People Reveal What They Secretly Judge Others For

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We all like to say we accept people the way they are.

We don't judge anyone without knowing them, and even once we do know them, we try to give them the benefit of the doubt. There may be a reason they can't be authoritative parents, or they have bad table manners.

Truthfully, however, we all have something we judge people for.

Sometimes, we're overt about it. More often, we judge people secretly, but we still judge.

Redditors know this all too well and dished about what they judge people for.

It all started when Redditor lukiiiiii asked:

“What do you secretly judge people for?”

I'd Rather Not See That

"Shoes off in public places. Like I saw a person at a soccer game. He had shoes and socks off, and cracking his toes on the top of the seat in front of him"

– ASP204

"In my country, (NZ), It's quite normal for people to walk around the streets in barefeet. But that, the is just nasty."

– muffin_eater1

What's In A Name?

"Parents giving their kids awful "trendy" names"

– urbexbabe

"Or take two common names and combine them into a new name. I’m looking at you, Utah."

– lordhalibut

"I hate when people b*stardise good names like Jaymee instead of Jamie."

– Minime1993

Pets Are Family; Now Treat Them Well

"Irresponsible pet ownership. Your dog shouldn’t have matted fur and should be housetrained, the fact that half of your outdoor cats never came home should be considered a sign you’re doing something wrong, that lizard needs enrichment, Guinea pigs should live in pairs, and ffs stop torturing fish to death in a bowl!"

– Redqueenhypo

How Do You Write?

"Bad grammar and spelling"

– you_will_be_the_one

"Lose and loose, affect and effect are ones I find most infuriating. I think because they're not just the wrong words, but they're pronounced differently so when I'm reading my brain has a hard time seeing the word "loose" and pronounce it like "lose.""

– bikewrenchsucks

"I agree with this 100% I don't get how some people, even adults, can still not know the difference between your and you're."

– YouInevitable2999

Judge The Judgey

"The only people I judge are those that are overly judgmental and gossip about everyone for everything, especially when it’s something someone can’t help, or hasn’t had the privilege to “buy” themselves out of."

"I don’t give a sh*t if you don’t like her hair, Barbara. I don’t give a sh*t if you think he acts weird because he’s quiet, Harold, and Nancy, I CERTAINLY don’t care about your pretentious a** opinion on your neighbors not living up to your personal lifestyle. I don’t give a F*CK. Let people live."

– KPal93

Be Polite

"When they don't have basic manners (thank you, please, excuse me, etc)"

– CoyaiPijao

"Don’t forget chewing with their mouth open. Annoys the hell out of me."

– Tra1nGuy

Everyone Deserves Respect

"How they treat service employees."

– MissKleenex1990

"I don't. I openly judge them for that. The biggest fights I got into with my old roommate was over his treatment of waiters and fast food workers. I refused to go out to eat with him ever again."

– PhreedomPhighter

Words Should Sound Right To Be Right

"When someone pronounces the word frustrated as FUSS-trated"

– captainpennyfarthing

"I don’t understand, you’re going to have to be more pacific."

– MrSleepless1234

"Or when library is pronounced “lie-berry”"

– HammerHorrorWhore

Do It Safely

"I know I’m not supposed to, but smoking."

– Ghost9283

"For me it’s not whether they smoke but how they smoke. Smoking in doorways or near kids or ignoring/being rude to people who politely ask them to stand down wind or something. It’s super disrespectful"

– breakingswipev

Maybe We Should All Just Say Accidentally

"When people say "on accident.""

– brokenmike

"Same, but it seems like more people say “on accident” than “by accident”. I asked some friends because I thought on accident sounded stupid but they all said they say it that way so I’m confused"

– stealthman55


"Long unnaturally long. It’s germ city and most people don’t wash their hands properly. 🤢🤢"

– TakeMyrtleHiking

Gathering Likes

"Posting their kids on social media - even if they (the adults) don't mind putting their kids on there, the kids may not like it when they are old enough to understand."

– Cautious_Action_1300

Human Nature

"Their appearance though I think everyone does that once in awhile. It’s wrong but it’s something you see first about people before you actually speak to them"

– LifeParty964

It's Not Hard To Be Kind

"Being mean to their kids. Not just losing your cool a bit, but when I hear people publicly call their own kids stupid, or swearing at them. I don’t think much of those people."

– asleepattheworld

"Also just the general use of profanity around your kids. I will secretly and visibly judge you for that."

– _From_dust

There's An Order!

"If they put milk in the bowl before the cereal"

– evilcj925

"Monsters like this exist?!"

– deer_riffs

Yeah, I would judge people for that too!

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