People Break Down The Worst Thing They've Seen Someone Do At A Funeral
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People grieve in various ways after losing a loved one, and no one can tell them how to cope as they process their emotions.

However, there are certain behaviors that are inappropriate at a funeral.

Redditor Bankrupt-R-Us asked,

"What is the worst thing you've ever seen someone do at a funeral?"

The people of Reddit had some interesting things to share – including an incident involving a gun-toting nun, and an angry grandson unleashing his vengeance over the deceased with an act of vandalism.

Read on to find out more about some absurd and inappropriate things that have happened during a funeral service.

The aftermath of death in the family caused the following drama.

Open Forum

"The gentleman had a large family and all of his siblings got up and made it all about themselves, dredged up old family drama, made it clear that they resented his wife, etc. It was so painfully awkward."


Too Much For A Son To Take

"I had a fit of hysterical laugh at my father's funeral just about the time people started to gather at the mortuary."

"In my defense, my mother had a nervous breakdown (my father died 4 days after we found out he had lung cancer), there was a lot of sh**ty stuff surrounding the funeral organization, my mom just flipped, my siblings were 15 and lost so I was at 23 left to handle it all."

"I kinda lost it."


So, Here's A Question

"At my father's funeral, one of my aunts asked my mom when would she get out of the house."


Grief Competition

"My nan told my dad at his own father's funeral that her pain was much greater because she had lost a husband, while he had only lost his dad. As if grief is a competition."

"She is a sh**ty person anyway, and not even blood related to us so we just kinda don't associate anymore."


There are just some acts that are totally unnecessary when the grief is already enough.

Bedroom Legacy

"Her ex told us about all the great things she did in bed and what a loss for mankind that is. In present of her boyfriend."


Seizing An Opportunity

"He handed out his business cards at his stepdaughter's funeral. There was very nearly a fistfight!"


Act Of Vandalism

"My uncle was pissed about something in my grandmother's Will. So during the funeral, he went out to the parking lot and keyed everyone's car. It should be noted, he has severe brain injury from a motorcycle accident that causes him to be constantly angry and paranoid. Still..."


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Angry Debt Collector

"My brother in law is a mortician. Boy does he have stories...."

"One of the best- A guy disguised himself as a nun, shows up at the funeral, pulls a gun from under his habit and tries to shoot the deceased's son. Luckily the gun malfunctioned and didn't fire. The son then decks the nun and knocks him out, kicks him in the head a few times, and is pulled off by other family. Police are called, yada yada yada... turns out the deceased owed the nun quite a lot of money and the son had refused to honor the debt."


Go Fund Me – I Mean – HER

"My grandpa died. His son (my uncle) went around asking for money to give to his now widowed mother. He collected around $500 USD worth of donations from family, friends etc. he pocketed it, and my grandma didn't receive sh*t."


Unacceptable Comment

"My uncle died and at his funeral my cousin (his son) was crying. Some old timer uncle came up to him and said 'stop crying you're a man you're embarrassing us'. I never wanted to slap someone at a funeral more than at that moment."


Kids barely understand the concept of death. But when they start to have a firm grasp, it is terrifying for them.

These incidents didn't help.

Cruelty Towards A Child

"A few years back, when the uncle of my mother died my young cousin (8) cried a lot at the funeral. It took some time but eventually he calmed down and his parents went for a little walk with him for some distraction."

"But then he noticed that his first name was written on one of the tombstones. He mentions it loudly and one of the bystanders said: ''Yeah its already reserved for you'."

"He immediately started crying again..."


A Father Moves On

"One of my students' mother died. I went to the funeral with the principal and the student's integration aide. After the funeral her father walked up to her and her grandmother and said 'I want her out of the house by tomorrow morning.' She was 11 years old."


The Guilty Sister

"My sister murdered her father(my the time we didn't know she was guilty)"

"BTW Just so you know she did this purely for financial gain."

"During the viewing she dragged her little boy to the casket and because he didn't cry enough to suit her she pinched him on the upper arm until he was sobbing then took him around to everyone saying he was really crying because he loved his Gramps so much."


Although there is never a time and place for the irrational behaviors mentioned above, maintaining proper decorum at a funeral out of respect for those who've passed on should be common sense.

Whatever unresolved grudges you hold against the departed, it's better to either leave them in the past or resolve your conflict with them in the afterlife.

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