People Break Down The Worst Things Ever Invented By Humanity

People Break Down The Worst Things Ever Invented By Humanity
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I'm just spitballing here, but it seems to me that pretty much that weapons of war are among humanity's worst creations. Sure: We live in an anarchic world. States can never be certain of another state's intentions. Conflicts are bound to break out. But in a perfect world––and a man can dream––none of this would be necessary.

It seems I'm not alone in this, either. People had opinions of their own after Redditor Questwarrior asked the online community,

"What was the worst human invention ever made?"

"Cheap and easy to make..."

"Landmines. Cheap and easy to make, but they remain active and people forget where they put them."


"It's toxic..."

"Styrofoam. It's toxic, can't be recycled, and there are better alternatives."


It also sounds horrible when rubbed against another piece of Styrofoam. Torturous.

"Now idiots can connect to each other..."

"Social Media - It gave people the ability to find others and create echo chambers. Before, idiots were isolated to dealing with just a few in their immediate radius of existence. Now idiots can connect to each other across the world and validate their thoughts/feelings."


This is very true. We're seeing the consequences, aren't we?

"Imagine companies..."

"Planned obsolescence.

Ain't built like they used to - because they can't sell you a newer model if the old one is still performing like new.

If companies didn't have this in mind we wouldn't be running out of resources and messing up the planet in search of more. This would create less conflict and way less pollution. Imagine companies actually making insanely good, long-lasting products instead of cheap ones that needs replacing more often than it should."


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"Heroin destroys..."

​"Heroin destroys people's lives every day."


"As a medical student..."

"As a medical student, I basically see people every day whose lives have been wrecked by smoking. Kids and unborn babies get messed over by tobacco smoke. Stupid and plain evil."


A great film about the tobacco industry: The Insider (1999). Really makes you think about the cost we all pay for Big Tobacco.

"I can't believe..."

"The concept of Flat Earth. I can't believe people are still stuck in the seventeenth century and still believe in that crap and try to defend it with their misunderstandings of science and physics, as well as pure ignorance."


People believe the most ridiculous things.

"They exist solely..."

"Torture devices. They exist solely to cause harm."


"How am I going to pay you..."

"Overdraft fees. How am I going to pay you EXTRA money when I don't have money?!"


Human beings are capable of so much innovation, beauty, and joy, but threads like these remind us of all the horrors in the world. There's a lot of darkness in humans, too.

Have some of your own contributions to share? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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