Women Share The Red Flags Women Display That People Should Watch Out For
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Everyone has different tolerance levels when it comes to what they are looking for in a significant other. What becomes a deal breaker in one relationship transforms into the glue that binds together the next one.

It's all about looking for that person who looks at your quirks and uniqueness with the wonder you deserve.

On the other side of that discussion, there are some traits women display that other women are quick to point out as run-all-the-way-away-to-the-mountains worthy.

Reddit user wanderingntraveling wanted to know what to keep an eye out for when they asked:

"Women of Reddit, what uncommon red flags in women should men be on the lookout for?"

Someone's personality can be a little toxic, and that's all that it takes to make you want to reevaluate your entire bond with them.

It's All About Me

"If she gets jealous whenever she’s not the sole source of your joy/happiness."


"It sounds exhausting to be someone's SOLE SOURCE of JOY AND HAPPINESS holy sh-t."


A Drain To Be Around

"If you walk away feeling depleted after spending time with her"


"This is a huge one. I once casually dated a woman who, I couldn’t point out exactly why, made me feel mentally tired after being with her. The relationship didn’t last, of course."


"Ahhh the good ol' "emotional vampire"!"

"When it's not just actually heavy or serious stuff (it can happen, and it's fine to bring those topics or feelings up sometimes) but even a random remark or the recounting of an event can turn into an emotionally draining experience."


How Dare You Not Invite Me?

"Laying on a guilt trip if you're going out with your friends and she's not invited. Everyone needs time apart to hang out with their people."


"Doesn’t even have to be going out, could be guilt tripping you for staying in and doing your own thing/hobby alone too."


Maybe it's what she does in the relationship to "keep it going" that rings the alarm bells in your mind. Why enjoy the calm, loving peace around one another when you can do something awful?

Trying To Keep It "Interesting"

"If she's trying to stir up drama just so the relationship can be "fun". I saw this with a former friend. Spicing things up as a couple is all good. But if she's stirring up the pot by letting other guys flirt with her just so you can play jealous boyfriend so you can "rescue her" from a situation she started as if it's some movie or something, STAY AWAY FROM HER."


Setting You Up For Failure

"When she constantly traps you in difficult situations, like asking if she or her friend are prettier, shit like that. Sometimes they're just looking to stir shit and there's no right answer. Just run man."


Isn't He The Biggest Dork?

"if she makes fun of your biggest insecurities in front of other people for a laugh 🚩"


And sometimes, some women just be that crazy.

Run, dear friend. Run.

You Have To Hit All The Marks, Or Else

"Women who follow “rules” for dating. I have a friend who follows rules from Sex and the City. If she’s dating someone, they have to move in together at the 6 month mark, engaged at 1 year, etc. It always ends in disaster and she’s so focused on meeting those goals without paying attention to how her partner feels about any of it."


Not Who You Are, Who They Think You Should Be

"if she’s always trying to change you (the way to talk, walk, eat, dress, etc..) RUN! nothing will ever be good enough for her, promise you that!!"


"One of the most profound things about relationships I've ever read was the line "She didn't love me. She loved the man she thought she could build from my spare parts." I still think about it and wince when I remember past relationships."


Ha-Ha-Ha-I'm A Little Crazy

"Romanticizing being a 'psycho'. It's not cute, it's a massive red flag"



"If she says she's on the pill and you never see her take it or any proof of birth control.I used to have a friend that would always say she was on the pill but wasn't... she wanted a baby"


"One of my cousins told her boyfriend she was on the pill and even showed him her little pack with the pills popped out, but turns out same thing she just wanted a baby and was throwing the pills out instead of taking them."


Always be ready to protect yourself. Relationships can be worked on, sure, but never feel bad for leaving if you feel like your mental or emotional health are in danger.

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