When I was a kid, I was hanging out with a friend who told me she had to show me the coolest thing ever.

The coolest thing ever was... her mother's bathrobe. I don't know why she was so obsessed with it. It looked comfy, I suppose, but that wasn't something I could appreciate at such a young age.

Now, looking back, I wonder... why didn't I have a comfy bathrobe sooner? Adulthood is fascinating. But at the time, I definitely wondered, "That's it?!" which is why the following stories are so funny.

We heard them all after Redditor Notsomeoneyouknow299 asked the online community,

"What’s your 'You really brought me here for this?' story?"

"My cousin's daughter..."

"My cousin's daughter took me by the hand to show me where the towel closet was upstairs. Led me through the house and had me open the door."

"This is where our towels are."

"That's cool!"

"K. Bye!"


Sounds very anticlimactic. No magic portal?! Did Sabrina the Teenage Witch not teach us anything?!

"A guy I was seeing..."

"A guy I was seeing took me on our third date to a funeral home. If you brought a guest and watched the presentation on what options they offer (3 hours long), you got a $100 gift card to the local grocery store. Nope he wasn't planning on using that to cook me a romantic dinner, he wanted to buy beer chips and chili for him and his buddies. Needless to say, it was a no on a next date."


I cannot grasp any thoughts that this guy was thinking?!

"Drove two hours..."

"Drove two hours to press a power button once. User swore they pressed it. Working in IT is...it's something.


Oh dear... all that gas money... gone.

"I once got called out..."

"I once got called out to repair a piece of technology so confusing that the user couldn't even describe it in general terms."

"It was a portable FM radio."


To be fair, radios are basically magic.

"An effing..."

"An effing MLM. Fun fact: a few years later, the guy apologized to me for tricking me into that."


Ah, yes. Been there myself. Not fun. Such a waste of time.

"My eventual mother in law asked us to bring her some clothes because she was admitted to the hospital. We went to her place, packed her stuff, went to the hospital to meet her."

"It wasn't a hospital. It was a therapist's office and she'd made an appointment for us for family therapy. We had only been dating a few months and I'd only met her once previously. I ended up walking out. Still married into the family a couple years later."


Oh dear... this is why the movie Monster-in-Law exists, just an FYI.

"A friend arranged..."

"A friend arranged for a double blind date. My supposed date was a girl. I'm a straight woman with no interest in women..."


I'm sorry, this made me laugh... how did they not ask about this beforehand?

"New friends invited us..."

"New friends invited us to a play. We were all in a small town so it didn't really register that it was in a church, since a lot of non-denominational acts would make use of the stage and audience capacity when travelling through."

"We sat right down at the front because they had "great tickets.""

"It was "Heaven's Gate, Hell's Fury". Which aside from being nakedly manipulative evangelical nonsense, was also incredibly poorly acted in that we both started snickering at inappropriate times and when the part came where we were all instructed to ask the person next to us if they "have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour" we were actually howling with laughter."

"The friendship didn't pan out."


Not even ashamed to say that I'd be laughing too. This is priceless.

"Drove 45 minutes..."

"Drove 45 minutes with a newborn because my mother in law (elderly and bad with tech) desperately needed to print something. Yeah, her printer wasn't plugged in."


Maddening. WHY? Why are people like this?

"When I was little my friend called me over to his house at the middle of the night and he said it would be worth sneaking out. He proceeds to play goldeneye in paintball mode and I’m like what are you doing. Then he got a black and yellow paintball next to each other and he’s like, “Look, bumblebee!"


That's it? That's it??

Cute story, though.

Don't be too perplexed. Sometimes people really just want to show us what they have going on! It's sweet!

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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