My eyes (or rather, eye, in my case) are up here!

Alright listen, we get it. Boobs are great. They're fun, they look awesome in outfits, they make for great storage if you're packing enough heat for a serious bra.

But please, stop talking to them when you mean to be talking to the person the aforementioned dope rack is attached to.

We know they're awesome. We don't need you to remind us.

Reddit user Maleficent-Ad-190 asked:

"Women of Reddit, how do you feel when someone looks at your boobs while in a conversation?"

So here's the honest truth - straight from the source.

Quick and Innocent

"A subconscious glance is okay but don't stare"


"I hate it when I accidentally do this, so it's nice to be pardoned a bit."


"For real. I feel such a perv if a girl/woman notices my accidental glance and pulls up her shirt mid conversarion.. Like I'm sorry, okay?!"


"Usually that happens because I notice an innocent glance, and then I realize I’m hanging out more than I wanna be. It’s not usually an 'Eww, gross, protect my boobs from their eyes,' move. If you’re staring too long I’ll just leave."


It's Involuntary

"Depends on how they do it."

"If it’s a quick glance, it’s fine. That’s normal and feels mostly involuntary on behalf of the person looking. I notice but it doesn’t bother me."

"If they stare at my boobs while other people are talking—or worse, while I’m talking—that makes me uncomfortable.
Fortunately, I’ve experienced glancing a lot more frequently than staring."


"The glance is definitely involuntary instinct. I had an elderly principal in junior high who still wore pretty low cut shirts and did a quick up-down shift every time, even when I didn't want to."


Reading Is Fundamental

happy t-shirt GIF by LaffGiphy

"When women wear graphic t shirts with writing on their chest I’m always hesitant to read it because I don’t want to look like a jack@ss."


"I can tell when someone is reading my shirt versus just staring at my boobs. I don’t mind people stopping and taking a good look at the text, I know it’s hard to read, I’ll even turn and fully face them so they can read it properly."

"I don’t mind this at all, if I’m going to slap a message on my tits I’m doing it cause I want people to read the message. No biggie! In fact asking a woman 'what does your shirt say?' is a really good way to break the ice."

"I’ve seen multiple people mention feeling uncomfortable reading name tags. It’s always okay to read name tags! They’re literally there to be read."

"I’ve seen some women put their name tags on their upper sleeve if they felt uncomfortable with drawing attention to their left tit so in that instance you’ll know a woman doesn’t want you staring at her chest."

"If you’re really uncomfortable with reading a name tag that’s okay, just introduce yourself and then ask their name."



"Well, I have tig o' bitties and dress like a mom, so I usually panic thinking that I spilled something on them."


"This. It’s probably because I got spaghetti sauce on my boxy striped button down shirt that 5 other moms at the park are wearing."


"So in this case it wasn't vomit on the sweater already, but it was mom's spaghetti?"


Mine, Yours, Hers

"I'm a woman who routinely gets distracted by nice breasts during conversations. Sometimes even my own."


"Oh my God...the amount of women who look at my boobs while I'm talking astounds me! Lol"


"Straight women are worse about it than straight men lol it’s the funniest thing"


"Haha!! I like how you get distracted by your own boobs."

"Which, not gonna lie, I have definitely been distracted when I find my husband staring (he can stare! Lol) I look down my shirt to see what all the hoopla's about."


Please, No Eye Contact.

"I'm more comfortable with that than eye contact...."


"‘Excuse me, my boobs are down here’."


"I'm sorry! I was just reading your face mask!' "


"Looking in my eyes is way too personal, just look at my boobs. That way everyone is more at ease"


"I also fear eye contact. I also want to be respectful."

"So like, I end up staring at a lady's face with what I assume is an exaggerated interest, while trying not to look down, which my mind keeps asking me to do. Not to ogle, just to break eye contact."

"I can't resist for long, so...I usually end up looking down, then back up with intensity, and then back down, repeat until I make an awkward exit from the conversation thinking I played it cool, but we all know that it was a train wreck."


No Harm

Bored Jane Lane GIFGiphy

"Honesty, I’m used it. Unless they are gawking or being creepy about it I don’t give it a second thought."


"In the '80s and maybe '90s, they'd sometimes say sarcastically, 'Take a picture; it'll last longer!'."

"I think they stopped saying that when cell phones started all coming with decent quality built-in cameras. I'm sure a few people responded by pulling out their phone cameras… and that was probably the end of that saying."


"This. I’m not going to hide my body in shame, and it’s not shameful to glance or gander…just don’t stare or be a creep."

"Bodies really are eye catching, and pleasing to look at sometimes, but feeling like you’re being oogled or fantasized in public is super unsettling."

"Take your dreams home bud."


Eyes Are Closed!

"I am an ex hair stylist and when I would cut mens hair and would be standing in front of them cutting bangs or something of that nature I could just feel their eyes burning a hole into my chest."

"I did have one guy tell me straight up on the middle of our conversation 'I’m looking at your cleavage' and he did this weird chuckle. I had no words. He tipped well though 🤷🏼♀️🥴"


"I will be honest. In that exact situation there really isn't anywhere else to look."


"I close my eyes"


"I generally would just close my eyes in those situations. It just seemed polite."


"As a man on the other end of this, I feel so bad when I catch myself staring off into nothingness and realize I’m staring at my barber’s cleavage. She’s so sweet and I feel bad lmao"


Self confidence

Fan Heat GIF by T.I.Giphy

"I don't care, boobs are boobs. I know they look good. It's nice to be attractive"


"I wear stuff to show off my cleavage on purpose, I’d be slightly offended if no one looked"


"I would go cross-eyed if I had a nice set of boobs of my very own to look at."



"It depends."

"I had a boss that would glance down literally every 30 seconds. We wore baggy, ugly polo shirts that did nothing to highlight the area and yet he did it with every single female. Gross af."

"If it's a one and done, I notice but don't get offended."


"Some people talk like that. Sometimes when I'm speaking to someone regardless of their sex, I'm looking down at their chest, shoulder, neck, or off to the side if I need to think. When I'm listening, I'm looking at their eyes or somewhere on their face."

"Concentrating on speaking and checking out your boobs at the same time is not an easy task by the way."


"Oh sh*t. There are so many conversations I've had where I'm trying so hard not to look at boobs and it's like I just can't make my eyes stay off them for longer than a minute."

"I always feel terrible because I desperately am trying not to look at them and give my full attention to the conversation but it's such a f-ing struggle."


Let's recap - glances are fine. They happen. It's natural.

In some situations you really can't help it - like if the person you're talking to is 4'9 (and three quarters) then you're probably looking down their shirt every time you try to talk to them. Or that barber situation.

But don't stare. Don't be a creep.

We totally notice.

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