Anonymous Men Reveal The Things They Hate Most About Masculinity

Anonymous Men Reveal The Things They Hate Most About Masculinity

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A lot is expected of men. Not a lot of it is said explicitly, out loud, because if you talk about your feelings too much you're a "soyboy" or a "wuss" who just "needs more time cleaning and dating your gun while riding a bull." Or something like that.

Either way, a lot of men don't appreciate the faults in masculinity and decided to share all the bits and secrets that men are forced to put up with in the hopes of coming off as tough and manly. Sometimes, we just like to cry, man, and that's okay. Reddit user, r/Ivotedforher, asked the following question and got men to share their most hated, manly responsibilities:

What sucks about being a dude?

1. "What, You Couldn't Be A Doctor?"

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Well its kinda specific but I've been told being a nurse makes me less of a man.

F--- you I like my patients.


2. "Dudes Are Supposed To Ask Chicks Out"

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Being expected to be the one to initiate a relationship really sucks, I'm terribly awkward and bad at it.


3. "Suck It Up, Man"

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I just experienced something a couple hours ago that most guys can relate to.

My gf made a teasing comment in public that was loud enough for people to hear. It was embarrassing so when we got back in my truck I told her what she said was mean and it hurt my feelings. Jokes are jokes in private but they aren't meant for everybody to hear.

That should have been it right?

No, any guy knows that 5 minutes afterwards we're all of a sudden in a position where we have to apologize for being too sensitive.

Not cool.


4. "Never Hit A Girl"

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one girl i dated recently thought it was okay to hit me in the face when she lost arguments, on a few occasions's difficult not to answer physical violence with physical violence, you know? the sensation of being torn in half like that sucks. physical abuse sucks for everybody, but just the added stink of knowing she could get away with it against me with no retaliation lest i end up in jail, with that look in her eyes like "what are you going to do about it? you earned that"...


5. "Oh Dads, They Can't Do Anything"

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I think the generalization that father's are incompetent when it comes to childcare.


6. "Seriously, Where's Your Wife?"

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I'm a father of three. Wife works during the day, I work overnight. I take them to all their activities, doing homework with them, grocery runs with them. You get it.... Most of the time on four or less hours of sleep.

The number of times I've heard "Giving Mom a break today? Hehuheh" is f---ing infuriating.

And I know a few dad's are totally f---ing useless with their kids. Like don't know s--- about them, and would be terrified to be left alone with them in public. Those guys I want to punch in the face for enforcing the stupid dad stereotype.


7. "...What's Yo Name? What's Yo Numba'?"

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Having women assume you're hitting on them after "hi"


Yeah, this happened to me a few times. I'm gay so it usually makes me laugh. A couple of times, I turn the gay up to 11 and say "oh honey, with those shoes, no way."


8. Every Dude Reading This Just Adjusted Their Pants

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When you're wearing snug jeans and your junk gets caught in the crease.


9. "You Can't Like Hello Kitty"

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Not being able to like cute things without being seen as weird.


10. "You Need Someone In Your Life"

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If I go anywhere alone I'm "creepy." No. I'm just a single guy who doesn't want to sit alone in his house 24/7 and want to go out and enjoy the world like a normal person, so I go shopping alone and I eat alone and I go to movies alone.

Just leave me be, I'm doing the best I can ok?


11. "Netflix And Chill Is The Only Way To Go"

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How wanting to hang out with a woman is often perceived to mean that you are going after them. Like "No Karen...I just wanna hang out and watch a movie or grab a drink and swap stories, I haven't seen you in 5 years!"


12. "You Gotta Do Something, Man"

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The paradox of a single man: If you don't approach you are shy. If you do approach you are a creep.


13. "Just Do A Thousand Crunches A Day, Never Eat Bread, Only..."

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We have unreachable body image expectations too. We just can't talk about it.


14. "You Can Fix This, Right?"

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In a room full of women, if something breaks or falls apart, they look at me. Expecting me to go fix it. I work with you people all day, what makes you think I'm a mechanic all of a sudden?


15. "Dudes Don't Wear Makeup"

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I'll steal my own post from another thread - When compared to women two things really suck:

  1. Makeup - Have an ugly pimple when you wake up? Slap a little make up on that bastard. Dark eyes because you were out too late? Smear that s--- all over you until it's not visible. This list goes on and on(I don't understand makeup). Men can't wear this without some serious reactions from our peers.
  2. Being a guy, I'm always expected to go kill the big nasty that's in the house. Spider/snake/whatever dangerous critter. I DON'T LIKE IT EITHER SARAH IT'S VENOMOUS DAMNIT


16. "Gotta Get As Big As Possible, Bro."

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People assuming you're an axe murderer. I'm a pretty big dude, so I have to make sure I don't look like I'm gonna murder some woman when I'm out walking at night.

I understand though, you can't be too careful when you're out at night especially if you're a woman. It just sucks to think that I'm probably worrying some poor woman.


17. "Just Let It Stick, Man"

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Women will never understand the plague of having your nuts glued to your thighs. The real curse comes from having to unstick them in public. There's no real way to do it subtley since the required motions are pretty obvious. You aren't fooling anyone with your awkward crab like side step and putting your hand in your pocket to try and do it can look worse than it really is.

[username deleted]

18."...Again, Where Is Your Wife?"

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Men who are single parents.

Extreme hard-mode when those single fathers have a daughter(s).


19. "...It's Going To Hurt"

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As a father, I really wish somebody would have warned me how many times my own children would accidentally kick or step on my crotch. New dads, be warned.


20. "Dudes Can Be Parents Too"

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My buddy takes his kid to the playground and always gets suspicious mothers asking him things like "So are any of these little ones yours?" and he says stuff like "I dunno yet, I just got here"


21. "It Happens To Everyone"

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Random boners


22. And The Winner Is...

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Refractory period

[username deleted]

H/T: Reddit

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