People Describe The Worst Thing Their A-Hole Neighbor Has Ever Done To Them
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Let's talk about the people next door.

How well do you know your neighbors?

That is a million dollar question.

We should probably do more snooping on neighbor details, before we end up 'Dateline NBC' stars.

Neighbors can be cruel and vengeful.

All it takes is one squabble and civility dies.

Case in point...

RedditorIynxellwanted to hear all about the people living next door that many of us have had to endure, by asking:

"Redditors with a**hole neighbors, what is the worst thing they have done to you?"

I once had a neighbor who liked to leave notes detailing their disdain on everyone's landscaping in our mailboxes. I set her mailbox on fire. I was 18.


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"Tried to have a fence repaired and replaced in some parts. Neighbor said the fence was over the property line. So, their solution was call the cops. The responding deputy told them, it's a civil matter, not criminal and drove away."


Drug Den

"My a**hole neighbors are actually fine to me. A very old woman lives there and her step-brother uses the location to sell drugs. His clientele are not nice. They pee on the sidewalk, they harass my neighbors, they sit on people's property, they will steal anything that isn't nailed down."

"However before I found all this out all I knew was a little old lady lived next door to me so when it snowed I shoveled her walk. I've kept doing that and I rake the leaves for her, too. I dunno what amount of control she has over her brother and the people who buy drugs from him, but I live right next door to the house and I am the only house on the block that no one really bothers."


Avoiding Conflict

"We live on a farm. We share a driveway with one other family. They're very passive aggressive. Long story short they want us to build a separate driveway. Numerous times he has blocked our only way out. As of late I've been finding nails, screws and scrap metal in the driveway past where they ever drive their vehicles. I try to avoid conflict, but it's starting to get out of hand. As of yesterday I installed a trail cam in hopes that they will stop being a**holes. Time will tell if that actually works."


"Psycho Sally"

"Used to live next to this single mother (40s) and her daughter (16). They were the type of neighbors that would have the police round a handful of times a year for god knows what reason. This one day I'm working on my motorbike out in the shared car park, when the mother turned up in her Ford Ka and parked next to my parent's car. She got out of her car and proceeded to smash her car door into my parent's about 8 or 9 times while smiling at me. Her nickname was 'Psycho Sally' for a reason."


You're Dead

the sopranos hbo GIFGiphy

"Not the worst but the funniest was threatened to kill my father via 'mafia connections' over weed whacker He laughed in his face and kept going."


Are people insane? Yes. Yes they are. And it's difficult to live next to crazy.


On Fire GIFGiphy

"One guy fed my cat antifreeze. Spapoop was a good kitty and didn't deserve that."


Petty Patty

"Had a neighbor leave a note on my then-girlfriend's car saying she wasn't allowed to park in front of their house because their taxes paid for that part of the street. That same neighbor constantly called the cops on me for trivial things like one time I was shoveling my driveway and I moved my car onto the sidewalk for 5 minutes while I shoveled the spot where it was previously parked. Pretty much every discussion I had with the cops involved the cop making fun of how stupid the people were for calling to complain."


Roommate Issues

"Out of college, I lived in a house with two other roommates. Two of us had cars and one guy took the bus. This older woman who lived two houses down was constantly berating us for parking in front of her house and threatening to call the cops. Thing is, we never parked in front of her house. We had a garage where my roommate and I would park our cars."

"I lost count of how many times we explained to her that none of the cars in front of her house were ours but I swear it was that old lady logic of 'young people=troublemakers.' Finally, she came to our door one night and my roommate just lost it at her. He told her if she came by again complaining about something that wasn't our fault that he'd call the cops himself and let them sort it out."

"She immediately played the 'I'm just an old lady why would you do that to me' card but we were done. He reiterated that again, he would call the cops if she ever came to our house again. She never bothered us again the rest of the time we lived there. I understand you're frustrated about people parking in front of your house but maybe, just maaaaaybe, watch who gets out of the cars instead of just instantly assuming it was us?'"



"I had a weird old creep for a neighbour who would spend his time washing his car in front of his house. One day we had workers over doing building work on the house. After a few days they informed us that the old creep would hide behind the fence and spend the afternoon abusing them and throwing racist comments."

"My dad discreetly crept back to catch him doing it and gave him the fright and humiliation of his life. Next day he started mowing the lawn at night with a flash light and testing his fire alarm in the middle of the night. the police was called to deal with him."


Bad Kids

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"Let their monster children run around the neighborhood and destroy people's cars. They were always in and out of court because of their negligence."


The Prize

"My brother’s neighbor once gave poisoned meat to his (my brother’s) dog. Fortunately the dog decided to come show off her 'prize' instead of just scarfing it down so she was okay. My brother reported it. The neighbor claimed he’d put it out for wild animals but the cops, who’d been called out there before for ridiculous reasons."

"One time he called to complain about the dog using the bathroom, in her own yard, didn’t really buy it. I think he ended up getting fined and was warned against doing anything like that again, but my brother was extremely careful about keeping an eye on her any time she went out until the nutcase moved a few months later."


In Florida...

"He cornered my wife in a corner of the garage preventing her escape. He explained how he would protect her and showed her his gun in his waistband. He pulled out a knife and showcased his military training on how to kill a man. Finally he expressed his love for her and how he fantisizes about sneaking into our bedroom to give her oral. He told her he was really good at giving it and asked her to kiss him. Apparently none of these actions are a crime in Florida."


The 80s were a wild ride...

"John and Flo. They were the absolute worst. John tried to get my brother to eat poisonous berries when he was 4 years old. John also caught the woods behind our house on fire. They called the cops on us because we accidentally kicked a ball into their yard. Flo accused my dad of assault, took my parents to court, but the case fell apart when the judge saw there was no evidence, and her own husband didn’t show up to support her in court."

"They finally decided to move because my parents adopted my sister from South Korea and they said she was going to make property values drop. The 80s were a wild ride. F**k you, John and Flo. Btw, this is just a handful of the terrible things they did."



"When I was like 6 a couple of the neighborhood kids threw a bunch of rocks under another neighbors car that was notorious for being an absolute nightmare. I happened to come outside at the wrong time, and when she saw the rocks she and her husband demanded I crawl under her car and clean them up (which I don’t need to say is a horrible idea) all while screaming at me for 'trying to damage their car.' I came crying home and that’s probably the closest my mom has ever been to physically attacking someone."



"Not current neighbors, but had one that would let their dogs roam the neighborhood freely. Not overly a big deal. We are out in the country and not many people fence their dogs in. But this neighbor didn't care their dogs were everywhere and didn't care that his dogs were harassing our livestock. Which is a big deal. As livestock can die from too much stress."

"Well after politely asking multiple times to keep his dogs in and away from our livestock he still just didn't care. So after one day seeing their dogs terrorizing our livestock, I chased their dogs back home. Then told the neighbor in no uncertain terms to keep his dogs off my property."

"Also informing him in front of his wife and kids what the state law permits me to do to dogs that are terrorizing livestock. After that had little trouble with them. Except for when their pet peacock decided that it was going to stay summer around my house. Didn't cause a problem so we didn't care much."


Crossed the Line

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"Called 9-1-1 on me for supposedly mowing 6" more than I was supposed to at the property line, stating that I was going to destroy their green house by doing so (greenhouse was 50 feet away from me)."



"When I was a kid my dad got sick of our neighbor’s dog pooping in our yard. He scoops one particularly big pile up and chucked it into their driveway. He didn’t realize this guy’s convertible was parked with the top down in the driveway and this disgusting pile of poop landed right on the driver’s seat."


foot long homemade pipe bomb....

"He hid a foot long homemade pipe bomb in a hollowed out log in the woods right next to my driveway. Thankfully my sister found it and not my son and it didn't blow up. The bomb squad had to come and examine it and decided it would be safest to blow it up at the scene (read: my driveway). We ended up in the news. Thankfully that neighbor moved a few months ago so I don't have to worry about stumbling across anymore homemade explosives."



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"Not me but my bf, his neighbors scream at his family all night and they even spat on his dog, multiple times. He and his dad had to build a 3ft tall fence extender just so the neighbours couldn't reach over to spit."


High Fever

"I was like 4 on Halloween with a high fever. A couple of neighborhood kids decided to egg our house. The window was open and 2 eggs went right through and splatted sick little me in the face."

"My mother ran in my dad's boxers down the block, chased them into a building hallway and gave one of them a black eye. The next day there was a knock on the door and it was the guy and his father- who made his son apologize."


Yeah... that all sounds about right. The days of Mayberry are over. Be aware...

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