Adult Problems People Were Woefully Underprepared For
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As teenagers, most ambitious pre-adolescents looked forward to life beyond high school where the freedom for them to live their lives without the supervision of parents or guardians awaited them.

But when they barreled through phases of teen angst, obtaining driver's licenses, and finally being able to see an R-rated movie without sneaking into one, nothing could really prepare them for adulting.

Being told how to be an adult is one thing. Navigating through adulthood on your own, however, can be a very sobering experience.

Curious to hear of the trials and tribulations from strangers online, Redditor bathtub_seizure asked:

"What is an adult problem you were not prepared for?"

First, there are the responsibilities.

Finding Work

"The utter soul crushing search for a job."

– MaxTheSoccerDog

Series Of Unfortunate Events

"Same. I was out of work for years due to severe illness, then spent 8 months looking for any job possible but getting rejected everytime. I finally got 2 interviews lined up in April then coronavirus hit and they got cancelled! I cannot catch a break..."

– tickleapicl

Better Than The Alternative

"Not being able to leave a job you hate because you might just become homeless without it."

– Go_J

Then comes the pain and suffering.

People Come And Go

"Losing people. Loved ones passing away is the hardest. Then there’s the nasty breakdown of personal relationships, family relationships and friendships. Then there’s the sad drifting apart that happens when life takes you on a different path to a person you were once really close to."

– BlackCaaaaat

You're On Your Own, Kid

"Realizing that not even your parents have all the answers. And finally understanding that they were just figuring it out as they went just like we are."

"Not having an all knowing figure to give you the answers to all your problems is the pits and I hate it."

"Edit: just wanted to add that I agree figuring stuff out for yourself is rewarding and fun, but some things you really dont want to figure out for yourself, or cant figure out. And for those things it's nice to have someone to point you in the right direction."

– Snow_Da_92

The Physical Limitations Set In


"Arthritis is f'king horrible and early onset autoimmune arthritis is worse than just having an ache in one or two joints. I hurt all the time, everywhere, and everyone just assumes you're faking it or you're a pill popper. I am not going to live another 20 years with this pain like my dad did."

– porcelina99

Pain Doesn't Discriminate

"I don't have arthritis but I do have other issues that I end up having to use a cane for sometimes at 28 years old and I get the "you're too young for that" a lot, it drives me up a wall. Like, thanks, you've cured me, I hadn't considered I may be too young for this! If only I'd known it was that easy!"

– tarotwitchneona

Sleepless Nights

"Not being able to sleep due to stress. Yet here I lay, exhausted but wide awake."

"When I was younger I could sleep anytime, anywhere."

– JonnyWax

There are a slew of responsibilities these Redditors never saw coming.

Basic Adulting

"Being able to not cook the same meal everyday while balancing hundreds of other tasks. I will always admire my mom for how she was able to cook, have a clean house, work 43 hours and help her children do homework all while taking time to work out at the end of everyday."

"I could mention other common problems like money management and common tasks that I haven't mastered, but what really hit me like a train was the actual transition of adulthood. Im talking about having to make my own appointments and having to keep tabs on myself instead of handing every single document to my mom. I realized how unorganized I was when I found my birth certificate in the same drawer where i have junk receipts."

– IrisNalvo

Role Reversal

"Dealing with your parents acting like children."

– rchaw

Being The Host

"Having a presentable place, and debating myself on why it matters. It always frustrated me when my parents had a guest over and we had to deep clean the whole house. Like if it’s my close friend of 8 years visiting, why do I care what they care about my cleanliness? And yet, every time people are over I find myself cleaning the apartment up for some reason."

– slothbarns7

Didn't we all feel invincible as youngsters?

I was rambunctious, physically active, and I hardly ever felt like I was going to run out of steam.

Yet, here we are. I can barely get up out of bed without hearing a snap, crackle, and pop from all of my joints.

I was cognizant of the eventual physical breakdown of my body taunting me from the distant horizon. But nothing could prepare me for the velocity at which this phase of my life would arrive and slap me hard in the face.

Life can be so cruel.

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