People Break Down Their Absolute Worst Halloween Experiences

People Break Down Their Absolute Worst Halloween Experiences
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Unless you were Laurie Strode and perpetually being stalked by a psycho killer in a mask eerily resembling William Shatner's mug, you probably had nothing but pleasant Halloween memories.

That doesn't mean there were hiccups that at least didn't lead to fatal consequences.
Because when there's an option for a trick or a treat, it's the tricks that have a sneaky way of interfering with your candy-seeking venture.
Curious to hear about things that have gone wrong on All Hallows Eve, Redditor puggypughalo asked:
"What was the worst experience you've had during Halloween?"

Pilfering others' treats was the meanest trick of them all.

Candy Thievery

"I was walking home with my friend when I was like 9 and a car of high school kids or around that age stole all our candy. Three hours of work, gone."


A Scary Confrontation

"Had a similar thing happen as a kid. I was probably about 5 or 6. Some older kids, one with a bat, approached me and my two older brothers while we were trick or treating. They threatened and then stole my two brothers bags. They let me keep mine. I shared my candy with them both when we got home. Very vivid memory."


Sad Angel

"I was like 7 or 8 and dressed like an angel. parents took me to the science museum where they set up little houses for the kids to trick or treat in. I got soo much candy and was so proud of myself. But when we left, all my candy was gone. The little boy behind me had been taking scoops of my candy and putting it in his basket. I cried."


Justice Is Served

"Was trick-or-treating with 3 buddies freshman year of high school. We were joking about being a little old to do it but it was all in good fun."

"Some kids two years older were running around in skull masks doing rowdy teenager stuff and decided it would be a good idea to take my candy. They were much larger than us and had no trouble. One grabbed my bag and another one grabbed me and threw me down in the street. No serious injuries but I had skinned knees and palms."

"I was pissed. Filed a police report and the officers took it seriously. We got out the yearbook and identified three of them and they were picked up that night."

"They were charged with strong arms robbery (as juveniles) and got a ton of community service and had to pay for my mom's lost pillow case + candy + damaged clothing. I caught some flack for it at school from their girlfriends (they were ordered not to talk to me) but didn't really care because I felt like justice was served."


The teen years can be brutal around Halloween.

The Friends' Lie

"My 'friends' telling me they weren't doing anything only to all hang out all evening while I stayed home alone. Teen years can suck."

"Edit: I must clarify this was like 15 years ago, thankfully I have some great friends now."


Being Ditched

"Lol my friends in 7th or 8th grade told me they were going trick-or-treating across town and the host parents' car didn't have room for me. And then they instead went to a party at my next-door neighbor's house. Like dude I can see you all arriving, what made you think your lie wasn't going to fall apart?"

"I just remembered that it happened again in college ahahaha a couple girls in my dorm wanted to go to a Halloween party that I was actually invited to and they weren't, but didn't want me to go with them. I didn't have a car and they didn't know where the party was, so they 'went to the grocery store first' and promised to come back to pick me up. What they actually did was go pick up someone who lived off-campus and knew where the party was and then went without me. I ended up just walking there and calling them out in front of everyone it was great."


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The Ageist

"A woman telling me I'm too old to go trick or treat :("



"Teen years can absolutely suck."

"When we graduated highschool all my buds went to one guys house where his mom had bought them customized beer steins with their last names and sh*t."

"I came over later but it was still awkward lol."


Unexpectedly Solo

"I got ditched by people who I thought were my friends in high school while we were trick or treating/ being teenagers. I had to walk a mile and a half home by myself. Sucks man."


At Least There's A Twist

"I was 14 and I went out with my group of friends and I was always the one left out. They dressed in girly costumes and I was a full on clown with big shoes. I walked with of of the girls moms the entire time because they were ahead and the big shoes slowed me down. They went into a haunted house and I was too scared so I waited outside and then I couldn't sleepover because I was really allergic to my friends cat."

"I did find a 20 dollar bull on the floor though."


Getting Scolded

"I was 12 and a man yelled at me and told me I was too old to be out trick-or-treating. I felt so bad I gave all my candy to my little brother and just walked with him for next hour or so. When I got home my mom asked me why I didn't have any candy so I told her what happened."

"She asked me who said that to me and I told her which house. I don't know if she ever did anything about it. But since I've become an adult and bought my own home, I don't care if your 90 years old. You're getting candy. Halloween is for everyone."


These former trick or treaters weren't possessed by demons, but they expelled a heck of lotta yuck from their mouths on Halloween.

Gremlins In The Body

"Had the stomach flu one year on Halloween. I was a month shy of turning 11. My parents took my younger siblings out trick or treating and I was stuck alone in the house blowing chunks out of both ends."


A Bite From A Poison Apple?

"Yeah, I had a really bad stomach bug/food poisoning at Halloween when I was 18ish, when my friends were going to an awesome party at an empty mansion. Was so bummed."


Filling Up The Bucket

"Getting so excited with all the candy I had and puking into the bucket of candy."


Too Much Of A Good Thing

"My mom was pretty strict with how much candy I was allowed to eat on Halloween. One year, after some annoying begging, I finally got my mom to say 'eat as much as you want.'"

"Heh, spent about an hour barfing up peanut butter cups and warheads."


I didn't have the worst Halloween experience, per se but I remember as a ten-year-old I gave my mom the fright of her life.

Instead of a treat, I was given a trick from one of the houses in the neighborhood. And what a great trick it was.

The lady down the street gave me a plastic nail that had a curved indentation to allow for the illusion the nail was piercing through a finger.

The tip was painted the fakest tint of red for blood.

When I got home, my mom wanted me to sort through all the candy to allocate some for later so I didn't gorge on them all at once.

In the process, I found the joke toy and faked it like I was in pain. When I showed her the nail, appearing to have gone through my index finger from her perspective, she freaked out.

That was until I started laughing, which immediately stopped when my face met the back of my mom's hand.

As far as who had the worst Halloween experience that night between me and my mother, it's a toss-up, because, ouch!

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