People Describe The Worst TV Shows They've Ever Watched
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TV shows have become big-budget productions in the past decade, with many A-listers flocking to star in critically-touted programs on many popular streaming platforms.

The pandemic only forced many people suddenly out of work and having the time during lockdown to binge-watch many of these impressive shows, like The Mandalorian on Disney+ or The Morning Show on Apple TV+.

But with a slew of other programs seemingly making their debut every month, there is bound to be a few duds.

While most of us compared notes on our favorite shows, Redditor lulzForMoney was curious to hear of the ones that failed to impress and asked:
"What is the worst tv show you've ever watched?"

These reality competitions demonstrated how far contestants would go to end up with bachelor.

Lust For Wealth

"Does anybody remember 'who wants to marry a millionaire?' It was like the bachelor but they couldn't see the guy, they were literally and unabashedly only attracted to his money. Turned after air that everyone was a con-artist."


A Rich Premise

"My buddies and I watched Joe Millionaire when it came out because it was hilarious."

"Basically, all the girls were told this dude was super rich but in reality he was just a pretty good looking construction worker. I think the girl who 'won' lost her sh*t when it was revealed he wasn't a millionaire."

"ETA: Apparently she didn't lose her sh*t, but she wasn't exactly pleased and they didn't stay together once the show ended."


Competing For A Royal

"I wanna marry Harry. I think it was on ABC? They didn't have enough ratings and canceled after 5 episodes. But the fact that these women thought they were gonna marry prince Harry was delusional."


These reality shows were considered disturbing enough to not last a full season on air.

A Torture Chamber

"There was a game show called 'The Chamber' that lasted on air all of 3 episodes. Contestants were strapped to a torture chair and subjected to extreme circumstances (like super heat with fire everywhere, super cold where they are freezing) and forced to try to answer questions for prizes and money. It was one of the weirdest ideas ever and pretty much everyone who watched it felt kind of uncomfortable with the level of stuff they subjected these people to."


Orwellian Nightmare

"Queen for a Day. A few years ago I looked up the worst TV shows and this one puts everything to shame. It started in 1945 and 4 poor mother's go on the show to beg for money. Typically, it's a mom crying that she can't afford a wheelchair for her disabled son. The 'Queen' gets chosen by a studio applause meter. This isnt even 'fake reality' like we're used to. Contestants would hyperventilate and have body language that you could tell they were not faking. The gifts were tied to the sponsors. The show has 10 million viewers in the 50's and lasted from 1945-1964. If you thought modern reality TV was bad, this is the most dystopian sh*t I've ever seen."


It can't get any more superficial than these cringe-worthy vanity projects.

Chance For Facial Upgrades

"Bridalplasty, where engaged women compete to win cosmetic surgery procedures in time for the big day. When a contestant was voted off, the presenter said something along the lines of 'you will still be getting married, but you won't be perfect.'"

"Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it."


Wild Transformations

"Reminds me of 'The Swan', a show where they turn 'ugly ducklings' into 'swans'. Not as cringy as Bridalplasty, but close."


"I remember this show. They'd fix the teeth, shave down their noses, straighten their chins, give them hair extensions and a ball gown. Gosh how times have changed."


For Stage Moms

"Toddlers and Tiaras. Just why."


Non-reality TV shows were not spared from derision.

The Next Decade Didn't Stick

"Other than every reality show? 'That 80's Show.' Obviously a spin-off of 'That 70's Show,' but it was hot garbage. Characters were forgettable, the one-liners were all tired and cliché; the whole show was just sad. Thankfully it was cancelled early."


Going Internatoinal

"Some of you have not seen Indian soap operas and it really shows. Here's a sample of their editing. True garbage but it's almost hilarious."

"Edit: If anyone wants a peek into South Indian action movies, check out Sivaji the Boss. Warning: Epilepsy/Nausea."


Disney Channel Programs

"Every single Disney "tween-targeted" show for the last 20 years. Exec: 'how do we make this show funny?' Other exec: 'How about play the laugh track after ever single sentence?' Exec: 'Brilliance!'"


Many of the shows listed were reality TV shows.

And while I don't watch them outside of Survivor, one reality show that triggered my curiosity was a murder mystery reality competition show called Whodunnit? in 2013.

It involved contestants who were gathered together at a mansion and discovering their fellow contestants were killed off, one by one.

Depending on how horribly each contestant failed to deduce the identity of the murderer and how it was done, they would become the next victim for contestants to solve.

The production of the staged murders and "acting" were laughable, but alas, not entertaining enough for me to be a dedicated viewer.

Others felt the same, as the show was not renewed for a second season.

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