People Share The Worst Questions They've Ever Been Asked During A Job Interview
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Job interviewing doesn't have to be difficult.

Let's not get crazy.

People are looking to work, don't make it arduous.

Some interview questions are just a power play and you know it.

Read the resume.

RedditorNickIsAlreadyTakenwanted to discuss all the things we no longer need to hear when trying to land work. They asked:

"What is the worst interview question?"

On an interview I once was asked... "Why do you deserve this job?" Honey... because you're offering it. Next question.


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"What animal represents you?"


"A chameleon, because I'm adaptable."



"I work in IT - was once asked 'What are the advantages of deploying an application into a n-tiered environment?' Had no clue what that meant so I answered:"

"The advantage is that you will not face the difficulties of deploying into an otherwise-tiered environment."

"I got the job."



"Some good examples here but honestly anything that's like 'What utensil in a kitchen are you?' or 'What office equipment would you be?' questions are so annoying. Because they obviously want to see how you can turn 'fork' or 'stapler' into a description of your work ethic but just ask that instead of making me be an anthropomorphic cuisinart."



"Why do you think the turnover rate on our team is so high?"

"I was interviewing for a promotion within my team. The obvious, employee-self-reported number one answer is BECAUSE THE PAY IS F**KING GARBAGE. But how can you say that in a god damn interview? So I made up some other bullcrap."


Or flower?

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"I didn't think these kind of people existed until I was legitimately asked, 'If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?'"


You know what you can do with your tree?

I don't know...

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"'Why should we hire you over the other applicants?' I didn't even knew the other applicants."


Bull Crappers

"Why should we NOT hire you?"


"It's the same question as what are your weaknesses. Are you going to tell the truth or spin them some bull crap like 'oh I'm such a workaholic, I work so much I often forget to neglect things in my personal life'. All you're telling the employer is that they cant trust you to give an honest answer when sh*T hits the fan. Be upfront with your short comings. We've all got them. They're just trying to figure out who the bull crappers are."


World Peace

"Q: What are you hoping to get out of this job?'"

"Honest A: A paycheck and healthcare.'"


"I remember getting this question asked to me during an interview and I froze; I was completely unprepared for this question and so I didn't have a great response prepared. I made up something, but was convinced I had screwed up and so I was bummed. I was 16 and the job interview was for a part-time job at Blockbuster. Blockbuster. What a stupid f**king question."


60 Seconds

"Was once presented with a sequence of numbers on paper and told I had 60 seconds to tell them the next number in sequence. After puzzling over it for a minute I finally told them: 'You just wrote a random bunch of numbers on paper to see if I'd come up with a bullcrap answer didn't you?' Apparently, that is exactly what they did. It was both annoying and genius at the same time."



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"Apart from our generous salary, why do you wish to work here and for how long do you see yourself here?'" Legit had that asked verbatim for a part time retail gig."


BK Days

"When I was like 18 I had a job interview at Burger King. The lady asked 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?' and then had the motherf**king balls to continue in saying 'Because we don't want people using this company as a stepping stone to other things, we are looking for loyalty.' (probably paraphrasing slightly). Still baffled that they really expected an 18 year old to not use Burger King as a stepping stone. They payed $8 an hour at the time. Lmao."


My Disdain

"I had someone ask my once what I disliked about my former managers. What a weird, loaded question. I had no intention of disparaging my former employers, which I think is what they were looking for. I didn't get the job and wasn't very disappointed about it."



"It’s actually a real story about 20 years ago. The interviewer said 'I actually don’t like your face. Could you please just smile now? Why are you making a serious face? lmao'."


"Did you get the job?"


"No they just laughed at me all time I was there and of course got rejected. But as they’re too terrible, I could felt like I was lucky not to end up working with terrible coworkers."



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"Why should we hire you?"


"You need spreadsheets, I need a paycheck. Let’s not over complicate things."



"Tell me how you would make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."


"Start with fresh vegetables and some bite sized slices of pork. Place vegetables in a hot pan with sesame oil. Stir until they are partially cooked, then add the meat. Keep stirring until everything is cooked thoroughly. Then add soy sauce. The cap falls off and you put an entire bottle in. Throw the Stir fry away and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like the failure you are."


2 Hours Later

"So this came at the end of a two hour interview. I had already accepted another position, but had this interview in the works for a few weeks so figured I'd hear them out anyways, but if it didn't work out, whatever. The whole interview went decent, I actually liked the company and there was a ton of room for growth. The company also fit into my personal interests, so not a bad place to be."

"At the very end of the interview, and I don't remember the exact phrasing, but the interviewer basically said; 'I'm really just looking for someone to do all my busy work, to just put their head down and push out a ton of general things. Can you do that?'"

"It just left such a sour taste in my mouth, I'm on the analytical side of things, busy work is definitely a portion of what I do, but I like to do more of the nuanced cause based evaluations, it was something I would have done 5-10 years ago in my career as opposed to now. So that question is my answer."



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"'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?'"

"When you are applying for a minimum wage job while you are in high school or college. Like every time I was asked that question I wanted to say 'not f@#$ing here, that's where!'"


“sell me this pen”

"Not a question but one time an interviewer for a spa reception job did the 'sell me this pen' thing from Wolf of Wallstreet and I did not know how to answer because I didn’t know if I should quote the answer given in wolf of Wall street or if there was another correct answer."


Interviewers... It's 2022, time for better job interview questions. Be smarter.

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