How much do you actually know about the friend you recently made, or the person you are currently dating? It seems like most people have a dark past that they don't want to be associated with anymore. In this article, 17 people share the darkest secret they've learned about someone that instantly ended their relationship with them.

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1/17. This apparently awesome girl I went on a few dates with let slip after a bottle of wine that her mother had successfully hired a hitman in the past. After that, I never contacted her again.


2/17. New guy started at our restaurant. I thought he was pretty cute from afar. But after a couple days someone decided to Google him and we found out he'd been charged with animal cruelty, theft, domestic violence, and was connected with the disappearance of a girl (never convicted, insufficient evidence and her body was never found). He was fired shortly after that discovery. Just saw him in the news again connected to another missing girl, again no body so no murder charge as of yet. A girl that still worked at the restaurant started a relationship with him during his brief time there and actually talked to him the night the most recent girl disappeared and for most of the next day. She defended him vehemently and continues to. Two people I refuse to ever interact with.


3/17. She told me that she cut open her pet cat when she was a kid to see what it looked like inside. She told me like it was a funny story and that coupled with a few other things made me instantly decide to end it. But not in person, because I don't like being stabbed.


4/17. I was really close friends with a girl. One day she tells me she's going to England with her boyfriend. They take off to England. They come back 6 months later, they had locked a brother and sister cat who were not fixed in a room that whole time.

They had a couple of litters of imbred kittens and they were feral. Instead of trying to find homes or take them to a shelter they took them down to a stream and drowned them all.

She told me this laughing and over dinner. I called her a psycho and left and never seen her again. I have never been so disgusted since in my life.


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5/17. I was talking to this woman a week ago. We are from the same area and both lesbian. So I asked her if she knew some good gay clubs where you can be "new" without problems and also where you can be safe. As in not getting drugged by pills in your drink etc. To which she responded "Oh yeah, I used to do that. Putting stuff in other girls' drinks."

Needless to say, I will not go anywhere with her.


6/17. Had a coach in high school who was an awesome guy. Got along great with him. Became friends after as I continued the sport and graduated. He was an ex-Vietnam vet with some crazy stories of his time serving.

Years later he was drunk at the bar and we were talking. Turns out he was also "stationed" in North Africa. Starts out all funny stories, like the time he got chased by a lion. But by the end of the night I heard about how him and his men raped women and killed some of the local men. Some deaths I heard in way more graphic detail than I really planned on. After hearing what might have been considered war-crime, I ended my friendship with him. Not too long after that I had heard that he allegedly made advances toward some of the girls on the team. He's still working at the high school last time I checked since I can't prove anything. But I definitely got myself out of there.


7/17. I had a clingy guy at work who I was trying to be nice to. He casually mentions one day that he dated a 13 year old when he was 22 and I nope'd right out of there.


8/17. A guy I worked with for a year, seemed really cool and we got on pretty well. He would come out with some weird stories, one I remember involved dressing as a cop and having a fake hand grenade, I thought he was just a bit of a bullsh*itter.

Anyway, he invited me too his home one day and I saw a whole new side of him. He had framed pictures of Hitler and SS guards on the walls around his bed. Then he started telling me that the Holocaust was all lies to make the Germans look bad, then started pulling out pictures of said Holocaust saying how great they were! I tried talking rationally with him about it but that instant was the end of or friendship.

About two years later a mutual friend of ours was visiting him and his new girlfriend, they got him drunk and stoned and tried to torture him to death, he manage to escape by jumping through a bay window and running to the neighbours. He had a collapsed lung and numerous burns.


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9/17. One guy friend came out to me that he was a sociopath and didn't really care about his family or girlfriend (now wife), but just played the part. He thought I would understand because I was apparently a sociopath too. I'm a dude and cry at all emotional movies. I haven't spoken to him since. I feel bad for his wife.


10/17. When I was stationed in Arizona my next door neighbor and I got along quite well, so much that we even kept in touch for years after leaving the Army. One day, I called to see how things were going, and in a casual way he described how his wife had been shot and killed in their driveway by an unknown assailant, and he didn't hear anything because he was in the shower, which is where the cops found him. He said they considered him a suspect but he expected to be cleared because there was no evidence. Not "no evidence showing I did it" but no evidence. I never called again, and for whatever reason he never called me, either. I suspect it's because he doesn't have my number with him in prison.


11/17. I learned that my former friend was having an affair just weeks before he was to be married. When he asked me to promise that I'd say nothing and just play along with it, we parted ways.


12/17. A fire once broke out in the dorm I lived in when I was 16. After the fire department had done their job they said the fire had originated in my room. I was absolutely clueless as to what could have happened. Later my roommate confessed she was the one who had set my trash bin on fire, while laughing like it was a great joke. The next day I reported the incident anonymously, because I was scared she would go psycho on me. She ended up being evicted and committed to an institution.


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13/17. Found out she had faked cancer for whatever reason. She claimed that she had brain cancer, and that it was "terminal". Her online journal was filled with her thoughts on dying and the like, but she was always online playing MMOs.

She said that her ex-husband even came back in tears, hoping to get back together after finding out the news she was dying. Even though she was the one who cheated on him while out in a camping trip to Alaska to bury their husky.

Then suddenly, with her ex-husband rekindling the relationship she had a turn around and was cured of cancer!

It was all so bizarre, but I had known her since I was very young on the internet. She also claimed that she was a sniper for the air force, but there was literally no telling if anything she said was true. I quietly cut off ties with her through the years, because her stories just seemed so far fetched the older I got. It's scary to think I flew out to meet her, and depended on her help to get around her home city.


14/17. I was really good friends with a girl, but her family seemed really unstable from the few bits of information she had shared. Then, this one time she was acting super weird, so I asked what was the matter. She told me the day before her brother had robbed a convenience store and cut his arm on a piece of glass. He couldn't go to the hospital because he was scared he would get caught, but he was losing blood by the litre. The mom refused to help, because it would only enable the guy, so my friend (16 at the time) had to stitch him up.

The step father comes home drunk in the middle of this and has a psychotic episode when he sees all the blood. He starts shouting, all while the brother is almost bleeding out. It was just too much and too freaky for me to handle at 15, so I stopped hanging out with my friend - in case the craziness would rub off on her too.


15/17. I dated a guy for a few months in college. Super hot. Super charming. Only wanted to take me to horror films on dates. Once, after seeing 28 Weeks Later, he had too much to drink at dinner. He told me he was going home the next weekend to "help" his dad about an "issue" with his mom's overspending and inability to "put out" anymore. I immediately broke things off and refused to see him or talk to him. He pretty much got the clue and moved on to other girls. Fast forward one year - his dad was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill his mom. Hit man turned out to be an undercover cop. It was all over the local news. I followed the trial very closely. At his dad's trial, he testified for his dad, claiming his mom had given them both PTSD for various white Christian anti-feminist reasons. Didn't keep a clean enough house. Didn't always have meals on the table etc. Mom actually ended up testifying on behalf of the dad too, saying Jesus had helped her forgive her husband in her heart and that she loved him and didn't want him to go to jail. He didn't come back to college after that and a few years ago I found out he ended up graduating from some Bible Belt Christian college in the south and was married with two daughters.


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16/17. About six years ago, I lived with my roommate in a really nice apartment. He didn't seem like a bad guy. He was really nice, and he never really hated or judged anyone. There were a few things that seemed a little off though. Whenever I had my girlfriend (now ex) over, he would fidget or seem anxious. Whenever I had girls in general over, he wouldn't talk to them as much and he wouldn't make eye contact with them.

One day, my girlfriend and I decided to invite her friend/coworker and my roommate to this jazz club. Throughout the night, I noticed that her friend and my roommate gave each other weird looks. My roommate got up to get something out of his car and my ex's fiend gave us a stern look and said "never ever invite me to ANYTHING if he's tagging along".

I was a little confused, so while my roommate was at work, I did a little snooping in his desk drawers. I looked through the drawers and found dozens of apology letters to my ex's friend Erin. I don't remember exactly what it said, but it was along the lines of "please forgive me.

What I did was horrible, and I've served the time for it." So I asked Erin what happened.

Before I was his roommate, she was and they were really good friends until he raped her. Twice. He was in prison for about four, five years. I moved out as soon as I could.


17/17. Just after High-school I had a friend named "Abe" (not his real name) Abe had parents that rented him a cheap apartment to get him out of the house. He had dropped out of school and wasn't making any friends. I was about 18 or 19 at the time, in about '03 or '04 and I went over to visit from my college during winter break.

He didn't want do anything other than play world of warcraft. I didn't play or have an account so it was fairly boring.

I tell Abe I was going to go home and go to bed. He puts on this offputting and disturbing grin. He tells me he has something to show me and pulls a CDR out from behind an AC vent, and pops it into his computer.

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Even before it starts playing I get this horrid sinking feeling in my gut, and could just tell something bad was about to happen. I realize that disturbing grin was a pedo-smile.

"She's 14 and they just abuse her!", Abe tells me. Christ the way he says it to me is so disturbing. Half excitement and half just uncomfortable cringe.

I freeze in place and stare at my shoes. I think I went into some kind of shock, because it takes a moment for me to register the audio playing from his speakers.

I kick his gaming laptop clear across the room where it cracks against a floor lamp which falls over , the bulb bursts against his fake wood floor, and laptop slams hard into his wall.

I just stand there for a moment the hard drive grinds loudly and Abe screams"What the f*ck dude!?"

I stormed out of there after I tell him him that he is sick and what he was doing is sick. Everything about what he just did was sick.

I told him needed to think long and hard about what he had just tried to show me and they he needed to make the decision to stop and seek help, and not to ever contact me again. I stormed out of his Apartment. I just wanted to be out of there. I'm still shaking as I walk down the street.

He follows me down the street sobbing as I limp away to my car (at the time I had thought I had broken my toe on his stuff.) He keeps begging for me to come back and that he would change his ways.

I got in my car and drove home. I start crying. I knew the guy for 4 years. Come to think of it I think this was the night I started smoking.

Three days later his mother calls my mother and demands we replace the laptop. Abe's mom is livid, they are going to sue; she says that I'm a danger to society that I am a bully, that I kick puppies. How dare I victimize her little angel.

My mother is furious at me and calls me into the kitchen while still on the phone. My mother gives me scowling look of accusation and disappointment. She's asks if I had destroyed Abe's laptop.

I reach out and ask my mom to hand me the phone. She gets this look of bewilderment on her face. I don't think I ever used such a serious and blunt tone with her before. Normally in this type of situation she would have argued with me. But she just handed it over. I think she kind of knew this was something I needed to handle on my own.

"Hello Abe's Mom? Your son watches child pornography. Don't call here or contact my family again or I am going to the police." And I just hang up on her.

I hug my mom, she says nothing and just holds me. I tell her I am going back to college early.



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