People Explain Which Things Absolutely Annoy The Sh*t Out Of Them
Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

Some things just send us into a rage.

We're humming along enjoying our day and BOOM: the universe seems to conspire precisely to inconvenience us in the smallest way possible, somehow managing to captivate our complete negative attention while remaining trivial enough to make any dramatic reaction feel stupid.

Inanimate objects are the most common culprit, but human beings are absolutely a close second.

Read on for some secondhand rage.

DRAGON_SNIPER asked, "What annoys the f*** out of you?"

Camped Out 

"When that one bit of food is stuck between my teeth, and I can feel it with my tongue, but I can't see it or pull it out with my finger" -- BoomNDoom

"Or when a popcorn seed skin get stuck behind your tongue." -- DRAGON_SNIPER

"Sometimes I can get it out with my fingernail, only to find that I now have a tiny sliver of said fingernail stuck in there." -- Burneraccount6565

Collateral Damage 

"That perfect thin line of dirt that always remains after sweeping into the dustpan." -- SunnyvaleSh**hawk

"Wet paper towel for the win when this happens" -- Vintage_oh

"That's called frust. The number of times you have to sweep until you give up is it's frust-rating." -- Kaladrax182

Their World, We're Just Living in It 

"People that block the isle in the grocery store. They generally block one side with their cart and the other with themselves, staring blankly at the products like they were alien artifacts found on the moons of Jupiter."

"Bonus annoyance when they acknowledge your presence even after an 'excuse me' and continue standing there like a donkey."

-- pondcypress

Gang's All Here 

"Slow walkers on busy streets, and people that walk down the sidewalk five abreast like they're in the opening montage of a f***ing sitcom." -- ElleCBrown

"Like they're an offensive line or something" -- Capncharles6

"Hahahaha I asked a group of students why they were walking 7 abreast once. One girl shouted out that her breasts were well covered. Little buggers" -- aledba

Fake it Til You Make it 

"People who know absolutely nothing about a subject and are convinced they're experts." -- Eat-the-Poor

"Dunning kruger effect, or illusory superiority. Too dumb to understand that you're dumb. It happens so often they gave it a name. I'm terrified that I run into it so often."

"On the positive, even if I'm familiar with a subject, I try to introduce it as 'I've read,' or 'my impression is,' rather than stating something as fact. Serious pet peeve." -- _1138_

Suddenly, Awake 

"When you're laying in bed about to sleep then remember you forgot to do something." -- liltiffok

"Or you're about to drift off and your nose itches. Fully awake again." -- Studio2770

"You remember you forgot to do something but you don't remember what something" -- Morganinism

The Ol' Switcheroo 

"People who ask for my opinion and then get mad when I share it." -- WatchTheBoom

"That's not someone interested in your opinion, that's just someone using you as a soundboard to agree with." -- Doglegs18

"Oh... a related one; people who ask for an explanation for a mistake you have made, then interrupt you to complain that they don't want to hear any 'excuses.'" -- PeterGivenbless


"The way my girlfriend shops."

"She'll grab a million items to 'look at them' then she'll give them to the cashier to put back, she'll open packages even after workers tell her not to, she'll unfold clothing and then just drop them on the floor when she's done looking at them."

"I can't tell you how many dirty looks I've gotten because of it. It's mortifying."

-- perrenial_sadness

Cartoonish, and Gross 

"People that smack their lips while eating, my mother in-law does this. Almost choked to death when my wife said she sounded like a pig at the trough." -- HardcaseHondo

"And make 'yummy' noises while eating. I don't mean just saying like, 'Mmm,' once. I have an aunt that does these little grunts while she's eating something really good." -- baberuth919

"People that take a drink and go 'ahhhh' after every frickin drink. It's coffee, not the cure for cancer, shut the f*** up." -- TheBIFFALLO87

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