On Tuesday, November 13, delivery mega-company Amazon announced that it intends to build its long-awaited HQ2 (second main headquarters) in two parts: one in Arlington, Virginia (just outside of Washington, D.C.), and the other in Queens, New York. While some city and state officials from both of the "winning" locations have long courted Amazon in hopes that HQ2 would bring a welcome influx of jobs and capital to the local economy, residents in Queens and Arlington awoke to a living nightmare.

Amazon is receiving massive tax breaks for deciding to locate in New York and Virginia.

If HQ2 is anything like HQ1, it's likely to cause a crisis in places already in dire straits when it comes to housing and infrastructure.

Rent prices could skyrocket, forcing local, long-time residents out of their homes, which will likely be taken by techies moving to the city for the first time.

At moments like this, many in New York and Virginia wish they were among the lucky losers.

Twitter users were not thrilled at all about HQ2.

Many called on their government representatives to stop this from happening!

In the meantime, housing is already being sold at startling rates.

Some officials remain optimistic that bringing in a new Amazon HQ will be good for the cities involved.

Others were more skeptical...

Among the most prominent voices criticizing Amazon's new location was Queens Congressional Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who made national headlines by upsetting Rep. Joe Crowley in an unapologetically progressive primary.

It's unclear whether Amazon's presence will have a positive impact, but advocates for residents are unanimous in their warnings: something must be done to avert housing, infrastructure, and public transportation crises.

H/T - Twitter, The New York Times

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