Candy Connoisseurs Weigh In On The Worst Candy Of All Time

Humans love our sweets and there are a huge variety of candies in the world.

It's easy to find something you like, no matter your tastes.

Unfortunately it's equally easy to find something that makes you wonder if it's actually edible.

Someone decided to save us all some unpleasant moments and compile a list of what not to try.

Reddit user EmmaClark43244 asked:

What is the worst candy of all time?"

Thank you EmmaClark43244, you're doing the Lord's work.

Palmer "Chocolate"

"Palmer brand 'chocolate.' The cheapest most garbage chocolate you can buy a lot of around easter and halloween"


Palmer brand "chocolate" vegetable oil



"Oh, it's not the cheapest. Have you ever had gelt?"

"It's worse, by a lot. The brand does not matter, apparently, because every one I've ever had has been revolting."

"Edit: so I think the gelt coins I've only ever had were actually Palmer. You win this round."



These Should Be Considered Medicine

"Haribo sugar free gummies."


"This is the 'liquid-sh*t-in-an-hour' one, right?"


"The most fun snack to just pour into a random bowl at a house party. 😉"


"Calm down satan."



"Dubbelzoute drop. From the Netherlands. It's just anise (black licorice flavor) and tons of salt, with no sugar."

"My former boss was Dutch and loved them, made me eat them from time to time to be polite... It's not something you can ever love, unless you grew up thinking it was normal."


They Mean Every Flavor

"Those Harry Potter jelly beans that actually taste like the flavors they have like earwax, dirt, puke. Yeah. Not a good experience."


"They're expensive and you have to spit out half the bag because they taste bad."


"Because every child needs to know the betrayal of chewing on a lovely lime or apple colored jellybean and discovering it's actually grass."



So Bad You Won't Even See Them At The Circus

"Circus peanuts"


"Absolutely agree. And technically I think they are banana flavored which makes the whole situation even worse"


Well, There Will Always Be Plenty But I Don't Know About Good

"Good & plenty"


"I think I was 10 or so the first time I tried one of these after getting it in my pillowcase on Halloween."

"I was so f'king pissed because we were only allowed to choose one piece each night and I ended up with several of those bullsh*t boxes in my sack."

"I'm still mad about it."


"It's like the worst catfishing in candy form."



Well, It'll Give You A Thrill

"Thrills gum. 'still tastes like soap' is actually part of their marketing lol"


"Thrills is oddly good, especially once you realize the flavour is rose water, then it suddenly isn't so bad"


Doesn't Everyone Eat Paper?

"The candy dots on strips of paper"


"How dare you? They were delicious in spite of the large amount of paper you had to eat to enjoy them."



No To Necco

"Necco wafers"


"I've never felt more betrayed by the candy category than when I tried those chalky medicinal pucks of sh*t"


"It's like the communion wafer factory had overstock and sold it to a candy company."


That's...That's Not A Good Combo


"Most of you probably don't know what it is, but it's a European candy that's like little bits of hard, salty, black licorice."

"I love black licorice, but sen sen tastes like a cross between a burnt tire and the devil's a**hole."



These are just some candies that almost everyone seems to hate.

They keep getting made, though.

Enough people must like them for candy companies to make a profit.

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