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A haiku is a style of poetry that originated in Japan. The form involves having 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

Some people on Ask Reddit shared where they work and what they do based on these constraints.

The results ended up being very fun.

Redditor Lost_Borealian invited workers to express themselves:

"Writing only in Haiku, what do you do for work?"

Can you guess where they work based on their poem?

Have you tried restarting it?

"How can I help you?"

"'Oh my god it is blinking.'"

"Try restarting it."

- Traffic_Great

"You broke your laptop"

"Somehow this is my problem?"

"Yelling won't fix it."

- zerinsakech1

Law school.

"I am in law school"

"I do research for money"

"Graduating soon"

- _Mood-Indigo_

"I used to do that"

"Now I write briefs all damn day"

"But it pays the bills."

- OneFingerIn

A technician.

"I see black and white."

"Gray all over in between."

"When X-rays hit you."

- -CrowWill-

We've all heard this before.

"Black or pinto beans?"

"You know guac is extra right?"

"Any sides with that?"

- Nooseents

"Whaddup cake day bro"

"I ate Chipotle tonight"

"It was damn good, thanks"

- TheMulattoMaker

Out of work.

"Work was years ago,"

"Unfortunately got sick."

"On Reddit all day..."

- GeniusEE

Service industry.

"Service industry"

"but I cannot stand people,"

"so I bus tables."

- skinny-b4st4rd

"Put away returns"

"Are you ready to check out?"


- azmetrex

The manager.

"'May I speak with the-'"

"'Manager? That's me, Karen'"

"Screaming then ensues."

- TitanCat_TC

Chilling poem on end of life care.

"The care in the end"

"There in silence they will lay"

"As I treat their pain"

- 123DownByTheRiver

The stock room lament.

"Boxes keep coming"

"Nowhere to put the products"

"The stock room is full"

"I need a new job"

"No career satisfaction"

"I fear the unknown"

- almondmilk

They did not understand the assignment.

"Nobody wants to hire me because I suck at following directions."

- Off_Tangent

We hope you enjoyed these poems and thought about how you could describe your own jobs.

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