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Artists Are Sharing Hilarious Cartoons Of Their Favorite Crazy Relationship Dynamics


Fans know that the heart of any good story revolves the characters and their relationships. Now Twitter artists are breaking out their pens and pencils to share doodles of their relationship tropes.

From star-crossed lovers to the best of friends, to mortal enemies, and everything in between, the many different relationship dynamics between our favorite characters are often what brings a story to life and pulls fans in.

So artists took to Twitter to share and celebrate some of their favorite funny, heartwarming, and slightly crazy relationship archetypes.

Everyone seemed to have a few favorites among the classic romance and friendship dynamics.

While others got pretty specific with their preferred tropes.

Though some of our favorite stories prove it's not always about the love. There are few things more compelling than a clash between two great characters.

And sometimes it's all about when opposites attract.

Sadly though not every story has a happy ending, but the ones that get you right in the feels often stick with you the longest.

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