People Explain Which Things Get Way More Hate Than They Deserve
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As if life isn't difficult enough, why spend extra time being angry about the little things?

And this vitriol is pointed at all of the most random things. But when you think about it, this psychological behavior isn't new. It's easy to set a person off, always has been.

There are just so many things that are disliked, it makes no sense.

Redditor u/IntrovertedOutcast1 wanted to understand why people are so fast to get irritated over every little thing, they asked:

What's something you think gets more hate than it deserves?

Teletubbies. I hate teletubbies, and I know I'm not alone. They're freakish and give me nightmares. Yes, I know they're merely toys.

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"Tourists taking photos. Not everyone taking a photo and posting it online is an "influencer!"

- AgoraiosBum

What's your point?

"Those ADD cheap toys. Remember digit spinners or now the pop boards. People hate on them and I don't know why."

- Greedence

"I don't hate them, I just find them mildly annoying. I understand, you need to fidget, but seriously? We have the clickers on pens for more reasons than one, y'know. "Oh but the pens get very loud and annoying." And? What's your point?"

"I know for a FACT that you don't have ADD, Veronica. Your reason? "Oh but they're fun to play with!" And a massive and loud distraction in class too for the people who actually have ADD. Even for the people who don't, it's still a pain. In conclusion, as a teacher, I would ban them unless the person has proof it actually focuses them."

- 2Angy2Die

Good Things

"Vegetables. They can be delicious if they're cooked nicely and put with the right things."

- izzy_7_2004

"In the US we don't so much have a veggie grilling culture. I mean some people or regions might but in general grilling is all about the meat. My roommate is from South Africa and they do have a great veggie grilling culture, even sandwiches directly on grills. I've legit never tasted veggies in such a deliciously appealing way than grilled. Now every time i go to grill some chicken, eggplant steaks come right along with me."

- Thats_classified


"Spiders. They eat things you don't want in your house. Try and leave them alone."

- Really_McNamington

"As someone who lives in Australia, we really can't afford to just "leave them alone". However, my family is also Buddhist so most of the time we just move them outside rather than kill them. But at one point we found 6 redbacks in our garage in one day, and one of them had laid eggs so we really didn't have much choice but to call an exterminator. General rule of thumb is that if it scurries, it's harmless. If it stays still or curls into a ball (edit: in general, doesn't back off) it's venomous."

- ThrowRARAw

Nice Guy

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"Guy Fieri. He comes off as annoying but he does a lot of great charity work."

- siobhanc1

Oh, tourists, they are on the top of my lists. And Guy Fieri, who is he hurting? And spiders, they are the work of the devil!


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"Carbohydrates and fat. Your body literally would die without them."

- mikenyle

Potty Time

"Pull up diapers. As someone who works in daycare with potty training children I am very well versed in diapers and all things potty. Despite all the marketing and ads the most common advice when potty training is, don't do pull ups. Now I generally agree with this advice."

"However, I work in daycare with an 8:1 toddler to adult ratio. Parents who tell me no pull ups sometimes want me to sit their child on the potty completely naked, distract them for upwards of 20 minutes, throw a damn parade, and repeat this every hour. With 8 toddlers this is impossible. So we inevitably have a ton of accidents. Which is fine."

"But when it's week 3 and this child has yet to pee in the potty and just keeps soaking themselves it's a problem. You know what solves this problem? Pull ups. Yet I have been yelled at, cursed at, one Mom put a dirty diaper in my car. They act like the child wearing a pull up is going to send this 2.5 year old back to infancy."

- maid-for-hire

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Complex & Misunderstood

"Hyenas. They are not evil or dumb creatures, they are actually very smart, with a complex social life and not more aggressive or evil than other kinds of predators. Yes they kill lions occasionally, but so do the lions to them. And it might be subjective but hyenas are not ugly at all IMO."

- Coc0tte

It's not art!

"I wanna say emojis so bad just so Reddit destroys my account."

- throwaway171717173

"Personally, I hate how hyperbolic and juvenile they are. A lot of times it's not just a simple smiley face, it's crying laughing face. A lot of times it's not just one emoji, but several in a row mixed in with others. I hate when people put emojis for a thing after typing the word for that thing, as if they're writing in hieroglyphics. It's like the modern equivalent of using a thousand exclamation points with 1s mixed in."

- tvgirl48

Bad Words

schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC Giphy

"The word moist. I've been around people who have actually gagged when they heard it. Just... grow up. Besides, how else does one describe well-baked cake?"

- Grilledpanda

Stay Positive?

"People in general. Everyone is so quick to go negative but I feel like most people want to do the right thing and just get by. But that doesn't generate clicks."

- TheErnMcCracken

"My favorite conspiracy to believe is that there is no conspiracy and a lot of governments are just genuinely incompetent. Almost everything that's happened comes more from mess ups than ulterior motives."

- Insanebrain247

Spicy Hawaiian...

"Pineapple on pizza. I don't like it either but people should chill a little."

- StillSearching7

"I'm convinced half those people secretly, shamefully, enjoy it. Personally, I think it's bomb when paired with the right ingredients. Pineapple, bacon, jalapeño and onion* = Spicy Hawaiian. It's dope, try it. *onion is optional."

- FelDreamer

Vaccinate your kids...

"Autism. You're either born with it or you're not. Many people manage quite well with it. You have probably passed many autistics on the streets and had no idea.Autism can be like a mountain of quirks that makes life a harder. Essentially, it's like playing life on hard mode. Yet autism is used as an insult and some people think it's better for their kids to be dead than to have autism. Vaccinate your kids. Vaccines does not cause autism (and if it did, it's better to be autistic than dead)."

- random-tree-42

Dip It

Angry Birds French Fries GIF by Angry Birds Giphy

"Mayo and fries, babbyyyy looking at you chic-fil-a."

- buddytheelfshat

"My wife loves this combo and she says she picked it up when she studied abroad in Denmark. Don't think it's picked up much steam on this side of the Atlantic."

- scatmanbynight

Different Angles

"Celebrities with opposing viewpoints from years ago Like why let what they think in the past bother you these days?"

- ResponsibleCandle829

"A lot of every day people probably do the exact same thing but don't get trashed for it since they aren't being quoted every time they go out in public. Make some political opinion or viewpoint/opinion in general that is not even political."

"Then over time (no specific amount of time) their viewpoints might evolve differently and they could say something completely different from their original viewpoint from the past. I personally have viewpoints different now from the view I had 15 years ago and I suspect a large portion of the population does as well."

- OldAppleGuardian

Out of Control

"Children in public places. Not all parents and kids are perfect, some aren't so great, some are even terrible. The hatred for kids simply existing in public spaces is outrageous though. They are people in training, and at one time so were you."

- Morduru

"I only hate it when I see out of control kids with parents who don't care. I actually kind of enjoy seeing a screaming toddler thrown over a parents shoulder who is doing their best."

"Makes me feel a combination of nostalgia for when my son was that size and schadenfreude at their misery. Plus they're adorable with all their rage and squinched up little faces! You know that all they need is a good nap, but they fight it tooth and nail! It's hilarious! From the outside at least."

- Acceptable-Glass-259

Meow No!

"Owning a cat."

- Quiet-Reputation-859

"Men owning cats is a big plus on dating sites. It demonstrates they can handle an independent housemate that's not as devoted to them as a dog. My personal bias and that of my friends is that cat guys make better partners."

- Allegutennamenweg

"Not gonna lie, I hate cats but that's mainly because they keep crapping in my garden and coming into my house. I wouldn't harm one, but if I wanted to clear up poop and breakages in my home then I'd have my own damn pet."

- Negative_Crew_737

Poor Ed

Ed Sheeran Television GIF by The Voice Giphy

"Ed Sheeran. Not his biggest fan but I don't understand the hate he gets."

- cozmcraes

Freaky Looking


- backwaterducks

"Opossum is specific to North America."

"opossum vs. possum"

"And why they don't get the respect they deserve."

"Fun Facts - I used to have a different outlook, but have changed my view on them. I leave them alone now."

- backwaterducks

The scale tells me I should hate carbs, but that is a personal relationship. And moist is one of my favorite words. I find this entire topic moist.

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