People Explain Which Types Of Candy They Just Cannot Tolerate
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Candy actually has ancient history that can be traced back to Egyptians who combined honey with nuts and fruit. It also can be found by the Greeks who candied fruits and flowers.

Modern day candy came around in the 16th century and since has come a long way being mass produced for commercial holidays like Halloween or Valentine's Day.

Some of that candy is not very good. It's made with cheap ingredients and ends up not being worth the sugar and calories. So we went to Ask Reddit to find out the absolute worst candies out there.

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Halloween brings out a mischievous side to many people. Children especially can get really into the spirit. Redditor halloweenthrowaway9’s son was no exception as the child seemed really excited for candy. However, his greed may have gotten the better of him, as the original poster (OP) had to teach him a lesson. This caused a […] More
A majority of Americans love Halloween and its accompanying traditions. It’s the rare time of the year, outside of cosplay conventions, when people get to dress up as their favorite villains and monsters in public and no one bats an eye. But another popular tradition during All Hallow’s Eve, in which children of all ages—including […] More

Humans love our sweets and there are a huge variety of candies in the world.

It's easy to find something you like, no matter your tastes.

Unfortunately it's equally easy to find something that makes you wonder if it's actually edible.

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People Describe The Worst Types Of Candy Ever Made
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Most people are obsessed with candy to satiate their neverending sweet tooth.

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