Worst Teacher Ever Bullied Her Coworkers Until Her Students Did THIS For Revenge.

I think we all had that one teacher in school that just.... shouldn't have been a teacher.

Reddit user BethMarieCantoo works as a home room teacher for a summer camp and experienced first hand just how awful some teachers can be.

I used to work at a summer camp for the children of wealthy faculty and alumni of my university. I was a home room monitor, which basically meant I spent all day with the same set of kids (ages 6-9, plus one 4 year old) as well as taught their first, middle, and final class of the day (reading, crafts, and music).

I had a horrible coworker (Whom we will call Angel) who taught their mathematics class which they took after mine. Because she had worked at the department a few months longer than I, Angel assumed that she had seniority over me and could do whatever the hell she wanted. My fianc, who worked as the nurse/PE coach for the camp had previously had a run-in with Angel. Apparently she had hit on him, he turned her down, and she reported him to the supervisor for "inappropriate conduct." The supervisor, who was a rather close friend of ours wasn't having any of it, and warned me that Angel was manipulative.

Anyway, Angel had a terrible habit of running over into my second class period, mainly because hers was the shortest of the day (it was 45 minutes, as opposed to the hour fifteen mine had) and was rather bitter about it.

On this particular day, my kids were being awful in the morning, so I was flustered. She, as usual, had decided that she wanted to run over into MY class period again. So, as soon as clock signaled the end of class, I knocked on the door. The kids, knowing it as a signal to get ready to leave headed for the door. Angel proceeded to yell at the students to sit down, because she dismissed them and not me.

So I replied that she was running into my class period. (I was being polite at this point.) So the. Angel, turned to me and yelled "YOU DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I AM SUPERIOR TO YOU, AND YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME. SO YOU CAN LEAVE AND COME BACK IN 15 MINUTES." The kids became very silent, and I was In shock. One of the first rules they tell is is to be civil in front of the kids. I was actually quite surprised that they children got out of their desks and followed me out the door, despite her yelling and storming after us. She tried to pull me back by my arm, but because she only weight 90 pounds, of course her efforts were futile.

As we walked to the building (which was across the campus) the kids were surprised because of the way I had handled the situation. Their comments were: "Man, Miss BathMurrayCantoo! You were so calm. I would have punched her." "You should have roundhouse kicked her like Chuck Norris!" And my favorite little 9 year old looked up at me and quietly responded: "Miss Angel is a bitch."

Angel had called the supervisor, of course, who told her to get over it. So she called the superintendent who came to observe the classes the following day. My kids, ever the loyal little pains in the butt, were absolutely perfect in my first class. As we walked to Angel's room, one of my boys whispered "Don't worry, Miss. We have your back." I dropped them off at Angel's room with the superintendent, where they were greeted with cookies, fingerpaints, and pie charts for mathematics (manipulative bitch) and walked back to my classroom across campus to eat and prep for my lesson.

It takes 15 minutes to get there, and as soon as I walk in, my walkie-talkie let out a distress signal. I bolted out the door and got back to the math building in record time. I was welcomed with the sight of 20 screaming kids, fingerpaints and cookies all over the floor and wall, a crying Angel, and a distressed looking superintendent.

"Handle this!" He pulled me into the door, and the chaos stopped. The children retrieved their things, and lined up at the door quietly. Angel was asked to stay behind with the superintendent, while I escorted my kids to my classroom, and proceeded to have pleasant lesson.

The superintendent came to my classroom just as we were preparing for lunch, and informed me that I would be teaching mathematics from now on, receiving half of Angel's pay, because she was being removed. I could have sworn I saw some of the kids fist-pumping.

Apparently, Angel was convinced I put the kids up to it, and said a few choice words about me, as well as some of the other faculty, one of whom happened to be the superintendent's niece.

My little shits really followed through for me. I couldn't have been prouder of them, but still a little guilty about Angel Not really).



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