in school who did everything in their power to get attention from teachers, even when it involved acting out.

Reddit user u/tonnesen asked:

"When did the 'I crave attention' kid go too far?"


Snuck vodka into state mandated testing in a water bottle. She was sent home drunk off and my entire class was banned from having water bottles in class for the rest of the year.



Some kid pooped on the toliet seat. A week later he pooped in the sink. I don't get why people liked him.


At my school there's a kid we call "The Phantom Pooper" since he goes around and poops in the sinks and pretends it wasn't him. We all know who he is, he literally put it on snapchat



He was a jerk. I had a couple of pet goats and he would come over and bully them all the time. He'd poke them through the fence with sticks, throw rocks at them, spook them with loud noises...but he'd never go INTO the pen. He was too scared of them. He should have known better. He was 16.

One day we're all inside and we hear this blood curdling scream. In comes the kid, screaming at the top of his lungs.
'The goat! The goat is after me! Help!'

We turn to see the big billy goat staring at him through the sliding glass door. Every once in a while it'd headbutt the glass. Now this was a VERY docile animal. He'd have never hurt a fly...but he was out for that boy's blood.

It turns out that the kid had been torturing the goat. He had him pinned up against the wall of the pen throwing rocks and sticks at its testicles to see if he could hit them. The goat came after him, scaled the fence, and chased him across three acres of land and into the house.

The kid waited for two hours for the goat to go away, but it never did. Any time he opened a door to try to sneak away, the goat was right there trying to attack him.

Eventually the goat disappeared and the kid tried to sneak out a window feet first...and once again started screaming, because the goat was RIGHT THERE head butting his backside as he climbed out.

It was absolutely liberating.



Started angrily pumping weights when we were chilling at someone's house, threatened to shave his head and then tore his shirt off of his body.


Did the shirt tear easily? I'm imagining the guy standing there struggling to tear through the material for a good minute.


Yeah it took a few mins but he still managed it



There was this girl for awhile that had this huge crush on me, and she didn't seem to realize that she had been a total jerk to me for most of my life and that I really disliked her. Finally she decided to "get my attention" by stealing my $300 leather jacket and saying that she wouldn't give it back unless I went out with her. So I contacted her mom and told her that if she didn't intervene, then my parents were going to press charges.

The day after she gave my jacket back, she sent me this long text talking about how "I hurt her so badly, and it would take a long time to earn back her trust."

I replied with by saying "I don't want you to trust me, I want you to leave me alone."

And we haven't spoken since.



A girl once punched herself in the gut at her little bros b-day party and threw up just so people would notice her



Little brother is a few years younger than me. He used to come into my room to harass me all the time and my parents never allowed me to have a lock. He was around 10 when I started propping a piano stand under my doorknob to keep people out (I'm so sick of people saying it was a fire hazard. You'd use whatever you could too if your parents never knocked and your brother used to shoot you with airsoft guns).

​Little brother pushed the door and the piano stand was at the knob. I ignored it before all I heard was the loudest BANG followed by a thud. I opened the door to see him laying on the floor, holding his face, and crying.

Apparently, he decided that he could break down my door like in the movies by throwing himself against it after running from down the hall. But, this dummy didn't just throw his shoulder or kick it. He threw his entire body against it like a squirrel going for a tree. Arms and legs out, face first. I got blamed for it but it was worth it. Only time I ever laughed that hard at his expense again was when he tried to fart into my room and pooped himself about 2 years later.



I was at my friend's house. I was bored and started playing portal 2 on his Xbox. After a while my other friends sister (who mind you treated attention like a drug) burst into the room and starts screaming at me like we were dating and in a fight. My friend was there to and just watched. Every time I would tell her to leave she would get louder.



I knew this girl in high school who was the queen of obnoxious and attention-seeking behavior. She was constantly trying to get people's attention, from screaming loudly in the hall to crying hard over "sad" memes at lunch. She was so annoying, but unfortunately, many people bought and fed into her histrionics. Let's call her Cry Face.

I never really liked Cry Face, she came off as fake and kind of rude. I tried to ignore her for the most part, but the absolute turning point for me was her over the top behavior at a choir concert junior year. It was 20 minutes before the concert was set to begin, and all the kids were practicing getting on the risers (about 100 people).

Suddenly, Cry Face's mom entered the auditorium, briskly walked to the director, and whispered something in his ear. The director nodded, and called Cry Face off the riser. When Cry Face got down, the Mom whispered something to her. All the sudden, Cry Face let out a blood curdling scream and ran for the auditorium exit. She got halfway before collapsing to the ground wailing. She kept yelling, "oh my God, OH MY GOD," over and over again. The mom came up behind her, pulled her up by the elbow, and rushed out.

Naturally, everyone in the choir thought something horrible had happened. Some friends had texted her, but Cry Face would only respond with cryptic messages like "nothing will ever be the same" and "why couldn't it have been me." Rumor spread that her father and little sister had burned to death in a car wreck. With a reaction like that, what else could it be? People were talking about organizing a carpool to attend the funeral and taking "friendship shifts" so someone would always be available to comfort her. I even agreed to a couple shifts. Hell, the entire choir said a group prayer for her before the concert, and this was at a public school! We were all so worried.

Now, these thoughts would have been incredibly kind…if that was what happened. But nope. Turns out Cry Face's little sister was diagnosed with diabetes. The sister didn't go to the hospital. She didn't get sick and need medical attention. The family had only received the call that the scheduled medical tests came back positive for diabetes. The mom came to tell Cry Face because the family had decided to skip the choir concert so they could meet with the doctor and talk about the medical diagnosis.

TLDR: Girl finds out her little sister has diabetes and might get more attention than her. So girl makes high school choir think her family died in a car wreck.



He was jealous that we went somewhere without him, so he hit me with a boot attached to a bungee cord.


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