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The Craziest Butterfly Effects People Ever Experienced

The Craziest Butterfly Effects People Ever Experienced

Ever think about how even the smallest of actions can have significant consequences in life?

This notion of unpredicable consequences is typically known as the Butterfly Effect, which is defined as causing a non-linear impact on complex systems.

Strangers online shared their examples of the Butterfly Effect when Redditor SidneyRL asked:

"What's the craziest butterfly effect that happened to you because of a small decision you made?"

These Redditors wouldn't be here today were it not for the Butterfly Effect.

It Started With A Potty Decision

"Decided I would rather use my bathroom than a portapotty. Found my wife cheating, she attempted suicide, I moved multiple states away. In the 7 years since I have made nothing but positive changes and went from $18/hour laborer to a well respected person in my profession making 6 figures. I'd probably still be working that dead-end job."

"Aside from that, without recounting all the details; I went to see a doctor about a splinter from chopping firewood, 6 months later they removed most of my kidney with Renal Cell Carcinoma. Without the splinter I'd likely be dead from kidney cancer."

– Atomic_ad

What Would've Been A Fatal Appointment Date

"I had to call my heart surgeon to give him my new insurance #s (I had only just gotten them because the person who had them had the flu and was not getting back to me) as soon as I got my numbers, I called surgeon - the receptionist said, 'oh, hey, we just had a cancelation for this Friday, do you want it?' Of course I wanted to get it over and not wait another month. decided to take the open heart surgery cancelation appointment (a month before my actual appointment), and well, surgeon said that thank goodness I did because once he got a look inside, he realized I would not have survived to the original appointment date."

"So, if the insurance lady didn't have the flu, I would have gotten those numbers a lot sooner, and never gotten the offer to have the surgery when I did."

"Someone else's flu saved my life."

– myeggsarebig

Broken Guitar Strings

"So a few years back, I lived in Nice (South of France) for a while. As a musician I would make a bit of extra cash busking, and one day, I figured I'd go and busk at the promenade 'd'anglais by the sea. It's usually packed, and it just a generally pleasant place to be. I set up, played a couple of songs and was doing pretty well and making a decent amount of money. Then suddenly not one, but two of my guitar strings snapped (I even remember I was playing 'The Scientist' at the time)."

"I was massively gutted and decided to cut my losses early. I stormed off home (by the station) in a bit of a sulk at having to re-string my guitar and cutting short what was essentially one of my most productive days of busking since moving there. Literally one hour later, my phone starts to blow the f**k up with family and friends freaking out and asking if I was at the promenade."

"It was Bastille Day, 2016. The truck drove into the same crowd I was playing to, killing 86 people, including my at-the-time gf's uncle. I had two other friends who were amongst the 458 injured. I moved home the next month because it was too much, and haven't been back since."

"It's hard to explain, sometimes I think I was super lucky, sometimes I just kind of cry and wonder why I was lucky and others weren't. It's surreal, and despite what people think... it's a truly horrible feeling."

"Edit: I'm overwhelmed by the support of people. I will be getting therapy and hopefully in time I'll be able to return to Nice as it was one of my favourite places on earth. Take care of yourselves and if you've been through something similar, it looks like help is out there. Thank you all"

– haywhat

Spilt Coffee

"I spilled my coffee. I work in a bank and you learn never to do that, all the papers and files. You also learn to place it far enough away so it doesn't fill out anything if it does spill. I worked in finance for many years. It was 8: 43 in the morning and I figured I had enough time to get downstairs and get another cup and come back up before 9:00. So I went to the elevator bank. Waited for the elevator to come, It took a long time. Got in the elevator went down to the ground floor. I had my hand on the door leading outside to Liberty Street just as the first plane hit the first World Trade Center building on 9/11."

– smartaleky

Love found a way thanks to these inconsequential circumstances.

Endings And New Beginnings

"Made a last minute decision to go to a friend's divorce party and met my wife."

– anon

College Friends

"I decided to invite my chem lab partner to lunch on the first day of college, just to be friendly and try to make more than 1 friend at school. We met up with the only other friend I'd made at school so far. He thought my lab partner was cute, invited himself to hang out with her, and then fell in love with her roommate instead. He ended up married to the roommate - they've been together for 22 years and have 2 children."

– secondary_walrus

Teacher's Intuition

"In high school I took an intermediate biology course. I had never done biology before but was good at science generally so I thought the intermediate course would be a good fit."

"My science teacher of a couple year previous happened to walk into my class to talk to the biology teacher and she spotted me in the class."

"She asked me what grades I had got the previous year. I told her and she nodded and left. A minute later she came back in and asked me to gather my belongings and leave the class. I was pretty sure I was in trouble for something I couldn’t recall."

"She led me to another classroom and sat me down on an empty chair. Then she just started teaching. Turns out that she was running the advanced class that year and just decided to steal me as a student."

"I went on the take biology at undergrad level, and then a masters. I ended up doing a PhD in immunology and now work as an advisor for Pharma companies."

"It gets better though. I decided I wanted to do my masters in London, and met a girl on the way. We are now 10 years in and own a house together."

"All that because that teacher happened to look in my direction."

– MindOverEmotion

The Ultimate Prize

"Watched ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ and got so annoyed at the candidates not knowing a simple question about Katy Perry, that I applied. Got in. Got to play. Won a lot of money. Booked a holiday to a dream destination with that money. Met my husband there. We now have a 1 year old son :)"

– KartoffelSucukPie

You never truly know what's around the corner. Like, a family member you never knew existed.

Unexpected Reunion

"I had to renew the sticker on my license plate a couple of years ago and really didn't feel like sitting in the waiting room by myself forever so I told my mom I'd take her out to dinner after if she came with me.. The guy working at the counter turned out to be my moms long lost biological brother. If she hadn't come with me I would have never known."

– Mutchie

Cultural Roots

"My husband- He found out after 18 years that his moms side of the family was Spanish, not Mexican. He found this interesting and changed his country to 'Spain' on MySpace instead the US where he really was. Meanwhile in Australia, I was helping my friend find Spanish people to add as a friend as she was learning the language. I came across my now husband and decided to send him a friend request as well. We got along really well and met in person after 3 years. Have been together 11 years, married for 7. If he didn’t change his country to Spain (and only for a day or so) we’d never know each other existed."

– Naganofagano

Influential Reading Choice

"When I was in 8th grade (13 years old) I had a really long bus ride home so would pass the time by reading. One day I faced the very serious situation of nothing to read and a minute to grab something in the library, and for whatever reason I grabbed a book on astronomy. That book was amazing and grabbed me like nothing else had before. I remember being excited to realize every astronomer on Earth was 13 years old once too, and that was a career you could actually do, even if you were from Pittsburgh."

"Anyway, today I am a professional astronomer who studies gigantic space explosions for a living. There was a lot of work to get from that moment to this one, but I’m always grateful that I picked up that library book!"

– Andromeda321

When the smallest of changes lead to unpredictable and major consequences in life, it makes one wonder if there are such things as trivial acts.

The world just got more confusing.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

These Incredibly Annoying People Got Shut Down BIG Time
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Some people assume they can get away with their bad behavior because they don’t think anyone will call them out on it. After all, most bystanders just roll their eyes and put up with it. However, some people aren't willing to take their nonsense—sometimes, people will actually stand up to these and shut them down, and in public, too.

1. Paying The Price

I worked at a high-end store, so it was common to see customers with a sense of entitlement. At Christmas time, I had a customer who was being absurdly rude to me and my co-worker. I had already told him quite clearly that there was a line and he would have to wait for his turn like everyone else. Once he got to the register, he called my manager an idiot after he had to re-ring something in. Little did he know karma was coming to him.

Another customer behind him who was about half his size tapped him on the shoulder and said loudly, "Would you mind shutting up and letting these people do their jobs? You are seriously ticking us all off". The guy then threatened him, but the smaller guy wouldn't have any of it. "If you were as tough as you like to think you are, you wouldn't have to be such a jerk. Just shut up". I magically found a 50 percent off coupon for my new favorite person.


2. Obey Your Commander

My buddy and I were at a movie and these dudes were talking about how they had just gotten out of basic training. They then proceeded to bash the movie, making rude comments out loud and ruining everyone else's experience. My buddy told them, "Pipe down". They flipped him off but obliged. After the movie, we were at the front of the pack, right behind the six or seven guys who were being rude.

My buddy said, "That was really rude, how you were behaving", and one of them—the loudest guy—whipped out his ID and said, "Yeah, well, I'm a Marine, and I fight for your freedoms". All my buddy could do was smirk. He just so happened to be an officer, so he whipped out his ID and said, "I'm a Marine officer, and just because you have the honor of wearing a uniform doesn't give you the right to be a jerk".

Then he made them stand at attention right at the door of the movie theater and apologize to every patron exiting.


3. These Girls Got Schooled

man in white polo shirt wearing black sunglassesPhoto by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty) on Unsplash

When I was in college, my friends and I were sitting at a table, and behind us, there was a kid sitting by himself. I will admit, he looked pompous—popped collar, gelled hair, super tan, etc. A group of kids sitting in the same area had been loudly making fun of his general fashion sense. Eventually, one of the girls got up, walked over, and proclaimed loudly, "I'm sorry, but I have to help you out because you look like a total dweeb". She then put his collar down.

The kid sat there in disbelief as she walked away, and his eyes started welling up. I was pretty infuriated to see that, and I knew I had to shut her down. I walked over to her table and, in the most conversational tone I could muster, I said, "Oh hey! Do you know that guy"? She said she didn't, so I began scolding her. I said, "So you just thought it would be appropriate to demean a complete stranger in public to look like a cool kid in front of all of your friends?

“I hope you feel better and that you all got a good laugh at his expense. Maybe next time you can pause to reflect before you're a total moron". I then walked over to the table and invited the kid to sit with my friends and me. It turned out he had just transferred to the college and he didn't know anyone.


4. I Broke It Down For Her

I used to work in the toy department of a retail store. The Leap Frog laptop had just come out, and they were REALLY expensive. I was straightening shelves and I noticed a kid just wailing away on one of these laptops. The mom was nowhere to be found. I approached the kid and asked him nicely, "Is that how you play with your toys at home"? The kid gave me a sheepish "No" and placed it back on the shelf.

I was feeling pretty good about myself...until the kid's mother came out from nowhere. Her next move took me aback. She very rudely told me that I had “NO RIGHT” to speak to her child that way. I calmly looked his mother in the eye and said, “Ma’am, your son was about to break a $150 toy. Our store has a you-break-it, you-buy-it policy. If you would like me to give it back to him so he can continue hitting it, I would be happy to ring you up at my register for the damages”.

She then gave me a dirty look, grabbed her son, and walked off.


5. These Lunchtime Losers Got Chewed Out

When I was in high school, a guy I knew from my math class was sitting with his homework at a table in the cafeteria. He wasn't being a bother or attracting any kind of attention in any way. Out of nowhere, this guy came over, started calling him names, and asked him why he only had girls as friends. He was using all the gay insults his ignorant little pea-brain could come up with.

Nobody in the room really knew this kid, but he had admitted to being openly gay, and he was getting torn to shreds while the other guy and his buddies laughed. So my friend, who was about 5'10 and 150 pounds, decided we should go up and do something. This other guy was 6'3" and had five of his friends with him. Regardless, my friend marched off unfazed by their advantage, and I followed. They had no idea what was coming to them.

I watched as he tapped this guy on the shoulder and proceeded to chew him out for being ignorant and picking on a random kid just because he had no backup. The jerk tried to pick a fight, but my buddy just kept ranting, "You think you're tough for picking on a kid because he's gay? Do you think that being gay is a problem?

“That he had a choice in the matter? What if you were gay? Do you think you would have had the balls to let high-school punks like you know about it"? The other guy just shrugged it off, said, “Whatever”, and took his goons somewhere else. The kid was so happy that someone had stood up for him that he bought us lunch.


6. Shut Your Pie Hole

cars parked in front of UNKs restaurant during night timePhoto by Shahbaz Ali on Unsplash

I used to work at McDonald’s when I was in high school, so I sympathized with other teenage fast-food workers. During one of my shifts, it was apparent that it was the cashier's first day working there, but he seemed to be doing okay. He entered something wrong, though, and he asked his manager how to fix it. The manager came over and started tearing into him in front of all the customers, calling him an idiot.

After I received my order at the counter, I asked the manager to come over and I gave it to him straight: "Please do not talk to that cashier that way ever again. Just because you are a day shift manager at McDonald’s does not make you a superior human being and gives you no right to treat others, especially your employees, like dirt". After I sat down, the other manager came over, brought me some apple pies, and thanked me for standing up to that guy.

Apparently, that manager acted terribly towards everyone.


7. Fight Or Flight

I'm a pretty mellow guy who travels for a living, and I don’t really let small things get to me. However, a couple of years ago, I was on a flight that was running 30 minutes late. I was already thinking to myself that the connection was going to be tight and it would most likely require me to run or briskly walk for a mile or so through the airport.

I was one of the last passengers to board the plane, and I had to check my bag since there was no more room. The four or five people behind me did the same thing. I worked my way down the aisle, and there was a guy asking people to shift their bags. He was trying to get his oversized bag to fit, and there was no room. He called for the flight attendant, who walked up and said, "Sir, we are out of the room. You will have to check your bag".

That was it for him—he went OFF on her. He started yelling, "This airline sucks. I'm a million-mile member. I want your employee number and name", and so on. At that point, I pretty much mentally snapped. I felt horrible for the flight attendant who was just doing her job, and this guy had spent five minutes making an idiot out of himself and burning up time.

People were gawking, cringing, and just hoping he would stop so they could move on. I just yelled, "SHUT UP. SHUT THE HECK UP"! I was shaking with anger. Then, I went off. I said, "Take your bag to the front of the plane, check it in, and stop with this insanity. You are what is wrong with air travel. Your sense of entitlement makes me want to puke. If you are a million-mile flier, you know the rules of flying. You should know how this works".

"Why punish everyone on this flight? You have insulted this lovely young lady, you have made everyone on this plane uncomfortable with your little show, and I'm now another five minutes late for my connection. I want you and your little Napoleon-complex issues to shut up and sit down. Do WE have a problem"? He started spluttering and looking all flustered but didn't say a single word.

Somebody at the back of the plane started clapping. Soon the whole plane was applauding me. I just sat down and waited while everyone clapped, and this guy took a long walk of shame to the front of the plane. The flight attendant thanked me, and so did everyone else. I didn't mean to do it, but I just can't stand people like that. The best part was I had free drinks for the flight, the attendant gave me a stack of free drink cards for my next couple of flights, and one of the passengers gave me a voucher for free WiFi that he had won.

It was very satisfying.


8. A Chili Reception

I had worked at Chili's for about five years. I had so many experiences with rude people that I lost count, but one was by far the worst. I was waiting tables around graduation time and I had a party of 25 call ahead at about 7 pm, saying they would be arriving in 30 minutes. We set the table up for them and were anticipating their arrival.

They actually showed up about an hour and a half later than they said they would. We had since broken up the big table and seated other smaller parties there. When they arrived, they were angry that their table wasn't ready for them. The really soft-spoken, sweet hostess who was working that night simply explained to them that we thought they had chosen somewhere else to go since they hadn't come sooner. That's when the Karen came out.

The lady who was speaking to the hostess immediately burst out, saying that we should have known that they were still coming. She then said out loud that she knew Chili’s "was a terrible idea," and that we were all terrible at our jobs. Almost in tears, the hostess said that we would set up another table for them in a closed section and that I would take care of them.

These same people would always come in, be rude to everyone, NEVER tip, and constantly complain so they could get free food. When I waited on large parties by myself, I always started everyone with water just because it takes some time to get everyone’s drink order and get it out to them. I figured it was better to at least have some water available while waiting.

As soon as we got them settled in, several started complaining that they didn’t have water and that I was rude not to offer them a different option. I simply explained I would be bringing them whatever they would like and that the water was just to hold them for the time being. Apparently, that wasn't good enough for them. They told me I was an idiot and said, “Get this mess out of my face", referring to the water.

Most of them ordered strawberry lemonade, so I made all of the drinks and brought them out to them. The group then started to complain, “This stuff tastes nasty”. They told me it didn’t taste anything like what it did last time. I told them that we made it by the same measurements every time, but that I would be glad to make a new batch for them.

I went and poured out what we had and made another batch of strawberry lemonade. I took it out to them, and they again complained that it was nasty. I offered to get them something else, and they said, "We just want a waiter that isn't an idiot and knows how to make strawberry lemonade”. I got the manager to explain that we made our strawberry lemonade the same way every time.

They rolled their eyes and told the manager that I was being rude to them. Then, when they started eating their meals, they began to be even more disrespectful to me. They started pouring their drinks out on the floor on purpose, throwing food at me and insulting me right in front of my face. I had a couple of other tables complain that this large party was being extremely loud, which they were.

I went over and asked if they minded being a little quieter as they were disturbing the other tables in the restaurant. One kid then yelled, “OH, YOU THINK I'M TOO LOUD”? They all started being even louder than before, and some tables even got up and left. That was the final straw. I yelled over them and told them they were no longer welcome at our restaurant.

That shut them up. One kid told me that I couldn't do that, and I said, “When you start causing our other good paying customers to leave, I can do what I want, now get out”. They had the nerve to ask for boxes of their food that they hadn't touched because they were too busy being loud. I told them that I couldn’t care less if they wanted their food and that they needed to leave.

My manager and I stood at the door smiling, watching them all walk out. One girl told me that I had ruined her graduation party. I informed her that she had no class and got what she deserved. A few of them stayed and talked to my manager, begging him to allow them back because it was their favorite place to eat. He told them they cost the company money when they came in, and they were never welcomed back.


9. Those Nasty Girls Got Served

brown wooden table and chairsPhoto by Carolina Marinelli on Unsplash

Back in college, there was a mentally challenged guy who worked in the dorm dining hall. He obviously had some problems but was with it enough for him to hold down the job. One day, I was behind some girls in line who were standing right in front of him, talking about how they didn't like being served by him. They even started calling him names.

Outraged, I gave them a piece of my mind. "He has ears. He can hear you. He's a person just like the rest of us, and you shouldn't treat people like that". They then called me a name and walked away.


10. That’s What Big Brothers Are For

When I was in the fifth grade, a lady grabbed my brother who was in the third grade by the neck. She picked him up and threw him three to four feet against the lockers. She was mad because he had pushed her child out of the way when her kid cut in line in front of him at the water fountain. I couldn't believe it. I just started going off on her.

I was calling her every name I could think of while following her out the door. I wasn’t using your standard fifth-grade insults. My dad was a Marine, and I was saying all the stuff I wasn’t supposed to have heard from him that I amassed over the years. I followed her and her kid out the front door and got to the circle where buses pulled in to pick up the kids.

Then, she turned around and came at me like she was trying to destroy me. There were no teachers around. They were all inside, trying to find out what was going on. It was just her and me, and I could see in her eyes that she was really going to hurt me. She grabbed me by the shoulders, picked me up, and shook me as hard as she could the whole time I was screaming.

Then I heard car breaks, and my mom football tackled her and beat the bejesus out of her. My mom had layers upon layers of that lady’s skin caked under her nails and bruised knuckles from punching her so hard. That night, I got ice cream for trying to protect my brother and was sent to bed early for saying the words I shouldn’t have.


11. Gym Rats

There were these two teenagers at the gym who went around to every single bench and machine, threw a small amount of weight on, proceeded to knock out a couple of reps, and then moved on to something else, all while never re-racking their weights. I tracked them down when I realized they were never going to put anything away. Being the big and muscular guy I am, I decided to put an end to it. I simply told them to rack their weights.

I watched and waited while they put every single weight back where it belonged before I went back to my own workout.


12. He Got His Just Desserts

white ice cream on brown cookiePhoto by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

I was a student in a culinary arts program. We rotated through stations and ran a full cafeteria on the university campus. One of the stations—desserts—required that you serve and plate the food in front of the customer. I was helping this one woman when another guy, a regular, came in and budged in front of her. He was the rudest customer I had ever dealt with.

He cut in front of her and reached for the dessert that I was still plating. She said loudly, "Excuse me. That is mine. She's not done, and you can wait and not be so rude. You are unbelievable". He walked away with an unhappy, childish look on his face. She looked at me and said, "Sorry, I can't stand rude people". I couldn't have been more grateful.


13. His Words Hit The Spot

My dad was driving around with his terminally ill friend. They needed to go to a pharmacy, and seeing as how my dad's friend would become short of breath easily, they were hoping for a handicap spot. Unfortunately, none were vacant, so they had to park farther away. As they were walking up to the store, a squat, muscular man came walking out of the pharmacy.

He started to open up the door of his Ford F150 that was parked in a handicap spot. He clearly didn't need to be in that spot, nor did he have a sticker. My dad's friend was fuming when he saw him. He called out to him as he was getting in and said, "Excuse me? Is your handicap physical or mental"? The guy's face went white as a ghost, and he quickly got into his truck and pulled away.


14. They Were In For A Rude Awakening

While on my lunch break, I was at the grocery store. This older woman, who had some obvious mental and emotional problems, was walking up to a checkout line. She went to take her salad out and it opened up, spilling everywhere. She then started crying, saying how she couldn't afford to buy another salad, and apologized for the mess.

A clerk and I went over and started helping her. The clerk told her it happens all the time and that they wouldn’t charge her, but the woman was still visibly upset. She continued to apologize and cry. Then, I heard two middle-aged women—hair all done up, expensive clothes, etc.—giggling and having little laughing outbursts every time the old lady said something. I was appalled.

To my amazement, they started to openly mock her, loud enough so we all could hear. At that point, I stood up, grabbed my basket, walked over to them, and quietly said, "Come on, quit it". They both stopped laughing and got beet red with anger. One of them said, "Excuse me? Who the heck are you"? I calmly replied, "She's obviously upset. She can hear you over there, and it's embarrassing for you and for her".

That was when they both lost it. "Who the heck are you? Who the heck do you think you are? Don't ever talk to me like that", etc. To which I replied, "Listen, I know you're both really unhappy because you married a man for money, and now he's cheating on you with a much younger woman, and your kids probably don't like you or respect you because you're obviously a terrible person, but you don't have to be mean to strangers.

“If you want to laugh, whatever, but don't start mocking people. Try to contain yourselves and act like the adults you never became". They were shocked, and it was so amusing to watch. They said, “We're not paying for this", and just walked out, leaving their food behind. Then the checkout clerk started laughing, and the guy behind me went, "Oh, yeah". I kind of think I did a bit of an overkill, but I was really shocked at how mean they were being.


15. Back Of The Line!

person watching moviePhoto by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I was a big nerd, but also 6'4" and 250 lbs. We were waiting in line for about an hour or two before the movie started. The line was around the corner and snaked around the block. They started letting people in, and the line behind us began to push forward, becoming a mob.

People who were waiting an hour were being cut in front by people who had gotten there five minutes prior. People in line started whispering, "We have to say something. They're cutting”. So, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Hey everybody, no cutting! Back of the line"! At that point, I saw an old friend in the midst of the crowd.

I called him by name and shouted, "Hey, yeah, I see you, back of the line"! Every person who was line jumping then shrugged, exhaled collectively, and proceeded to move back to their respective places in line. I heard a few people whisper, "You see that big guy? He told them to go back, and they did". It felt good.


16. Surly At Summerfest

I was an inner-city school teacher in Milwaukee for four years. I taught summer school at the Juvenile Detention center for kids who were awaiting trial, sentencing, and release. I was not the least bit intimidating looking, and I think that allowed me to get away with calling people out on their bull as much as I did. I don't know why I felt the need to be the crusader of manners and tact, but I think society has digressed so much because no one holds people accountable.

Once at Summerfest—the HUGE music festival in Milwaukee—there were three children, approximately five, seven, and 11 years old. They were running around, knocking over trash cans, blowing whistles, and cursing up a storm. There was no parent in sight. It was around 4 pm. I sighed, walked over, and said, "Unless you really want to get in trouble, you need to stop behaving like this.

“You're embarrassing yourselves. Where is the person you came here with"? The 11-year-old kid's response had me fuming. "I don't have to answer to you. Freaking white people, always thinkin' they can tell people what to do. I don't have to listen to you". At that point, my friend, who was a Milwaukee detective, came over, pulled his badge out, and said to her, "You don't have to listen to her.

“She was nice and gave you a chance. But you DO have to listen to me". Her face just DROPPED. She threw herself on the ground and started screaming and crying, saying, "I didn't do anything, these people are just racist". Obviously, my friend got the officers on duty and security to come and get them at that point. I was more concerned about an 11-year-old being responsible for a five-year-old and seven-year-old, more than her behavior.


17. I Made Them Face The Music

One time, I was at a show in Philly. It was in between bands, and everyone was milling around outside the venue. As I was standing, talking to some friends, I noticed five or six wannabe tough guy kids harassing this homeless guy. They were kind of pushing him around, forcing him to take pictures with them, and talking down to him.

Eventually, the guy slumped down on a wall, pulled his knees up, and started crying as the guys kept degrading him more and more. One of them shoved his camera phone in the dude’s face saying he was going to make him famous on YouTube. At that point, I had seen and heard enough and just lost it. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I remember flipping out on these kids for about five minutes.

I told them something along the lines of how the guy had nothing, yet they still chose to act like jerks. They had everything compared to him and he had nothing, yet they were the worthless ones. I pointed out how disgusting what they were doing was and how pathetic they were. I didn't care that they were five or six guys who could probably together beat my face in. I knew they weren’t a threat when, toward the end of my rant, they were all staring at the ground.

They were red in the face, clearly ashamed of what they had done. As my verbal berating ended, I was greeted with applause from everyone around us. I helped the old guy up, took him to WaWa, and bought him some dinner. He was weeping on the way there, thanking me, saying he never had anyone stick up for him in his entire life. It felt good.


18. I Was About To Cart Him Away

man in black jacket and white helmet standing on green grass field near body of waterPhoto by Palle Knudsen on Unsplash

One day, I was helping my grandparents run errands. When my grandfather stood up out of the store’s mechanized wheelchair to use the ATM, some 19-year-old thug walked up and sat down in it. I gave him three polite versions of "He's using that" before he responded, saying, "Chill out, I'll get up in a minute". I started to explain that we needed the wheelchair available in case he lost his balance.

When he wouldn’t listen, I stared him in the eyes and said, "Get up", to which the dude responded, "Who do you think you’re talkin' to"? I told him, "I'm talking to you. Get up. Now". He again responded, "Who are you talking to"? At that point, he still hadn't gotten up. So, I showed him who he was dealing with. I rushed the cart fully intending to flip it over, and when he saw that I was serious, he jumped up and started muttering about how I'd better hope he never sees me again. My grandfather was 91. I don't think I've ever seen him prouder than he was at that moment.


19. Girl Interrupted

In college, I had the opportunity to see a foreign film for extra credit for a Spanish class I was taking. I had to take notes during the film so that I could write a brief summary of the movie to turn in to my Spanish professor. The movie was playing in one of our big lecture halls and it was put on by the foreign film club at my school, so there were many students there watching.

I got to my seat, settled in, and started watching the movie. About 10 minutes in, two girls entered the hall and proceeded to make a lot of noise, like nothing was going on at all. They took their seats in my row but on the other side of the aisle. They continued to talk for the next 10 to 15 minutes—loudly—while the movie was playing.

I could tell the people around me were annoyed with subtle "ahems" and groans, and multiple heads turned to look at the girls. However, no one really did anything, and the girls kept talking. Finally, I had it. I got up, walked over to the girls, and asked them in the most polite voice I could muster, "Please excuse me ladies for interrupting your conversation. Would you mind shutting up so the rest of us can watch the film"?

I just stood there, and they got angry and left. The entire lecture hall applauded, and the movie went on. There were no more interruptions. I left that place feeling 10 feet tall. It was well worth the 25 extra credit points.


20. Her Behavior Needed To Go

I used to work at Walmart. When it was slow, cashiers would be sent out to the floor to tidy up the store and help out the people working in different departments. One day, I was helping out a friend of mine in the children's section when a woman and her two kids came into the department. One child was still an infant, but her daughter looked to be around 4 or 5 years old.

The woman was looking around, completely ignoring her daughter, who kept trying to tell her mother that she had to go to the restroom. The kid wasn't whining so much as saying, "Mom, I have to go". The mother kept ignoring her and absentmindedly telling her to hold it. Finally, the little girl let it out: "Mom! I! Have! To! GO"! which woke up the little one. The baby started crying.

The mother finally addressed her daughter by yelling at her for being a pain in the neck. My friend and I were listening to this, looking at each other as if to say, "Man, what a moron", but there wasn't much we could really do. Then the woman screamed, "Will you shut up!? I wish you had never been born"! I was stunned. I couldn't believe anyone would say that to their child.

My friend literally dropped what she was doing and said, "What did you just say"? The woman started to say something about minding our own business, but my friend cut her off by launching into one of the most frightening displays of righteous anger I had ever seen. She tore into this woman, telling her that it was apparent that the little girl needed to go to the bathroom because it was all she had been saying for the past five minutes.

She told her that it didn't matter how frustrated she was with her child; no one should ever tell a kid that they wish they hadn't been born. The woman couldn't say anything in her defense because she was caught being horrible to her child. My friend finished telling this woman she was a failure as a parent by saying, "You're the reason birth control should be mandatory. Take your kid to the bathroom".

I could have clapped; it was so perfect. The woman left without saying a word. Apparently, the woman complained to management on the way out because my friend got hauled into the office shortly after that. She said she was completely justified in what she did and would do it again. The manager told her that he agreed with her, gave her a warning, and told her, "Good job".


21. I Slammed Back

person holding car door lever wearing round silver-colored watchPhoto by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

One day, I saw a woman slam her car door several times into the car that was parked next to them because “they parked too close.” I went off at that very moment. The lady doing the door slamming was parked over the line, and the car she vandalized was right in the center of its spot. I took down her license plate number, went into the store, found the owner of the other vehicle, and let them know.


22. This Train Wreck Was Averted

One afternoon, I was on the train on the way to an appointment. I was just sitting in my chair, minding my own business when I saw something weird going on out of the corner of my eye. There were these two 18-year-old kids harassing a 14-year-old, calling him “white trash”. I let it slide and minded my own business because I had a meeting to get to.

Moments after that happened, I saw the two kids getting closer and closer to the 14-year-old, and they did the most abhorrent thing—they started smacking him in the face, demanding that he give them his iPod and headphones. That drove me over the top and beyond. I instantly became furious, stood up, and yelled, “Get off him”! Apparently, nobody was paying attention to the situation and looked at me like I was crazy.

As the train pulled up at the station, I made my way to the two instigators. They began talking trash to me and throwing some stupid gang signs up when suddenly, this little lady behind me started cursing at them in their language. Everyone started joining in, telling them what idiots they were. I tried to grab hold of them and call out for the authorities, but they just booked. The 14-year-old thanked me and everyone on the train. I made sure he was OK and went to my meeting feeling I did some good for the day.


23. Stand Up And Deliver

I was at a 7-Eleven making a purchase when some yuppie lady interrupted my transaction. She angrily told the cashier that her coffee wasn't hot. He apologized and told her that he could make another pot right away. She said, "No, I'm way too busy to wait for that"! The clerk offered her a refund, and she responded, "No, I don't want a refund! I'm busy, and I want a hot cup of coffee RIGHT NOW"!

I felt so bad for this clerk who, judging by his accent, hadn't been in the country for very long and was shocked by her rudeness. I just snapped right then and there. I said, "Listen, you stupid yuppie. He apologized that the coffee wasn't hot and offered to make you another pot or a refund. What the heck do you expect him to do? The only way for him to comply with your request is to get a time machine and brew another pot before you get here.

“Does he look like some sort of time-traveling wizard to you!? You need to just shut up, get back into your ridiculous SUV, and try to act like an adult"! She just stood there, shaking. I couldn't tell if it was rage or fear, but after what seemed like an eternity, she ran out of the store and took off. All the people in line clapped for me. The clerk was also shocked at my outburst but told me, "It's good to know that some people will stand up for strangers in this country".


24. To Catch A Thief

white and brown starbucks cupPhoto by Gema Saputera on Unsplash

I was at Starbucks when a guy grabbed a woman's purse. I chased him down and we wrestled with it. When I got it, he tried to fight me. I yelled at him to grow up—he was clearly older than me. I then walked back inside Starbucks, and as soon as I stepped through the door, the place was packed but completely silent. Everyone was watching me.

I set the woman's purse on the table near her and asked if she was alright. She said she was, so I walked back to the front of the line where my buddy was and said, "And I would like a caramel mocha frappuccino”. The whole place erupted with applause, and the drinks were on the house. It was my smoothest moment ever.


25. Her Entitlement Got Knocked Out Of The Park

I worked as a nanny and frequently took the baby to the park, where we did the normal "make friends and play" routine. There was a mom I frequently saw whose youngest child we would play with. One morning, we were playing, and when I looked up, I noticed that I was alone with two toddlers and her older pre-school-aged child. I called for her and looked around for 15 minutes before calling the authorities.

Twenty minutes later, I still didn’t see her, but the authorities and a social worker arrived. They took my statement, then left with the abandoned children. As I was walking down the street, about a block from the park, the mom came running up to me and pointed to the park. She asked where her kids were. I told her what happened, and an argument ensued. I couldn't believe what she was saying.

She was enraged that I didn't just sit and wait at the park with her kids while she ran to the store because I was a nanny. Apparently, I should be able to handle extra kids. I proceeded to tell her— as calmly as I could with the baby present—what kind of mother she was and how much she endangered her children. I also gave her a general earful about being an irresponsible, expectant, idiot.

There was some kind of court hearing after that, where she claimed I was babysitting her kids. However, when she couldn't provide the judge with my name or contact information, I was in the clear. I was not privy to how it worked out for her and the kids, though.


26. Keep It Together, People!

My wife and I were waiting for a flight home from Vegas. It was around 3 pm and our flight was overbooked. We were hanging out at the bar right next to our gate, still getting our drinks while we waited. We then began to hear this horrendously loud argument happening at the counter. It turns out this couple—both in their mid-50s—were throwing a raging tantrum over not sitting together.

They had booked their flights on Expedia together, but the airline had moved their seats because the flight was so full. They were offered the next flight, but they continued to scream and moan. This went on for about five minutes. You could see this poor 18-year-old-girl behind the counter was just starting to break down. She needed help immediately.

Out of nowhere, my wife proceeded to get up, walk over to the counter, and just said straight to the poor girl, ignoring the couple, "They can have my seat and my husband's seat together if they promise to shut up and leave you alone. We'll wait for the next flight". The couple was shocked. They just stared at her and started giving her the stink eye, but they stayed silent.

We then proceeded to exchange our tickets and got our seats for the next flight. However, the flight was overbooked, so we received vouchers for two free round-trip tickets to anywhere the airline flew because we had volunteered our seats on an overbooked flight. We ended up using them for flights to go to Hawaii later that year. And the next flight was only 30 minutes later.


27. The Sounds Of Silence

group of people staring at monitor inside roomPhoto by Jake Hills on Unsplash

My wife and I were at the movies. A group of loud and annoying teenagers sat next to us. They were talking to each other and commenting on every single line in the film. I let it fly for the first twenty minutes, thinking they would eventually shut up and actually watch the movie. When I realized they wouldn't stop, I made my move. I gently poked the arm of the girl who was the closest to me.

I calmly but firmly told her, "Would you please tell your friends to SHUT UP. Thank you". She nodded and said, "Yes, sir". They didn't utter a word for the rest of the movie.


28. A Day At The Zoo

My wife and I were enjoying a great walk around the Omaha Zoo. We went into the primate area and we started checking out the monkeys, apes, etc. This one small enclosure had a climbing rope inside with a baby primate crawling around on the rope. A small girl edged closer to the glass to get a better look. Just as she did, this woman stepped up right in this other lady's face and started chewing her out.

She very loudly said, "Ma'am, your daughter is extremely rude. She just pushed my son out of the way, stood right in front of him, and blocked his sight. You need to learn how to control your children". The lady being chewed out was speechless. And the thing is, that wasn’t even the worst of what happened. Before the woman could even respond, I turned to face the accuser and just as loudly said, "No, you are the one being rude.

“I was standing right there, and the only thing that her daughter did was take a step closer to the glass. The area is crowded; everyone is just trying to see better. She never pushed your son out of the way, and his sight was not blocked. You're the one setting a terrible example. You need to learn how to behave in public because of this little display of unprovoked anger isn't it". Then, my wife and I just turned and walked off.

Every now and then, one of us will turn to the other and say, "I can't believe how rude that lady at the Omaha Zoo was"!


29. Pumped Up

We lived in southeast DC which wasn’t always the safest area. My wife and neighbor were sitting on the front porch when there was an altercation at the gas station across the street. Two men had tried to pull up to the same pump at the same time. They both got out. One was in his 70s and the other in his late 20s. The younger man looked like he spent a lot of time at the gym.

The men started shouting at each other, and at one point, the younger man did the most shocking thing: He pushed the older man onto the hood of his car. Our neighbor was a quiet woman who worked with the deaf community and was probably 5'10" and 130 lbs. When she saw the push, she ran across the street and got in the younger guy's face. She yelled at him, saying, "What is the matter with you? You're much bigger than him!

“You didn't have to push him! I have two young boys at home and is this the sort of behavior I should expect when they're older? What is wrong with you"? The guy apologized to her, saying that his mother would be ashamed. He said he'd just had a bad day and that he overreacted. My neighbor told him that he didn't have to apologize to her.

He apologized to the older guy and drove away, presumably too embarrassed to get gas in front of the people who had just witnessed what had happened.


30. Quite The Ride

colored neon lights lighting up amusement park ridesPhoto by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash

A small group of friends and I decided to go to the state fair. There were about four or five of us. One of my friends wanted to go on one of the faster, more intense rides, and everyone else backed down. This was a ride where single riders weren't allowed, so I told him I'd go with him. He was new to the city and had heard things about this ride from other people, so he really wanted to go on it.

There was a good 40- to 50-minute wait. While waiting in the long line, a group of teenagers decided they would ruin everyone's day—they basically snuck past everyone, cut in line, and merge in with their friends. I looked behind me and saw people whispering and looking a bit angry. I’m 6’4” and somewhat muscular, but I usually don't like to use my size to my advantage, and I certainly don't like to use it to intimidate people.

I poked my head out of the line at the teenagers who cut in front of us and said nicely, "Hey, do you guys think you can go to the back of the line? Everyone back here has been waiting for at least half an hour". One of them looked back at me—getting smart—and said, "Deal with it". I told him again, a little more sternly, "Just get to the back of the line, alright? People are getting mad at you for thinking you can do whatever you want".

This time he thought it would be cute to come back to me and get in my face to try to make me back down. At that point, he was clearly getting angry and told me, "Tell me one more time, and I'll knock you out”. I told him again to get to the back of the line. He laughed, then he went for a punch, but that was a BIG mistake on his part. I grabbed his fist, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and threw him to the ground, lifting him off his feet.

Without thinking, I just took off my shirt in a blind rage and self-defense and told him, "Get your spoiled behind to the back of the line and quit acting like a pretentious little weasel before you regret it". His friends signaled for him to come back to them since they figured out I wouldn't be an easy pushover. I wore glasses, so my guess was that they assumed I couldn't put up a fight. They left the line, and it felt good.


31. Those Mean Girls Got Shut Down

I worked a lot with the special needs students at my school and I have worked with people who have disabilities my entire life. One day when I was about 13, I came into one of my classes to find one of my fellow students with Down syndrome huddled on the floor with a bunch of girls standing around him, pointing and jeering. I immediately dropped to my knees to talk to him.

I found out that he’d had an accident, and the girls were making fun of him for it. He was crying and shaking. I soothed him, managed to get him to stand up, and got one of the other students to take him to the special needs classroom. I then turned to these girls I barely knew, looked every one of them in the eye, and proceeded to rip into them verbally.

They got such an earful that they were all blushing and hanging their heads by the end of it. I even made one girl cry. I didn't have many friends in middle school, but I eventually blossomed in high school. I remembered every single one of those girls. The looks I gave them when they tried to talk to me reminded them every time about what heartless little meanies they were. I still get mad about it.


32. Bus-ted!

I was on the city bus in Ann Arbor, MI. There was a very old couple that I would sometimes see getting off at the hospital’s cancer center. On one particular day, the woman got out of her seat 30 seconds too soon before the bus stopped and quickly lost her balance. She fell over onto a man who was roughly 55 years old.

He looked at her with utter disgust and pushed her off of him. She then fell to the ground. Some nice young men helped her up. She was obviously shaken up and off-balance. She then fell on the man again. He shouted out, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, YOU DUMB WOMAN"! She seemed very disoriented and confused at that point, and her husband didn’t appear to see what was really going down.

The man got out of his seat and loomed over her in a threatening manner. He yelled, "I HAVE A BAD BACK AND YOU COULD HAVE HURT ME. GET OUT OF HERE". But here's the thing—this man was maybe 6'1'' and 200 lbs, and the old woman appeared to be in her late 80s and no more than 100 lbs. I couldn't believe what was happening. The bus driver stopped the bus out of confusion. I jumped up and told the man to get off the bus.

I said that I would call the authorities and that he had no business being on public transportation. He moved towards me. At the time, I was a 21-year-old female who was not too physically imposing. I looked him in the eye and told him to get out of my face. The bus driver finally saw what was happening and ordered the guy off the bus. I never saw the guy again on the bus, and some hot guy gave me his number when I got off. Score!


33. Revenge Of The Nerds

a silver and red train traveling past a train stationPhoto by Umair D on Unsplash

I was on the train from Stratford-upon-Avon to Birmingham with a lot of college students. I was seated between two groups. I guess you'd say the "popular" kids and a group of "nerds". You could tell mostly because my friend and I could hear the rude twitters behind us, and I got smacked with a chip they were throwing at a girl across the way. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

One girl, who was quite large, got up to go to the restroom. I was already annoyed with what was going on but I had not said anything until the moment when the "pretty" girl put her legs up and refused to let the girl go. At first, the first girl took it in stride and made a joke about it, but the other girl just taunted her before finally letting her pass.

It didn't stop there. As the first girl walked away, the group with the second girl made oinking sounds. When she came back, this girl pulled the same thing, so I turned around, looked at her, and said, "You're so cool". She put her legs down, looked at the ground, and the other girl walked by. I turned to my friend and said loud enough so the whole group could hear, "It's such a cool thing to taunt and make fun of other people.

“Because obviously, you're so much better than the person you're making fun of if you stop to tease them. Yeah, it shows them you don't care about them". I paused, turned to the girl who was now blushing, and said, "No, actually, it shows people that you care more about them than they do about you. Grow up. Be nice". She didn't say a word for the rest of the train ride.


34. Supermarket Hog

Whenever I see anyone litter or act in an incredibly rude manner, I tell them off. One day, I was at the supermarket, and there was a woman who had about three items on her belt, talking away on her phone. When a little old lady went over to put her stuff on the belt, the woman on the phone said, "What are you doing? This is my space. I'm just waiting for my husband to come with the rest of our stuff".

That got me cross enough as it was, but then her husband strolled up with a cart that was almost over-flowing with stuff, and I just couldn't hold my tongue. This woman had been hogging space on the belt and telling her husband what to get over the phone! I was in the next line over, but I told her that she and her husband could go to the back of the long line they were causing. They did not like that one bit.

They called the manager and I explained how vile and selfish they had been. To his credit, the manager told me I was right. He sent the people to the back and comped the old lady’s groceries to apologize for her inconvenience.


35. Do I Have To Paint A Picture? Your Kid’s Rude!

Some kid was in a restaurant where my mom and I were trying to have a quiet lunch. This kid started to throw crayons at my mom, literally from the next table. The kid's mom was too busy talking on her phone to care. I tried glaring, but she couldn't care less. In the end, I walked up to her to confront her, and she actually gave me the "one-minute finger".

That was it. I picked up all the crayons that were on the floor, on the table, and from in front of the kid, dumped them on her lap, and sat back down. I think she was so shocked, she just left. The manager of the restaurant gave us a free meal. Apparently, that particular woman was known for just letting her kid run wild.


36. I Had This One In The Bag

green and yellow plant on groundPhoto by Gary Meulemans on Unsplash

I was pulling weeds from the outside of my fence on the sidewalk. I had a big paper lawn bag next to me, and I was almost done with the whole yard. This guy came walking down the street, opened a package of smokes, and dropped the cellophane wrapper on the ground in front of my house. I lost my marbles. I yelled at the guy, "Hey, I might be pulling weeds, but I'm not cleaning for you. I'm trying to make my house look nice".

So, he came back, picked up the wrapper, and put it in the lawn bag.


37. Dis-concert-ing Behavior

I was at an Atmosphere concert with my girlfriend and best friend having the time of our lives. I drank a large quantity of booze at the many venue bars we'd gone to and I had gotten myself to the holy grail of sloshed. I was charming, funny, making friends—all the good stuff. It was perfect. Something made me look away, but when I turned back to the stage, I saw my girlfriend getting shoved by some dimwit.

It started small. He was trying to push his way to the front of the stage well after the concert began, and we had all gotten our good spots by waiting. When he tried to push her out of his way, she pushed back and held him back like a tough chick. That angered him, and he just started shoving her as hard as he could over and over.

What happened next will forever be etched into my brain. I reached up above the crowd and brought my fist down like a meteor scolding the heck out of his face. All he could do was stare blankly at me. Two beats later—as if it were planned—a dozen arms were wrapped around him and he was removed from the crowd. The other concertgoers and security saw the whole thing go down.

They promptly took him out. Even the people he was with disowned him and gave me handshakes. However, his girlfriend later threw a drink at me from the edge screaming, "YOU BROKE MY BOYFRIEND'S NOSE"! It was the best concert of my life.


38. I Tried To Put Her In Line

It was a Friday at around 6 pm, and I was in line at a supermarket. The lines were longer than normal. This entitled late-40s soccer mom was in front of me, tapping her foot and getting all sorts of agitated. We got up to the register and the woman started going off about how slow the line was and how ridiculous the wait had been.

The girl checking items through was young and obviously couldn’t say anything, so I stepped up to the plate. I said, "Lady, you need to CALM DOWN. You aren't the only one inconvenienced by long lines. Being nasty to this poor girl isn't going to make your groceries slide through any faster". Her jaw dropped as if everyone in her life just sat around, taking her verbal garbage wherever she went.

She shut up and continued through, glaring at me as she left. I sat back, looking satisfied with an “I don’t care” look. The female clerk smiled and said she couldn't have ever done that. A week later, I saw the clerk again, and she told me that the woman came back in, talked to her manager, and she got in trouble for not telling me that I was out of line for calling her out!


39. Told Off In A Tiny Space

people in restaurantPhoto by K8 on Unsplash

I was on vacation with my parents. My dad had planned for us to have this amazing dinner at a fancy restaurant. The restaurant was literally on the first floor of a small or medium-sized house. Seeing as the place was so tiny, all the customers had to keep their voices down so as not to disturb everyone else. We sat down for dinner and were immediately overwhelmed by a man talking loudly at the table next to us.

Not only was he basically yelling, but he was saying very inappropriate and prejudiced comments. He obviously had too much to drink, but everyone at his table looked too scared to say anything to him. My family and I tried to have our dinner and ignore him, but it was becoming very difficult. My poor dad, who had planned this great dinner, looked so crestfallen.

Whenever someone upsets a family member of mine, I snap. And that's exactly what happened. I turned around and said very clearly and loudly, "Could you please keep your voice down. I can hardly hear anything besides your voice". The guy was speechless, probably because I was an 18-year-old girl telling him nicely to shut up in front of an entire restaurant.


40. Oh, That Holiday Spirit

I was flying home for the holidays. The guy in the seat behind me was very inebriated and very loud. He was clearly bothering everyone around him, but no one said anything. The flight attendants stopped serving him and half-heartedly shushed him, but it didn't work. He was sitting next to a teenage brother and sister duo.

He started waving his arms around and grabbing at the air. He smacked the back of my seat, and I turned around to see the sister shrinking as far back into her chair as she could to escape his flailing arms. She whispered to me, "Please say something". So all 5 feet and 4 inches of me stood up. I put some bass into my voice and said, "HEY! You need to be quiet".

He replied, "Huh? I just wanna get home and nobody will give me a drink". I said, "YOU just want to get home? That's all any of us want, and all we've heard all night is your darn mouth. You need to keep your mouth shut and your hands to yourself and be quiet"! Luckily, it worked.

There was peaceful silence from him for the rest of the flight, and several people thanked me when we exited the plane. It was one of the prouder moments of my life and the only time I had ever done anything like that.


41. Big Time Loser In A Small Town

I was at this bar in a small town I had never been to. A trashed redneck was being inappropriate to a cute girl and making her very uncomfortable. I can't stand people who do that. No woman should have to listen to that garbage, and it also makes all men look worse. I'm a very passive, non-violent guy, but I'm 6'6" with a pretty solid build, so I guess I can be intimidating. I knew I had to do something.

I stood right in front of him and told him that he was way out of line. I also threatened that if he kept it up, there were going to be problems. We stared each other down for a couple of seconds, and he left the bar. Several people thanked me, and the bartender gave me a free drink.


42. They Got Served A Cup Of Courtesy

grayscale photo of clear drinking glassPhoto by Pedro Forester Da Silva on Unsplash

Years ago, I was at a Panera Bread around the holidays. It was a full-on shopping season, and the place was close to some shopping malls, so it was extremely busy. This older couple ordered coffee, and the lady behind the counter gave them a to-go cup, saying, "I'm sorry, we ran out of clean mugs, and the dishwasher is running now, but I didn't want to make you wait".

She was very polite, but the lady got mad and started screaming about bad service. She actually yelled, "I need a FOR-HERE cup, not a to-go cup"! The poor girl behind the counter kept apologizing and saying they would be done in a minute, but the woman just kept complaining. Meanwhile, another employee came up to take my order. I saw my chance to get extra petty then.

I ordered my drink and said as loud as I could, "And a to-go cup is FINE with me. Unlike some people, I understand the drink will taste the same"! The old lady freaked about how rude I was while I waited for my drink. The manager came out and gave me a free loaf of their holiday bread "for being so patient". The old people left, still angry.


43. He Was In Line For Some Embarrassment

I used to live in one of those "I live in a million-dollar house so I'm better than you" suburbs. It was the "poorest" of the surrounding towns, so the people there felt insecure and seemed to try to make up for it. I would make it a sport to counter any bad behavior. One day, there was a huge line at a coffee shop during lunchtime. They were taking orders and processing credit card payments on a mobile device to speed things up.

This guy had paid but was waiting for his drink. He said, “Wow, they can take your money fast enough; they just can't do their jobs fast enough. Ridiculous”. The employee gave me my drink and said, “I'm so sorry about the wait”. That's when I gave my epic reply. “Well, barring complete blindness or some mental disability, everyone here should know they'd be waiting, considering the size of the line”.

She started laughing uncontrollably and trying to hide her face. The other guy just glared at me, trying to intimidate me. I just responded to him, "What are you gonna do about it"? The server gave me a complimentary drink for the next time.


44. Priority Seating Is Just That

I was taking a packed train on my way to work. There was a group of college-aged people standing in the middle of the train, close to an old lady holding three or four bags of stuff. At one stop, a person who was sitting down in the elderly seating section got up. One of the obnoxious college girls sat down and continued to gab with her friends. I was not going to let that fly.

I looked at her and said, "Nope, get up". She gave me this look like, "How dare you talk like that to me", and didn't respond. I told her she should give her seat to the elderly woman, but she still did nothing. So, I loudly said that she was selfish and should be ashamed of herself. She then got up, and the old lady sat down and gave me an appreciative smile.


45. I Couldn’t Look The Other Way

white and red gas pumpPhoto by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash

I was at a gas station. There was a line of about five of us. The kid ringing everyone up had gauged earrings. He was doing an awesome job, being super polite, etc. This old lady behind me said to the other, "This kid is so disgusting. I wish I didn't have to put up with people like that". My ears were gauged, but I had no plugs in, and I had a very large septum piercing, but I didn’t have it in.

For some reason, the ring was in my pocket. This old lady went on and on, making sure she was loud enough that the kid could hear her, and she was embarrassing him. I knew exactly what I was going to do in that situation. After he rang me up, I turned around and said, "I'm so sorry to eavesdrop, but I couldn't agree more. I hear some people put stuff like that through their eyebrows, lips, and even their noses."

She smiled with satisfaction. Then, I took out my nose ring, which looked very sharp, and said, “I wonder if it hurts”? I started pushing it through the hole very comfortably but was making screaming noises as if I was piercing it right then and there. There was this BIG dude behind her, and his eyes went huge. After pushing it through and letting out a sigh, I said to her, "It's not so bad after all.

“Honestly, I am glad to see this young man has a job at all in today’s economy, and the only thing I find offensive is your blatant disregard for other people's feelings and that perfume you are wearing that smells like a flower threw up. Oh well. Have a great day"! The look on her face was priceless. The kid was smiling for the first time since I had entered the store, and the big dude behind her smiled and gave me a thumbs-up as I left.


46. It Was A Targeted Move

I was at Target. There was a shopping cart in the middle of a parking space. I was alone, so I got out of my car and moved it into the corral directly across from the spot I was about to enter. Then came an inconsiderate Karen: She pulled around my car and parked in my spot, the one I had just moved the shopping cart out of.

I went up to the window and told them they were welcome for my moving the cart. They started sputtering and lying about not having seen me. So I put thumbtacks behind the wheels of her car and left.


47. It Was A Sign Of Things To Come

When I was in high school, one of the lunch ladies was deaf. She was always the one to cash the students out. Once, I heard some dude saying how he pretends not to understand her—basically mocking her—and that he never pays what he owes. I got so mad that I just went off on him.

I told him what a horrible person he was and how I hoped he would lose one of his senses so he could see what it was like. It may not seem like much, but I think I got my point across because I didn't hear him talk about her anymore. She was super nice too and she was really pleased when my school started offering sign language courses because the students could then communicate with her.

The look on her face when I started signing with her the first time almost made me cry. I could tell she was extremely happy people were trying to actually talk to her and not just pretend she wasn't there.


48. Patience Wasn’t My Strongest Suit

person standing near a wall painting during daytimePhoto by Jossuha Théophile on Unsplash

I went to see the Wolverine movie in a very large theater. About halfway up the rows of seats, it had an aisle that cut across horizontally from one side of the theater to the other. Some idiot father was there with a toddler, and he let the kid run back and forth across the aisle, squealing the whole time. I put up with it for about 30 minutes.

Then, I finally had enough. I went down to the father and said, "Do you realize the entire movie theater can hear your child and that it's ruining the movie for the rest of us? Please make him be quiet". The father stared at me in complete shock, as if the concept had never crossed his mind. He immediately left with his kid. Several people around me said “thank you” as I sat back down.


49. No Can Do

I once caught two men around 12 years old about to throw a Coke can at an old woman from across the street. I got in the way and yelled at them, saying, “Try it and see what happens". They stopped in their tracks and attempted to deny what they were about to do. Afterward, I felt terrible and thought maybe I had overreacted. I thought perhaps I could have used less threatening language toward two kids, but it was probably the only way I was going to get through to them.

The old lady was completely oblivious to the whole thing.


Two people clasping hands
Samuel Rios/Unsplash

Most of us like to set goals to motivate us toward a desired result rather than waiting for something to manifest itself.

The goals that are typically positive may include achievements like reaching a specific body weight, completing higher education, or saving enough money to purchase a home.

And then there are the goals that are more like consolation prizes because they seem unattainable in the present, like securing a relationship by a certain point in time.

Those who might be familiar with the last scenario shared their updates when Redditor eurekathatsit asked:

"How is your 'if we are single by 30, we’re getting married' friend doing?"

Tragedy strikes.

Canceled Plans

"Had a Married at 40 option."

"Lost contact with her for a few years and had started to rebuild our friendship. She’d got married and moved away, but was in the process of splitting up and remembering her old life."

"Had arranged to go and see her in her new flat, big night out planned. But then contact suddenly stopped again."

"Found out about 6 months later that she’d had a car crash and died instantly. Her (still) husband hadn’t told any of her old friends what had happened."

"She was the first one from our friend group that had died. It hit hard. Still think of her often and the mischief we got up to in our late teens."

– GeeGeeDub

Cancer Sucks

"We both got married before 30 to other people. She married a cool dude and had 4 kids. They had a beautiful family and so do I. I was genuinely happy for her and glad we didn’t 'end up”'with each other. She died of cancer a few years ago when her youngest kid was still in elementary school. My heart breaks for her and her family. I feel closer to them than they realize because I knew her since middle school. I think of them often and hope they are finding peace and happiness in this crazy life."

– walkabout16

Loss Of A Dear Friend

"With us it was 'if we are still single at 65 let’s just move in together - at least we like each other.' We met first year at university and had been close friends ever since."

"She died of breast cancer at 63. Miss her every day."

– Nagsheadlocal

Some managed to find success, while others, not so much.

Married Life

"Not me, but I have a former coworker that made that pact with his senior high school prom date. Lost touch for 7 or so years. Reconnected at the 10 year high school reunion. Got married 2 years later. Now 2 kids with a third on the way and VERY happy. It was cool to watch the majority of that story go down"

– Accountabili_Buddy

Going Along With The Ruse

"I married her sister. I never wanted to marry her, she was my friend and she thought of the 'if we aren’t married by 30.' thing."

– TheChzMouse

Tending The Garden

"He’s unhappily married to someone else. Spends all his time gardening now."

– MrFurleysJumpsuit

"so uh how’s the garden?"

– whatproblems

Love Success

"I kissed her this morning when I was leaving for work, we get married in 3 days."

"No joke, made the pact, reconnected in person after a few years on my 31st birthday which is 3 days before her 30th, we went out for a date and we haven’t spent a night apart since. And in 3 days we say the ol I Do’s."

"Thank you all for the kind words and the awards, I’m going to show my fiancée this later after work, she’ll love it. Wedding is in 2 days! (Aug. 18)"

– ArcAddict

A Wild Life

"She’s been living a WILD life. We made the pact at 22, she got married by 24, divorced by 25, new relationship and got pregnant at 26, married at 28 and divorced at 30."

"In that time she dropped out of college, went back to college, completed her associates, got nailed for a few drug charges and is currently fighting for custody of her kid with the dad."

– Goopyteacher

The feeling wasn't mutual when the pact was revisited.

Taking A Pass

"I’ve made that pact with so many people that I hope no one comes to make claims when I turn 30."

– anonfallenstarz

"So about our pact."

– TheNonMurderingSort

Seven's A Crowd

"He has like 5-6 kids. He actually hit me up when we were 30 (were 32 now) and asked about the deal. I was like “dude don’t you have like 5 kids???” I was not gonna take on that circus 😂"

– yoinkss

Bad Timing

"We made the pact at 15 as a joke. We finished high school, college and moved into early adulthood while he dated other people. I was single until 23 when I met my match who I’m still with to this day."

"This year he broke up with his girlfriend because he said he loved me and couldn’t be friends anymore because it was too hard for him."

"It sucks but I wish him the best."

– Caramel_Kind

It's understandable why people set such goals, especially if they want to make sure they are not settling for each other after kissing a few frogs.

But who's to say true love won't manifest in your 40s?

It's not an ideal benchmark, waiting to see if the other person has either found love or is still waiting by 30, because love is unpredictable and seems to come when you least expect it.

As they say, love is patient.

Unfortunately, people are always not.

There is not one, correct way to parent.

After all, different children have different needs, and as a result some parents might need to adopt different methods so that their children can learn a lesson.

That being said, if there isn't one right way, there is definitely one wrong way, particularly regarding what some parents might say to their children.

Even though it might not seem like it at the time, all children take in and hear everything their parents tell them.

Some things parents say to their children might have lasting consequences, haunting them for the rest of their lives.

Redditor under20letters was curious to hear people considered the absolute worst thing parents could say to their children, leading them to ask:

Most Likely The Other Way Round

"I literally heard a mother say this to her child in the ER the other day."

"The kid was just talking to his mother about the usual stupid kid sh*t and she shouted 'YOURE RUINING MY LIFE! YOU OPENING YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW IS RUINING MY LIFE'."

"He put his head down and said sorry."

"My mom had her bad days but she never said sh*t like that to me."- PearlJamDudeVoice

Makes You Wonder Why They Did In The First Place

"If I could do my life over I'd never have had children."- FrogGob

Hurtful At Any Age

"'I feel like I have to love you because you're my child, but I don't like you at all'."

"My mom said this to me when I was 10 years old."- ATrulyTerriblePerson

So, So Wrong

"Saying that something is wrong with your brain."- Fit-Caterpillar-9729

It's What They Don't Say...

"Nothing, blaming them, not saying I’m proud of your or I love you."- FM_Apollyon

"Absolutely nothing."

"If you don't communicate, ask about their day, if you genuinely do not care about who they are as a person, it's just as damaging as saying the most hurtful things."

"So, if you really want to hurt someone, don't acknowledge them as a human being."- EeerrEeer

"Giving them the silent treatment over some offense (real or imagined)."- kenaisourdough

So Much For It Being The Thought That Counts

"Mine said to me when I was six years old: thanks for the [in school handmade diy] Christmas gift."

"'But you know we never use xyz, so this is useless'."

"'Why would you make that?'“

"Because I didn’t have a choice, and the teacher told us to?!"

"Can’t remember what it was, but this stuck with me."

"Been anxious about gifting them anything ever since."- SnicketyLemon875

As If They Know What That Is

"'Why can't you be normal?'"- Tail_Nom

Words Of Encouragement Are Not So Difficult

“'You just ruin everything'."

"'I hope you never find happiness'."

"'Hope your in-laws make you suffer'."

"'Hope your husband cheats on you'.”- Kindly-Try-7223

Where To Even Begin

"Take your pick, I heard all of these at various points during my childhood:"

"'I put my life on hold for (insert child's age) years for you/so you could exist'."

"From mom when she wanted something from me and I didn't immediately drop everything and come running."

"You don't live in a democracy, you live in a dictatorship, so you don't get a vote'."

"From mom at a young enough age that school hadn't gone over democracies and dicatorships yet, i was probably just trying to share an idea for plans or something."

"'You'd better quit backtalking me/being disrespectful'."

"When in the right during a disagreement with either."

"'Alright, put em up then' and 'you wanna take this outside?'"

"From dad who thinks challenging his 12-13 year old son to a fistfight is the way to deal with anger."

"I'm sure there's more that i haven't unrepressed yet."- kbyyru

And That Falls On Them...

"My parents had this saying: 'children are like pancakes the first one always fails'.”

"I’m the oldest of 2."

"At first I thought they meant it as a joke but after hearing that almost weekly for the past 18 years, I think they actually mean it."- thoyo3

And They're Probably Exhausted Of Not Being Loved.

"I'm so tired of pretending to love you."

"Not mine, read it in a similar post a while back but it stuck with me."

"I can't imagine the trust issues a kid would have hearing that said to them."- nenev

Blaming Them For Everything

"My mum said so much filth to me as a kid, as well as literally making me live in it."

"For better or for worse, til about age 11, I remember hardly anything, my brain has just completely deleted it all."

"But I'll always remember when she told me that she'll die soon from me and the stress I bring her."

"When she said this to me, I was already living my dad full time and only saw her one day a week after school and went home to my dad again in the evening."

"I wasn't even a bad kid, I was so quiet and could entertain myself."

"Little me didn't deserve to hear that."- THEgingerONEhasRISEN

Make no mistake, sometimes children need discipline and need to be spoken to sternly.

But scolding only works if it comes from a place of love.

As long as there's love, children will thrive, and any child who doesn't get the love they deserve is a deprived child.

We Can’t Believe These In-Law Horror Stories
Photo by Dorrell Tibbs on Unsplash

You can choose your spouse, but unfortunately, you can't choose your spouse's family. From mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers-in-law, we’ve rounded up the wildest in-law experiences the unluckiest people of the internet have to offer. These stories prove that in-laws can become outlaws in a snap.

1. The Last Straw

Unfortunately, my brother endured a lot of drama in his first marriage. My mother always tried to be supportive of his ex-wife but she was a daughter-in-law straight out of a nightmare. The marriage eventually fell apart when she abandoned their son at daycare and ran away to start a new life. The silver lining is my brother ended up with full custody of my nephew.

The straw that broke the camel's back for my mom was when the estranged daughter-in-law tried to take their son as well as my brother's car. My mom was there to witness the whole thing, including frantically crashing the car into a light pole. Luckily nobody was hurt. My mother never forgave her for that and was active in making sure she never got custody of her son.


2. I Can’t Take It Anymore

My mother-in-law and I have a good relationship but she doesn’t get along with her other daughter-in-law. They tried to go to lunch a couple of times, but the conversation continued to come back to the daughter-in-law telling my mother-in-law how she could change her personality to be less annoying. Seriously. This lasted for a couple of months.

Finally, the daughter-in-law lost her temper and started screaming at our mother-in-law how she could no longer be part of this ruse. She said all her attempts at being friendly were pointless because our mother-in-law was too stupid. To this day they don't get along and family gatherings are always super uncomfortable.


3. Mind Your Manners

stainless steel fork on white ceramic platePhoto by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

My mother-in-law is a self-proclaimed expert on etiquette. If they come over for dinner her first comments are critiques on the place settings. She tells my wife that she “should have Carly (her sister) teach you how to set a table". She stresses out everyone at the table and makes every dinner a formal affair with her instructions.It doesn't upset my wife as much as it does me, but it makes me furious.

She visibly gives preferential treatment to her other daughter more than my wife. Carly is divorced and working a loser job, yet her mom reminds us that she’s "leaving my antiques to Carly, she knows how to appreciate things like that". I know it hurts my wife, but she never admits it.


4. Wrapped In Anxiety

My mother-in-law has anxiety over giving gifts. She asks several times what to get anyone, then asks where to buy it, how much is it, and are they sure they want it. This isn't her just being cautious or detail-oriented, she just hasn't taken the time to know what people like and can’t be bothered to think for herself. I told her for several years to buy something that you think they might like, and it was always odd gift cards or once, a pair of men’s slippers for my eight-year-old son.

Now it's easier telling her exactly what to get. However, she then constantly messages the gift receiver to see if it has been delivered, did they open it, and did they like it. She will start messaging before the birthday or celebration and then continue until it’s verified that they like or dislike the gift. If they dislike it, then the gift receipt is in the wrapping and this is how much it cost.

I spent years suggesting lovely presents for her grandchildren—then she would take all the credit!


5. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

My brother and I started a successful event photography business. He was the photographer and I managed administration, marketing, accounting, bookings, and web management. Even though he was the main photographer I went to every shoot as secondary and did the leg work of holding lights and running around to take photos of the guests.

I never complained because my brother was the one who invested in equipment and we split everything fifty/fifty. This business was my sole income and after two years all of my bills relied on it. Eventually, I made a terrifying decision. I decided to drop out of university and focus on it full-time. I was close to my brother’s wife and we worked out together three times a week.

I had opened up to her about my mental health struggles and how they were the first people to make me feel safe and understood. I had never opened up like that to anyone else before, and the two of them got to see me at my most vulnerable. One evening, she broke down crying over the fact that my brother spent so much time on the business that she no longer felt secure.

She said that she felt safe when he had a salary job and they were thinking about their future. Now, everything was uncertain and he was always irritable and focused on work. He was having mood swings and getting angry for no reason. With my struggle, I immediately understood! I told her to forget about the workout and to go home and have a talk with him.

I told her to be honest about her feelings and to have a true heart to heart without pride. I told her that my brother loves her more than anything and that if they decide for him to leave the business, I would accept their decision. I told her not to think about me and only see it as a matter that involves the two of them and no one else.

Later that night she texted me that they talked, and everything is good. I told her I was glad and asked what they'd decided regarding the business. She was avoiding the subject and kept saying things like "I'm lucky to have a sister-in-law that worries about me". I let it go and just decided to wait for the business decision. After three days, I asked her again but she still deflected.

I told her, "I do have to know what's happening with work. I have clients waiting to hear back from me". At that point, seemingly out of nowhere, she simply texted back, "I don't know what is going on, but you clearly have unresolved issues and I just can't deal with it. Sorry". I was totally stunned—but this was just the beginning. After a hurtful, pointless back and forth she told me to ask my brother to drop off my stuff from their house.

An hour later, my brother e-mailed me asking for all of the leftover client information that I hadn’t had a chance to update in our software. I seriously couldn't understand what was happening. My other brother went to pick up my stuff, and my sister-in-law told him I told her to break up with my brother and come live with me.

She also said I was salty at my oldest brother for yelling at me when we did business and tried to manipulate her into leaving him. She told this story to everyone, including my mom. They locked me out of the website and all of the software we shared with all the client information. My brother had all the equipment. I had absolutely no qualifications or savings.

I ended up getting checked into the hospital for stress and my older brother came to visit. I was excited he wanted to repair the relationship but all he wanted was tips on how I managed administration and certain high-end clients. Even now as I’m writing, he and his wife have continued the business. They ruined a lot of the relationships I built but are somewhat successful.


6. Love Lock Out

smiling womanPhoto by Katy Ward on Unsplash

My daughter-in-law decided, after years of manipulating my son, to walk out on him and their two kids. A few hours later she changed her mind and sent him multiple demands to make the marriage work for a week. When he wouldn’t budge, she broke into the house while he was out and changed the locks causing him and their two young kids to be homeless.


7. Full-Time Divide

This story is from one of my mom’s friends. Her son was studying to be an engineer until he met his future spouse. She was very up front that she wanted to be a full-time mom and not work. He ended up dropping out of his degree when she got pregnant and now works at a bad job. She doesn’t let him speak to his family anymore, and my mom’s friend says it feels like she lost her son.


8. An Irish Goodbye

This is about my cousins’ wife, so my aunt’s daughter-in-law. They are both really alike and like to party. The first time I met her was at my grandfather’s funeral. Unfortunate circumstances but you could spot her a mile away. She was dressed like Betty Boop; too much makeup and a sheer, black tube dress. I know everyone processes grief differently but this was unique.

After the funeral, we held a sort of Irish wake at my uncle's house, whereupon my cousin's wife approached every male cousin, asking them to do shots with her. I avoided her, so I was last. She got to me when I was on the driveway with two other cousins. One she had already approached inside. The other cousin, through grinding teeth responded, "The Mother. Of. My. Newborn. Child. Is. Inside".

I'm less creative, so I tried to ignore her hoping she would get bored and leave me alone. At first, she tried to chat. Then she tried to dance. There was no music and I was getting increasingly uncomfortable. She moved around to my back and in a final attempt for attention, bit me! I let out the weirdest yelp and hopped away from her.

Eventually, she got the hint and left. When I checked my backside later, I had a dental impression turning into a purple bruise. I tried to actively avoid her at family functions and heard a rumor that on the morning of their wedding, my aunt offered to pay for 100% of the wedding if my cousin ran away! Neither one of them will confirm or deny.


9. Tell Us What You Need!

woman in black turtleneck topPhoto by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

My sister-in-law does everything in her power to be negative about my mom. Her reasons range from my mom selling her and my brother a truck instead of giving it to them for free, and feeding her on a real plate instead of a paper plate. She’ll get mad if my mother doesn’t make her soup the same day she gets sick and also furious if my mom texts or calls.

We’ve never been able to understand her mentality but my brother tried his best to keep the peace. Unfortunately, he passed last April, and my sister-in-law made everything about her instead of letting our family grieve. We’re still trying to figure out how to communicate and keep her happy to see our nieces and nephews.


10. Mother-In-Law Detective

Our neighbor became a grandmother and was next-level excited. She began showing us pictures and planning how quickly she could get to her son and his family. She was constantly talking about how hard her daughter-in-law is trying to be a good first-time mom and how stressed out she is. They decide she should fly down two months later, and she secures the time off work.

We were really surprised when she was back home two weeks later and very unhappy. We didn’t want to pry but the whole story came out a couple of days later. When she finally told me, my jaw hit the floor. She had taken the baby out for a walk and realized she forgot baby wipes. She figures she’ll head home a little early and can leave again if the mom wants her to.

As soon as she arrives back in the house she, unfortunately, hears her daughter-in-law screaming a man’s name that was not her son’s from their bedroom. She decides to call her son at work, and he comes home two hours early from work, with the other man stumbling down the sidewalk half-dressed, and the daughter-in-law crying.

She tried to convince her husband it wasn’t what it looked like but our neighbor convinced her son to get a paternity test. She returned home furious and disappointed and her son began divorce proceedings. If she had never gone for the trip who knows how long her daughter-in-law would have kept the secret!


11. Fuel The Fire

Each family has its issues but my in-laws favor my sister-in-law over my husband and it's very obvious. They ignore our phone calls and texts and then act as if we isolate ourselves. When my husband moved out, they didn’t talk to him for a year. When my sister-in-law moved out they bought her a car and paid for her insurance and gas to make sure she came home for visits.


12. Beep Boop Success

woman laughing on flower fieldPhoto by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

My ex-in-laws always told me I needed a real job. I worked in IT security but that’s not a "real" job to them. My father-in-law was a store clerk before a Sheriff's office dispatch supervisor, and my mother-in-law was unemployed. Their son worked a lot of part-time roles and none of their three daughters have ever worked.

This irritated me, and I was always shunned and talked about negatively. Their friends always looked at me weirdly and wondered why I didn't have a job. I would explain what I did, and when people found out the truth, it was different. I still never felt good enough. My ex-wife always questioned my career choice and it eventually was emotionally damaging, hence the divorce.

At least I got the last laugh, though. Leaving that marriage was the best decision I ever made. I'm doing great in my career. I love the work, and I love what I do. I love my education, my certificates, and my experiences. I'm proud of myself and keep going further every year constantly expanding my knowledge. Plus, I make good money doing it!


13. What’s In A Name?

My mother-in-law called my husband today and told him she had a list of potential baby names for us to choose from. We had already picked a name and told her our choice. She was shocked and surprised we hadn’t consulted her. She then insisted we should change it to one of her suggestions. My husband quickly shut that down, but I imagine it’s just the beginning.


14. Save Your Breath & Bets

My father-in-law has no filter. On my wedding day, during our dinner, I overheard him say, "We'll see how long this lasts". He is also super inconsiderate with other people's time and is constantly hypocritical. I'm not a big fan of his. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, is great and I love her to pieces. I don’t know what she sees in him.


15. Day One Debt

woman with black hair smilingPhoto by engin akyurt on Unsplash

My brother’s ex-wife has always caused drama. Before they got their own house they moved in with our family. We have a large age gap so when she moved in I was a teenager. My mom had no problem with me bringing friends back to our house as long as we kept the noise down. My sister-in-law completely took advantage of this, sending my brother down to yell at us when no one else complained.

It made my brother so uncomfortable he would try to leave the house if I had friends over to avoid an argument. One time, he came downstairs to tell us we were being too loud, and my mom overheard. She was in disbelief and blew up. She shouted at my brother before going upstairs and giving my sister-in-law a piece of her mind.

My sister-in-law moved out for a bit but came back eventually and made sure that my brother spent all his time and attention on her. She makes him pay for trips to New York and England because she needs tattoos from Instagram famous artists. We barely hear or see my brother anymore because she’s still holding a grudge from that one night years ago.

In the previous year when they couldn’t travel and had to stay home, she found out how bad my brother’s debt was from funding their lifestyle and she left him. My brother was so embarrassed we didn’t find out for weeks. Even though she left him to pay off everything, the future is bright and we can’t wait to forget she was ever in our lives.


16. Spectrum Of Love

I helped my husband and mother-in-law realize they were on the autism spectrum. As someone on the spectrum who also has ADHD, I’m still the awkward daughter-in-law who has no clue how to connect with people. She accepts me and she’s more of a mum than I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful but I don’t know how to tell her!


17. Supporting Their Granddaughter

I'm the horrible daughter-in-law. One of our kids asked to change pronouns and begin living as a girl, which we fully supported. It wasn't a surprise to us, we've seen it coming for a long time, and had gone so far as to let some family members know that it seemed like our child was on that path. Well, my father-in-law told my husband that I was forcing our child to do this since "I hate men".

We decided that our children would no longer be going to their house unsupervised because we weren't going to subject them to that attitude. Then Covid hit which meant they couldn't see the kids at all. Mother-in-law threw a fit about how unfair all of this was to her. They've both decided I hate them. I have very little sympathy for the corner they've backed themselves into.


18. Presents From Mom

person showing brown gift boxPhoto by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

My sister-in-law hasn't worked in ten years, while my brother works sixty hours a week. Even though she gets an allowance for being a stay-at-home mom, she spends it frivolously. My brother went years without a birthday/Christmas/fathers day card or gift from her. My mom used to come down for weeks at a time whenever my sister-in-law was under the weather.

Last year, my mom bought my brother a big, expensive, birthday present. He's worth it, we always try and remind him what he's worth. Well, my sister-in-law threw a temper tantrum. Mum looked her point-blank in the face and said, "You want to argue with me because I treat your husband better than you?"


19. Three Sides To Every Story

From my previous mother-in-law, I’m the villain daughter-in-law, and she's not wrong. My ex-husband only told half of the story. When we first started dating, he lied and said I got mad and broke up with him because he had a female friend. He also said I said if he wants to get back together, he could never see his friend again.

The problem is he was going out until the early hours of the morning with his friend, forgetting about me completely or the plans we had. I chose to end things, and then he begged for me to take him back. At the time I told him he lacks boundaries and I don't think this will work. He offered to stop seeing his friend which I didn’t need or want.

Throughout our marriage, anytime we had a disagreement he'd go to her with his half-truths and she'd eat them up. So to her, I was controlling, evil, and manipulative. He told me she didn’t like me and she treated me horribly because of what he was telling her. I could never understand what I had done wrong but eventually stopped trying.


20. Sparkle & Shine

My first mother-in-law was over the top. She lived five minutes from our apartment, and she came to clean five days a week. She was always telling me to clean more, or how to clean better. All our conversations were about cleaning. She would come over unannounced on my days off when I was laying in bed, and yell at me for being lazy. It was exhausting.

While I was trying to fall back asleep she would tell me what and how she was cleaning, screaming advice from the other rooms. Before I moved in with my ex-husband I cleaned my house three times a week. I left home at fourteen years old and valued my own space. When we moved in together he was twenty-seven and I was twenty-four.

Eventually, I had enough and couldn’t live with it anymore. I was tired of feeling lazy because he wouldn't stand up to his mother. When we broke up, she texted me and asked why I broke up with him. I told her in a kind manner that I thought he had a lot of growing up to do, and that it would be helpful if she would let him do this on his own!


21. Generational Curse

blue and white wooden house surrounded by green trees during night timePhoto by Stephen Ellis on Unsplash

I am writing this on behalf of my grandmother. Unfortunately, my uncle and his wife constantly take from her. My grandparents gave my uncle and his wife everything. They lived on the farm that my grandpa grew up on. My grandparents moved into the ranch next door that my great-grandparents built, and my aunt and uncle moved into the farmhouse.

My grandparents owned it all up until my grandpa passed and my uncle convinced my grieving grandma to sign it away to him. He and my aunt auctioned off the farm equipment before my grandpa’s body was even cold, and now they lock up all the sheds and garages. My grandma needs to ask permission now for anything on her property.

When I visit my grandma, I hear the outside basement door creak open and I know it’s my aunt sneaking downstairs to go look for something. My grandma can’t hear that door from the living room so my aunt takes advantage to go unseen. My mom and the rest of my aunts even bought my grandma a fridge and freezer with a lock on it because her food would go missing.


22. Call Me By Your Name

I have three daughters so I have three sons-in-law. I don’t like my middle daughter’s husband but I have a pretty funny story about him. My husband and I own a construction company and had hired him to help us. We were working on remodeling a 1922 house. I had surgery on my right foot so I couldn't drive, but was getting driven around by my daughters or husband.

One day, my sister drove me over to the construction site and my middle son-in-law was there. I accidentally left my cellphone at the site. In my cell, I have my husband saved as his pet name which is Mr. Snowflake. I tried calling my cell to find it but my son-in-law sees Mr. Snowflake on the caller display & goes home to tell my daughter that he thinks that I am having an affair.

My daughter thought it was hilarious and asked him if he was serious. She told him there was no way I was capable of having an affair. The next day hubby and I go back over to the site and I see my cellphone. I am so relieved and call my husband his pet name in front of my daughter and son-in-law, who starts laughing. He then tells us his suspicions and now refers to me as Mrs. Snow.


23. Set The Bar Low

My boyfriends’ sister-in-law sets the bar low for anyone else joining the family. She was already needy before the wedding two years ago, but her insecurities ramped up after the ceremony. They just fight constantly because she says he must be having an affair and he works too much. Meanwhile, he’s only working overtime because she refuses to get a job.

She’s done everything she can to catch him in the act, including calling his parents in the middle of the night screaming about being abandoned, and one time barging into his parents’ house accusing them of hiding him and his mistress. With the pandemic last year he was laid off and now he’s home all the time. Now she’s mad because he’s home too much!


24. Family Values

woman in black scoop neck shirtPhoto by TRAVIS NESBITT on Unsplash

I have two brothers, and unfortunately, they share the same terrible taste in women. My younger brother met his current fiance while she was dating our older brother. The relationship was horrible from the beginning but continues to get worse every year. In the beginning, she would spread rumors at family gatherings or make a big deal to get invited and then not show up.

She finally chose which brother she wanted to date full time, but doesn’t trust him because of how their relationship started. So she’ll play power games to see if he will always choose her. She’s organized a family dinner in a restaurant and then called after we’ve been waiting that they weren’t coming. She’s canceled weekend trips after they were booked and non-refundable.

While my sister was in university they tried to guilt her into cat-sitting for them every weekend and called her selfish for saying no. Then she jacked up the crazy to 11. She asked my sister to choose between them and our parents, telling her she couldn’t speak to one anymore. She brought it up in a group situation and my sister-in-law made a huge scene.

When our grandmother passed they sulked because my brother didn’t “get enough” from her will. Then they decided to move over 200 miles away from our parents and then got angry that no one helped them move or decorate. My father broke his leg right before they moved and they accused him of doing it on purpose to avoid them.

At one point they had a dog that bit me, my partner, and my dad on various occasions. They refused to train it or engage in any kind of dog lessons. They decided instead to tell the family not to come over to their house or our parents’ house if they were there as they wouldn’t be able to relax. They've given the dog away now.

When they got engaged, they didn't invite my stepdaughters to the wedding, just my partner, our daughter, and myself. They said my stepdaughters "aren't really their family"—then couldn't understand why our family declined their invitation to go to their destination wedding. It was scheduled for summer 2020, so we’re still not sure if it happened or not.


25. Mother-In-Law Guidelines

My mother-in-law has not met her six-month-old granddaughter yet because she refuses to listen. Every time we schedule a visit she seems to want to push her agenda on us. My husband is the only child currently with a grandchild, so her excitement is understandable, but we are holding firm. This was happening during the pandemic, and we were stressed about our families’ health.

The first time she tried to schedule a visit was right after I had delivered. We said we’re not comfortable with visitors. She said she would follow CDC guidelines and that she will come over after two weeks of quarantine and a negative COVID test. We still said no and she wanted to know if my family was allowed to visit or if we were targeting only her.

She calls again and my husband told her we would be comfortable with her visiting in a month. She said a month was too long and set a date for three weeks. Then she planned what time she would be there without asking about our newborn schedule. She called back later to tell us she would be wearing a mask and gloves. The visit came and went. Unfortunately, the nightmare wasn't over.

The next visit was scheduled for when they get their COVID shots. We schedule a date to go to their house and then she ends up being scheduled to work while we were there. I asked my husband if we should reschedule and he said his dad will take care of any attitude and we’re still going. She calls to schedule another visit for a month later.

She calls my husband and says she can come down on a day I was at work since I seem to be the one that is preventing her from seeing her granddaughter and “she doesn’t need to see me she just wants to see her granddaughter and son". My husband told her that was not a good idea as I was not home so she will have to wait.

She texts him the next day and says the visit is too far away, can we make it earlier? My husband asks me if that is ok and I told him I have too many things on my schedule at the time. He tells her this and his dad calls the next day to ask what we were so busy with that we can’t carve out the time to let them see their granddaughter.

His dad also says that they would like to sit down and discuss their lack of visitation. They were under the impression that as grandparents they could come over whenever they wanted and are upset with constantly being told no. I told my husband we are canceling the next visit because I feel like it will be an ambush of their agenda.

My father-in-law told my husband that he should be trying to make his mother happy, but my husband said he was going to continue making his wife happy. We told them we will not set any future visit dates until we are comfortable. He was stressed about the strain this would put on their relationship, but he is standing by my side. We have listened to them all of our marriage and I am done now that daughter is born.


26. Chef’s Kiss

I’m learning the hard way not to mix business with family. After my wife and I took a year-long honeymoon in Taiwan we came home to help take care of her grandmother. While we were away my father-in-law was pleading with us to come home because he couldn’t handle the task. As soon as we started helping he disappeared entirely.

Fast forward 6 months and he adamantly starts pursuing buying and opening a restaurant. My wife and I have both been chefs for over a decade and each had dreams to own a restaurant. This felt like an amazing opportunity, and we found a place that's a potential gold mine after a full remodel. After a month of swinging a sledgehammer, he starts treating me differently.

Little things at first but it eventually develops into him insinuating I don’t have the ability to work in his restaurant. When he said that, I told him I disagreed and he scoffed at me. Then he decided I'm "out". Even though the four of us are in the licensing contract as equal partners, with bylaws that state that decisions must be unanimous.


27. Fridge Freeze-Out

silver French-door refrigeratorPhoto by nrd on Unsplash

My friend’s brother married a girl he met in college. They’re a happy couple and had a baby girl. His father passed so his mother moved in. At first, everyone got along but after a month, the daughter-in-law put a lock on the fridge and pantry doors and minimized the portion of food the mother-in-law ate. My friend removed her from the house but her brother never confronted his wife.


28. It All Started At The Wedding

I’m getting ready for my wedding and get a call from my stepmother asking about the caterer. My mother-in-law had worked with the company before so I called her for the answer. After we hung up, she stormed in and yelled at me, that I “shouldn’t be worrying about stuff like that!!” Then during photos with parents when I motioned for my stepmother to join, I was told, “No, just your real parents".


29. Mother-In-Law Hide’N Seek

My sister has the worst mother-in-law. She refuses to talk to our mother because she is divorced. When our mom enters the room, mother-in-law leaves. After a while it just got ridiculous and mom would enter a room just for fun. No one feels strongly enough to put their foot down and stop the game.


30. Spouse Tourism

man taking selfie wearing white dress shirtPhoto by Samanta Barba Alcalá on Unsplash

The first time I met my in-laws, who live in a different country, I incidentally became blind and paralyzed. Turned out I had a disease called NMO, similar to multiple sclerosis. We lived with them for three years before my father-in-law let it all out. It honestly broke my heart. He thought my illness was too timely and that I was scamming insurance for medical tourism.

He also thought I was taking advantage of his daughter for money since I was newly disabled. I was shocked and hurt because I looked up to him. I wasn’t close with my dad growing up and was excited for a close male role model. My mother-in-law visibly disliked me from the start. Learning her language made her begrudgingly respect me but they don’t call more than strictly necessary.


31. Spray The Love Away

When we were engaged, my future mother-in-law used to go around the house and spray a can of pesticide on every bug she saw. This gave me panic attacks because it felt like I couldn't breathe in between all the pesticide fumes. When that happened I would retreat to a space I felt safe. This happened even though I kept telling her I can't breathe and to please stop.

One day my fiance came to check on me and I told him what bothered me. Future mother-in-law overheard and started crying. She accused me of being jealous of her relationship with her son, and that I wanted to split them up. The argument broke off our engagement. We are still together but will probably never get married.


32. Secret Spatula Storage

I wish my mother-in-law would stay out of my kitchen. Every time she comes over she rearranges it to her liking. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t completely clueless on how to organize a kitchen. She also cooks solely with a fork and has ruined countless nonstick frying pans to the point I hide them when she visits.


33. Electric Connection

five electric meters on wallPhoto by ABDURREHMAN on Unsplash

My in-laws love telling me what to do with our money when they are in so much debt and won't take any advice themselves. I’ve been working since I was fifteen and consider my frugal skills top-notch. I suggested they should switch electric companies since they are paying almost five cents more per kWh, or $1,200 more a year.


34. Only The RSVP Is Free

My mother-in-law constantly tries to plan family vacations that require me to waste my time and money to attend. Without asking, she'll reserve hotel rooms six months in advance and then tell us she planned a week-long vacation for everyone. If we protest, she immediately guilts us with "but I already booked the rooms".


35. For The Love Of Odin

My in-laws walk into our house when they arrive without knocking, especially when they didn't tell us what time they were coming over. Obviously, this has led to some...awkward situations. We’ve been in the middle of intimacy when my father-in-law announces his arrival. It’s been a mad dash to get dressed and completely unnecessary. Knock, for the love of Odin. It's not that hard to be polite.


36. Got Room For One More?

woman in purple crew-neck topPhoto by Curology on Unsplash

One morning, my mother-in-law shows up at our door. "I am tired of taking care of myself so I am moving in with my son". My husband was at work so I responded, "Half this house is mine. I don’t think so". Cue massive temper tantrums and husband having to leave work for the day. The authorities helped us explain you cannot just show up at anyone's door and expect to move in.


37. One Great Husband—Two Terrible Parents

My mother-in-law knows exactly how to get under my skin. She is condescending. She's rude. She called my daughter the name she wanted us to name her for several months until I finally snapped at my husband to sort her out. My father-in-law is absent at best. He’s been divorced from her since my husband was a baby and we only met at the wedding.


38. With This Will I Thee Wed

My father-in-law passed this summer, which prompted the family to take out the will for my mother-in-law to get it redone. It was also a nice chance for the family to get together. The will had been the same for thirty years. Due to the large age gap between siblings, my husband’s oldest sister had a six-year-old when he was born.

My mother-in-law looked at her daughter and said, “It says you should get custody of your brother. Do you want me to change that or leave that part in?” After a comical debate, a consensus was reached. No one wanted the responsibility. I was informed that he is now my legal responsibility. Fingers crossed we don’t get a divorce.


39. Life Un-Filtered

woman riding on the car holding smartphone taking a picturePhoto by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

My mother-in-law is lovely but her one bad habit is taking unflattering pictures of people and posting them on her Facebook. She doesn’t ask if she can post them and she doesn’t tag you. She’ll also go through your old Facebook albums, download them, and use them to create collages which she’ll post randomly with a caption like “look at my beautiful daughter-in-law!”


40. The Future Is Bland

My future mother-in-law believes in a lot of trendy homeopathic cures and tends to repeat herself incessantly during meals. My future father-in-law loves to micromanage and state the obvious. His worst feature is his cooking. His steak goes from the freezer straight into boiling water until it reaches a hockey puck texture, and it is then slathered with ketchup.


41. What Are The Facts?

My in-laws are very into conspiracy theories. They study everything from anti-mask to anti-vax, the earth being flat, and anything else. They shove their beliefs down our throats anytime we visit, even though my husband and I have clearly told them we aren't interested. We ignore all of their messages directing us to website proof and re-routing most conversations.


42. Everyone’s Got One

selective focus photography of baby holding wooden cubePhoto by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

My mother-in-law is beyond opinionated. I used to ignore it, but now with our son, it’s beyond irritating. I’ll explode on my husband constantly just so I don’t explode at her. I’m never feeding him enough or dressing him for the weather correctly. My sister-in-law just had a baby and she’s hearing the same critiques. The difference is she can talk back, while I can’t.


43. Wholesome Hug

My husband and his mom had a strained relationship due to politics, which impacted our marriage in the beginning. Everything changed a little over a year ago when I got into legal trouble and my husband called his mom to watch our kids. At the time, I was angry he didn’t call my mom but I had already caused enough trouble and didn’t want to argue.

I’ll never forget coming home at 4 am feeling so embarrassed and overwhelmed and she was there, arms wide open to accept and comfort me. This diminutive church-going Southern mama grabbed me and held me for what seemed like an eternity, but in a good way. We may not agree on most things, but I’ll never forget how loved she made me feel at my lowest, without judgment or pretense.


44. Sugar Is Sweet

Overall, I've got it pretty good, and my mother-in-law is sweet and well-meaning. However, we recently took her in after a bad car accident. She's healing well and only using the walker some of the time, but she'll never be strong enough to go back to her old home. We’ve made all the necessary adaptions and are prepared to have her live with us long-term.

What gets under my skin is her diet. My family is 80% vegetarian and loves half the meal to be lightly cooked or raw vegetables. My kids are adventurous eaters that love a wide variety of spices from all over the world. We have dessert once or twice a week, usually to celebrate something special,l and don't keep juice or soda in the house.

We planted a massive garden to eat real, organic food. Unfortunately, she believes everything is healthier if it's boiled due to living during WWII. Now my kitchen has white bread and soda in the fridge. At my son's birthday, we all had ice cream cake, and she went inside and ate half a jelly donut. I can’t believe how long she’s lived eating this way.


45. Father Knows Best

man in blue button up shirtPhoto by engin akyurt on Unsplash

It’s petty, but my soon-to-be father-in-law always knows best. He's right more often than not but it can be super irritating when I'm in the middle of doing something and he comes in unannounced, "You should be doing it this way instead!” I wish he was wrong more but otherwise, I love my in-laws and genuinely enjoy hanging out with them.


46. Let Me Count The Ways

Both of my in-laws have serious flaws. My father-in-law is in denial about how much he drinks and hides it when possible. He also genuinely believes that the government wants to spy on him and is horrible with money. When he was about to lose his house, we drove ten hours in a moving truck and did all the work for his house to be sold.

We then drove ten hours back and he lived with us for three months. That's when his secret came out. His habit started in the morning, which meant I got yelled at in the morning. He was supposed to stay for a year but I was seven months pregnant and the stress became unbearable. We found him a new place to live, and he is banned from our property.

My mother-in-law is wild and manipulative. When we were planning our wedding, I asked her to help plan the decorative details and she refused. The day before the ceremony and she’s walking around and tearing things down because we hadn’t done it right. My mom also caught her stuffing her purse with all the gift bag items in the bathroom.

Even though we asked for no wedding photos to be posted on social media, she did, with full public settings. She thought she was being helpful and found every single person online to tag them in her album. She threw an epic tantrum when we asked her to take it down and didn’t speak to us for weeks. Now she messages us too much scheduling time with her new grandchild.

Last month, she called us six times to update us on restrictions and give us a timeline plus itinerary for her future planned visit. We still haven’t agreed to this and are waiting to see what happens. Her husband is a great guy, but an awkward conversationalist. He’s a super-smart man but can be very particular, and sometimes I compare him to Sheldon Cooper.

However, the worse of the bunch by a mile is my sister-in-law. She is shallow, entitled, and snarky. She was furious after our child was born. She was enraged because people didn't hold the door for her anymore like they did when she was pregnant. This lasted for a few years. She was also annoyed that she no longer got to use the "pregnant or new mother" parking spots at the local mall.

She became hyper passive aggressive when she realized she no longer had the only grandchild. Personal favorite moment was when she got super offended and blocked her mom for three months because she didn't want to quit her job and become her full-time nanny. Apparently, her mom should have been honored by the request!


47. Daughter-In-Law-Disguise

I wish my son never met her. We lived on the other side of the country from them so we didn't have many visits but managed one or two a year. When we visited, the house was clean, the kids were cared for, and our daughter-in-law was fun to be around. However, once we left, life went back to "normal" for my son and grandkids.

She would say she was going to the store and would not come home for a few days. She did not clean, or cook. My son traveled for business and when he was gone she had many visitors in the house. He would come home to a trashed house, trashed car, trashed everything. She would put the kids to bed, then leave to party.

She kept the two oldest kids home from school when he traveled since she was too busy sleeping from partying all night to take them to school. As he was making plans to leave her and take the kids, our worst nightmare happened. She fatally injured the youngest child and is now awaiting trial. We had no idea how bad it was until it was too late.


48. Powerpoint Perfectionist

pen near black lined paper and eyeglassesPhoto by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

This is my sister’s experience after living with our brother and his wife. Our sister-in-law has a very particular way of doing things. She told my sister to not do any cleaning because of her schedule and approach. My sister felt guilty for not helping but listened to our sister-in-law. Lo and behold, she gets upset that my sister is messy. My sister was confused—but it was about to get so much worse.

Sister-in-law made a PowerPoint presentation on everything my sister did wrong. These presentations would range from twenty minutes to an hour. When my sister did help, she was told she was doing it wrong and to stop. Now that she had stopped, she was getting in trouble for not helping. It was a lose-lose situation and my sister sat through multiple presentations while living there.


49. On The Road To Recovery

In our marriage, I’m incredibly lucky because my partner’s family has welcomed me with open arms. Unfortunately, my family is from rural Alabama, southern baptists, and stuck in their ways. The first question my grandparents asked when we started dating “Is he Catholic?” because they loathe catholicism. They also had choice words on his skin color.

Their exact quote on if his skin color wasn’t right, they would have “been very sad and couldn’t allow that in the family". The environment growing up wasn’t great and I have similar mental health issues from my parents. The first time my partner met my parents it ended with yelling and tears. I always feel guilty because I kept my family away from him while his is so welcoming.

I hope they don’t think I avoid contact frequently because I dislike them. I try to message them daily and let them know I appreciate things that they do for us. I know they wish we saw each other more often. I’m trying to be better about it but first and foremost I have to work on being the best human I can be, before wife and daughter-in-law.


50. Two For The Price Of One

This is a story about my brother's ex-wife. She did many terrible things during their marriage including instigating a fight with him over the phone, recording him getting mad, and then reporting him to the local authorities. At the end of the marriage, she stopped making payments on their house, and eventually, it was repossessed. They finally got divorced—but what she did next was the worst of all.

We were all shocked to learn she began dating our younger brother. They lasted for two years and we found out she would have secret dates at my mom’s house. Our brother told us after they broke up that she began giving him attention as young as sixteen years old. Our whole family is disgusted with her.