People Confess Which Accents They Find The Least Attractive
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I love accents.

As an actor, I live to utilize them.

In life, I love to hear them.

Maybe because I feel like an American accent is just too ordinary.

I never even thought Americans had one until I traveled abroad and people said they liked mine.

Accents seem to give off excitement and sex appeal.

But apparently there are some who could do without the emphasis.

Redditor Likali2 wanted everyone to fess up about accents just don't do it for them?

They asked:

"What accents do you find least attractive?"

I haven't heard an accent I wasn't intrigued by. So tell me....


Oh Burn Ozzy Osbourne GIF by Sky HISTORY UKGiphy

"People mentioning Birmingham accents. I started watching peaky blinders and have to ask if this is an accurate representation."


"Ozzy Osbourne is probably the best representation of a Birmingham accent, most people think he talks like that because of the years of drug abuse but that’s just how brummies talk."


The Lisp

"My answer is very specific: Spanish people from Spain who learn to speak English in Australia sound ridiculous. Those two accents are fine on their own but they must never be combined."


"Visited Modern Languages uni friends doing their six months in Spain and met a scouser there who spoke Spanish with a scouse accent. 'Co-mo estasss...' Unreal."


"Honestly, just Spanish from Spain, especially catalan... I cannot stand the lisp!!!"


Too Thick

"My own. I have a thick Mancunian accent and my dialect is a mess. I'll provide an example as best I can."

"Normal: Hello! how are you? I am good, I am going to the shop. I will see you soon."

"Me: Ya'reet mate wot's been goin' on n that? Nah mate I'm sound me just nippin f**kin' shop n that for sum cigs n sh*t innit, f**kin text me in a bit yeah alright in a bit man safe G."


So Aggressive

"People from northern Ireland sound like they want to murder you but they're just saying hello."


"Kevin Bridges has a joke about being heckled a little in Norn Iron. Friendly audience member says 'don't worry about them.'"

"'I wasn't until you said that.'"


"As a Northern Irish person I agree, but some of the accents are less murdery here. I mean Liam Neeson's isn’t bad."



The Wire Roland Brice GIFGiphy

"Baltimore, I don't have to explain this."


"'AARON EARNED AN IRON URN... damn we really talk like dat?!'"


I've never heard some of these until now. Research to be done.

That's Me?

renee zellweger chicago GIF by MIRAMAXGiphy

"I’ve heard myself talk… Chicago."


"Currently living in Chicago and raising my children here. I'm worried if I start hearing that accent in their speech, I might have to move. My wife is convinced we can teach them to speak without it."



"Singlish (Singaporean English)."


"Midwesterner from US. Three years in Singapore. My favorite memory is being the interpreter for an Aussie and a Singaporean. Neither could understand a word of the other’s English."


"Singaporean here. Worked overseas and heard some Singaporeans speaking... good gosh that was when I realised our accent sounded awful. Most of us code switch to a western accent when we’re overseas anyway (so ya’ll can understand us)."


Like OMG!!

"Valley Girl. Absolute cringe."


"Luckily it's falling out of use. I live in the valley and nobody talks like that anymore. Certain groups of rich, white people still have that accent though."


"I used to mock the valley girl accent and the sksk thing, like, the turtle straw water bottle girls. They had a name, I just don’t recall. But now I unironically say 'like' too much and I can’t stop."



"Bogan Aussie."


"Yeah, nah, get farked. It is startling to hear an Aussie accent after travelling through Europe for months without hearing one, then hearing one in the distance... and cringing a little. Not as much as when I hear Aussie, Aussie etc That really makes us sound like Bogans."


"I’m Australian, and I that this is one of the worst accents. It makes me really embarrassed when ‘proud Aussies’ talk like this as some sort of showcase of how we talk. We don’t all sound like this, I promise."



Waking Up Sun GIF by MTV CribsGiphy

"Ornate curtain rods."


"Throw pillows with uncomfortable fabric textures."



"Regional accent from the UK.....Birmingham. By god it makes people sound so thick."


"I'm laughing but I've just come on to this comment section and knew someone was going to say it......Do you actually know what a Brummie accent is though!? Because most attempts you go Dudley and think we're apart of the Black Country and just surrounded by it!"



"I have a Boston accent and I annoy myself with it! Who says "pizzer for suppah?" I do. Wicked annoying."


"I was recently speaking at a conference when introducing myself I said we had offices in Syracuse, Albany, Boston and DC. Can you guess which one I am from?"

"Later that week I was drinking with some guys from Texas, when another from Texas came in the room. A guy looks at me and says 'hey Boston, say it again.' So I did the 'Pahk the Cah in Havarhd Yahd' thing. The guy from Texas goes 'Y'all talk funny up there.'"


Deep Southern Fried Accent

"The deep southern accent is hard for me to take. I really have trouble understanding it sometimes. I live in Alabama, and have to lie and say I’m hard of hearing, please talk slowly. Words like “Jordan” are pronounced “Jurden”. LafayETTE is pronounced La FAYette. Vienna is pronounced VI-enna. Shrimp is srimp. Lots more, too tired to remember them."


Hollywood Scottish

Hollywood’s version of Scottish. I’ve met real Scots, IN Scotland. Hollywood makes them sound like a stereotype. On that note, Hollywood’s version of a southern drawl. Same thing. I actually live in the South, born in Memphis and raised in Mississippi. Yes, we have an accent."


Karma Balanced

"I grew up in Memphis. One time, when I was in grade school, a kid moved into our neighborhood from Alabama and we all teased her about her country accent. The next summer my family moved to Seattle. Learned a little about karma, I did."


No bagels for you

"Everyone is going to get mad. I hate the New York Italian and New York Jewish accent."


I still love all accents. I guess life is just subjective.

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