Wedding Industry Professionals Break Down How They Knew A Couple Was Destined For Divorce
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The photographers, DJs, officiates, and planners of the wedding industry hold a unique perspective.

They get to witness the lead-up to the couple's important, deeply symbolic day. Sitting at the table in that context offers those industry professionals a glimpse of the mundane dynamics of couples before the big event.

And sometimes, those minutiae present some serious red flags for the future of that relationship after the vows are exchanged, the decorations stowed away, and life goes on.

Lucky for us, some of those industry professionals use Reddit, and they shared the sauciest tales from the world of ominous weddings.

Justhearmeoit asked, "People that work in the wedding industry, have you ever seen a couple and immediately thought 'this ends in divorce?' Why?"

Some people chose to share about the times when the problems of the relationship weren't subtle at all. They talked about full on arguments and fights that occurred.

Needless to say, it was clear to these professionals where things were headed for the couple.

Same-Day Annulment Service?

"They had a big fight the night before the wedding and were considering calling it off. Until the bride showed up 30 minutes before the ceremony, no one was sure if she would be there at all.

"The groom danced with his MOM more times than he did with the bride. The bride was snippy and nitpicky with the staff all night."

"The word 'annulment' was cast around and I hope to god they went through with it the next day because holy sh**."

-- pm_me_your_molars

Damn the Torpedoes, Going Through With it Anyway 

"I work and in a hotel. I came in one night to find the wedding was already wrapped up (it was supposed to go until 1 AM and it was 11 PM) because the wedding couple had a fight and she went home with mom."

"At another one they had a huge rehearsal dinner fight which spilled out into the lobby."

"Everyone in the lobby found out that she hated his parents, she was pregnant and she had no idea who the father was, and a few other things. Half the guest list packed up and checked out the next day."

"They still got married."

-- mesembryanthemum

Zero Investment, Just Another Workday 

"I used to work at a popular wedding venue. Bride and groom came in the day before for rehearsal, checked the decorations, and played a sweet video of the couple, standard wedding bullsh**."

"Next day, bride and groom arrived fighting the entire time until reception where the groom proceeded to drink himself blind before speeches and had to be carried out, didn't even get to play that video."

"It was the best shift ever, got to go home early and take home a bunch of food already paid for."

-- ihatepeasoup

In a few cases, the couple itself actually seemed quite strong and loving. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing that matters.

Marriage unites entire families, for better or worse.

Water and Oil 

"A few times as a photographer. The couple were usually fine, the families themselves were too different and combative." -- AnchorBuddy

"Oh my god yes. My and my fiance would be married by now if the idea of our families actually meeting wasn't absolutely horrifying." -- elkwaffle

Horrible Moment to Bring That Up For First Time 

"When the bride and groom argued over why the groom's mother shouldn't get all money given to them on their wedding day. Ya that was a red flag." -- JoeEIRE

"Hahaha my ex tried to convince me to let his mum take the money that night and we'd collect it the next afternoon when we got back from our hotel stay. Fat chance I'd let the extreme gamblers hold on to that much cash." -- chanzii

Love is Earned 

"I've been the DJ at a few hundred weddings. There was drama at most of them in some way. One in particular broke out into an old school saloon style fight like in the old 'Western' movies."

"I'm pretty sure that one didn't last."

-- Birdapotamus

Familial Omens 

"Was at a friend's wedding once, it was at the justice of the peace, when the judge or officiant came around to if anyone doesn't believe in the union to speak up or forever hold your peace, a loud 'UH-OH' came shrieking from the back."

"It was my friends 2 Year old son, everybody was joking saying it was a sign. Less than a year later the couple got divorced."

-- SamLJacksonNarrator

And finally, sometimes a lack of commitment and fidelity is screaming from the face--or even lips--of the bride or groom. In word and action, some people play with fire on the wedding day, and show their cards.

I suppose it is better to know that earlier than later.

Ogling in the Wrong Direction 

"Photographing the groom and you see his eyes light up when a guest arrives."

"You look over and it's a cute woman in a short dress. He smiles, walks up to the woman, picks her up and swings her in his arms."

"Best smile I captured of the groom all day. Marriage didn't last 6 months from what I've heard."

-- Twitfried

So Everyone's Up to Speed 

"I worked fine dining/catering for over 20 years so Iʻve worked lots of weddings and receptions."

I once heard a bride at the reception during the toasts say that she actually thought she was asking out the grooms twin brother on their first date and that might actually be cute except she ...just kept going on."

"How the twin was more compatible, etc. then she ended the toast with ' nice as you are youʻll make a great first husband.' "

"I was walking past the camera man at that time and you can hear me on tape saying 'did you get that? Tell me you got that.' "

-- Scoobymaybe

Yup, That'll Do It 

"I work for a catering company..."

"I knew they were going to get a divorce as soon as the bride started grinding on the best man when the groom was puking his guts out in the corner."

-- shallotthot

Of course, it would be wonderful to feel assured that all weddings go off without a hitch and lead to a long term, loving relationship.

But let's be honest, that's not reality. Sometimes the event is a calamity. Apparently, sometimes the partnership itself is a calamity.

And this is the internet, so those are the stories people love to talk about.

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