People Share The Animals That Don't Get The Love And Recognition They Deserve
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Hello dear readers,

Do you have a moment to talk about how Disney owes hyenas a huge apology?

Shenzi, Bonsai, and Ed may have been hilarious and iconic characters, but they also convinced people that hyenas were unintelligent, sneaky, and evil.

I'd like to have a word about that.

Hyenas are incredibly intelligent, both as individuals and when working together as a group. The hyena regularly out performs chimps in intelligence and teamwork tests.

Uh huh. Take that, Bubbles and Curious George. (He's a chimp, not a monkey, deal with it. Don't @ me.)

Hyenas are demonstrably smarter; but we think of chimps as furry little brainiacs. Make it make sense!

You want girl power? Forget Nala.

Always Sunny Reaction GIF Giphy

You want hyenas for that. Their society is led by the girls, female hyenas are bigger and stronger than the boys, and the ladies aren't afraid to get scrappy.

They're also thought to be among the best mothers in the animal kingdom. Hyenas invest more energy per cub than any other terrestrial carnivore...

Far more than lioness, DISNEY. Y'all out here making Sarabi look like the distraught mother the whole movie and it turns out she probably didn't even notice Simba was gone...

While I appreciate Jasiri as your "good hyena Lion King character to make up for the movies" and acknowledge that Sisi Ni Sawa is a bop... I remain salty.

Lots of readers literally had no idea what that last paragraph meant, which is exactly my point!

It wasn't enough. Hyenas deserved better!

Reddit user sqnyq asked:

"Which animal do you think deserves more love and recognition than it gets?"

So yeah ... I don't really have a passionate and long-held opinion on this completely asinine matter at all.

Backyard Buddies


"The opossum!"

"Eats ticks and pests, rabies resistant, carries cute babies on its back, has a bunch of teeth, marsupial!"

- impregnatEcOpWives

"Omg yes!! Every time I’ve ever seen a opossum they’ve been the chillest wild animal I’ve ever met."

- xchakrumx

"Yus! They eat ticks, which helps combat lime disease."

- Triborg501

"And they have little fingers 😍"

- ipakookapi

Diseased Flesh Eaters

"Turkey vultures."

"Hear me out: they look ugly AF, but they're gentle creatures who just clean up the environment naturally."

"If they get too scared, they will vomit themselves. They can eat diseased flesh without taking on any illness. They live in a flock, and are tied to their mates until death."

"They're also endangered in some areas."

- boomblebeez

"They were my favorite animal as a little kid and my family could never understand why lol"

"But they are just freaking rad. Also turkey vultures are so HUGE up close it’s amazing."

- xchakrumx

Keep Count

"Backyard birds."

"Set up a bird feeder and see how much enjoyment you can get just by watching and counting the different kinds of birds that show up."

"From my old deck I was able to identify 28 different species of birds."

- Feels2old

"I love the birds in the green space outside my flat!"

"I get robins, sparrows, great tits, big dumb wood pigeons, woodpeckers, Eurasian jays, and the occasional pheasant. They’re all adorable, my cats and I have lots of fun watching them."

- burgeremoji

Criminal Masterminds

Finding Dory Octopus GIF by Disney/Pixar's Finding Dory Giphy

"Octopus are very intelligent creatures and fascinating to watch."

- bagpipesfart

"I love that story about a big aquarium having fish going missing from a lot of it's tanks, so they put up some cameras and their octopus turned out to be the culprit."

"It climbed out of its tank, walked over to the other tanks, jumped in, munched down some fish, climbed out, walked back, and put its lid back on."

- ipakookapi

"Not only that, the octopus actually memorized the guards walk around pattern to time its escape so that it didn't get caught!! Crafty little bugger"

- RazvanDubrinsky

"My favorite is the one that was being 'annoyed' by a light above its tank, so it figured out that it could shoot water at the light to cause it to short circuit and turn off."

"This also caused a bunch of the aquarium’s other electric systems to short out, causing a bit of a commotion."

"Several people question his motives; believing that it wasn’t about the light bothering him, but because he enjoyed the resulting commotion."

"Considering that some of the other stories about him show he was a sassy little thing, either one wouldn’t surprise me."

- GrimmSheeper

Bad Press

"Sharks, they do get recognition but most of it is negative. Sharks are 👌👌"

- --Dominion--

"Sharks are my fav animal."

"A couple years back we went on vacation to Florida and I went snorkeling with sharks with no cage just open ocean."

"It was easily the best, most relaxing, experience I've ever had. I think there was about 4 different kinds of sharks (I only remember lemon and bull sharks) and they were beautiful."

- manbamtan

"My favourite shark fun fact. They are older than the rings of Saturn."

- lenny_ray

Irritating Humans


"Most are harmless to humans and they get rid of irritating bugs."

"They are also perfect for keeping away irritating humans."

- falkordragon233

"Nice choice."

"As long as they're not venomous, it's literally just a little guy living in your house and eating flies and mosquitos."

- ipakookapi

"Thank you!"

"I adore spiders. I got into macro photography for a while and spiders are my favorite to photograph - they're often so much more beautiful than we realize."

"And those little jumping spiders are the cutest darn things ever."

- BlacksmithAlert1313

Interesting Death

oscar keeper GIF Giphy

"I like porcupines and find them interesting, but they smell like stale death."

"Any I've been near smell horrible and carry a cloud around them. It's entirely possible my experience is an outlier; I've only encountered them a few times, so I could be misled by a narrow sample."

"But the smell was assaulting. Still like them!"

- Dangercakes13

"Used to work at a zoo in my teens. Porcupines are super stinky to ward off predators."

"We used to rock paper scissors for who was going to pull weeds by their enclosure."

- SuparToastar

"I love them. They're cute and make cute noises. Also, have some of the best defense mechanisms."

- frostmasterx

How Many More Bugs

"Bats are one of the most beneficial animals on the planet."

"A single bat can eat over 1,000 insects in one night of feasting. Take into account the largest bat colony is in Texas and is about 20-40 million bats (depending on time of year)."

"Think about how many more bugs there would be without those bats."

- Winter-Life8196

"They are cute and fascinating and we should all be proud of them, they're the only mammals who have managed actual flight."

- siani_lane

"Upvote for skypuppies! Pollinators, bug eaters, they’re so biologically important."

- trocarkarin


"Donkeys. Grumpy horse with bunny ears 😍"

- ipakookapi


"They're stronger than horses, which is probably why they're carrying around all our stuff. They have great memory and bond for life."

"The reputation for stubbornness comes from the fact that they refuse to move if they feel they're in danger rather than run away."

"Horses flee. Donkeys stand their ground."

- dustnrose

"I love horses, been around them most of my life. But donkeys scare me, precisely because they don't have that same fleeing instinct as horses."

- imlumpy

"They're so close to horses but are suddenly so heartful and loving and they show affection in a very visible way."

"They can also cry if they miss someone and they usually come to greet people like dogs do."

"I'm your average dude, but they have a soft spot on me 😅"

- Yukazaka

"Fun fact, some farmers keep donkeys to protect their horses from coyotes and wolves. Donkeys will stomp the sh*t out of coyotes and that is incredible."

- JauneStrife

Pocket Puppies

sleepy photos GIF Giphy


"They are incredibly smart, sweet, and social animals."

"One reason why they are often used for experiments (lab rats) is because they are so socially similiar to us humans. That gets more and more heartbreaking the longer you think about what that means."

"Rat Park is a great read about an experiment on how our life conditions affect likelyhood of drug addiction."

- [Reddit]

"100% I was scrolling to see if anyone had said this."

"I am a huge dog person but it wouldn't have been fair to have one in college. Rats are amazing and as rewarding as dogs."

"They are just as smart and loving. They learn tricks, love to cuddle and play."

"Sammy and Oliver got me through some of the lonely times of college."

- Dance-Various

"Totally agree, my ladies are so smart. They are way better trained them my cat."

"My favorite nickname for then is pocket puppies."

- supercalisto

You've heard Reddit get all Steve Irwin and champion for animals that don't get enough love.

Now it's your turn, wildlife warriors!

What creatures don't get the love they deserve?

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