People Divulge Their Anti-Bucket List Of Things That They Never Want To Do Again

People Divulge Their Anti-Bucket List Of Things That They Never Want To Do Again
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A bucket list is defined as a "number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime."

But what about people who have been there, done that?

Are there bucket list regrets?

Redditor itchy_18 asked:

"Anti-bucket list. What’s something you’ll never do again?"

Look Out Below

"Bungee jump.. as soon as my feet left the edge all I could think was 'well that was stupid'..."

"It was exciting and probably safe enough, but it was enough for me to know I will never willingly do that again." ~ halversonjw


​Driving Pain"

"Rent a car while visiting NYC." ~ undead_opossum

"That’s like asking to babysit someone’s kid on vacation." ~ Glass_Anvil1

Not So Rockin'

"Go to Times Square for New Year's Eve."

"Looks great on TV, not great in person unless you pay to get in the walled off area." ~ Newfounder8

"I had a couple friends who went a few years ago and they said they wore diapers because they knew their weren’t enough bathrooms." ~ Nownownowow

"As a local, you will not catch me within a 15 block area of Times Square on NYE. I've gone down to the city a few times for NYE, but Hell no I'm not going to Times Square."

"Spend like 12 hours waiting for a 1 minute ball drop. Yes there's some entertainers and stuff coming out, but they do like one song and you go back to freezing your a** off in your soiled Depends." ~ flateric420

"If you're not pissing yourself in a crowd of thousands, are you really celebrating the new year?" ~ toetenveger


Give It Your All

"Assume that every coworker is a friend." ~ chrwiakgjw462q1

"Amen, I truly believed most of my colleagues were friends in a place I used to work, to the point I’d go above and beyond to help them. Even if it was rarely if ever reciprocated."

"Yet whenever I needed help they were nowhere to be found or were ‘busy’. If I got in trouble they were quick to throw me under the bus without hesitation and would lie to my face about doing so."

"Then when I realised finally that I couldn’t keep working that way and decided to distance myself more, suddenly I became ‘unapproachable’ or ‘unfriendly’ and that was a problem. Which lead to me being sh*t talked constantly."

"It sucks. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t." ~ Throwawayaccount_TM

Didn't They See Jaws

"Swim in the sea at night whilst drunk."

"Nearly drowned." ~ MrCasterSugar

"I don’t understand any of this swimming in the sea at night stuff."

"One time while on vacation with friends we were drinking on the beach and vowed to come back for a nighttime dip."

"Later that night we got down to the shore, took one look at the black abyss and collectively said 'f*******ck that'." ~ MmmmapleSyrup


Settling Down

"Settling for a relationship knowing you are not really happy."

"Never. Again." ~ Selthix

"This is why first divorces happen after 7 years (average), but second divorces happen within 6 months."

"People are much quicker to nope out if it isn't working." ~ pinewind108

Not So Magical

"Go to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day."

"Shoulder-to-shoulder people, insane lines, and nothing special I couldn’t see earlier in the month." ~ mGreeneLantern

"This is true for New Years and the 4th of July, too."

"Other than the fireworks that were different, the park was ridiculous and we sat around most of the day." ~ mr2000man


Live To Serve

"I was a server for 5 years."

"It was fun most of the time but God Almighty, the worst customers could drive a person to murder." ~ Prossdog

"I feel you man, I’m currently serving right now to get through university and goddamn some of these people make me question my entire life’s decisions." ~ Petroleum-Smelly

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

"Now I always pee before cutting jalapeno peppers. The other way around, never again."

"Just to add, this was for a meal prep with my housemate. I ran upstairs and immediately took a shower (cold), during which I focused a lot of cold water on Little Ed."

"Note cold water on a jalapeño accosted Little Ed offered only a brief respite. It was a bad time." ~ Jinzot

"I did this twice. Meal-prepping a slow-cooker barbacoa for lunch that would cook while I slept."

"Went to take my contacts out and was met with immediate agony, even gave myself a nosebleed."

"Finally got them both out and put away, and then next day I go to put them in and what do you know—the oil from the serrano peppers had stayed on them."

"Gave myself a second dose of eye pain along with a healthy second nosebleed." ~ rwsmith101


Not So Miraculous

"Childbirth and the postpartum period."

"Love my daughter to death."

"One and done." ~ Alarming-Quarter-396

We live, we learn.

The things that seemed like a great idea don't always turn out as we expected.

Luckily we can decide "never again."

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