I tend to avoid public bathrooms if I can help it. They are terrible places. Few are clean and I admit I am a bit of a clean freak. My beautiful bottom will not grace a dirty toilet seat, no thank you. I have standards.

I'm being only sort of serious. I've been in a pinch before. But have you ever seen a gas station bathroom that was utterly destroyed by the patron (or patrons) before you? It's a horrible sight. 0/10: Do not recommend.

Naturally, some crazy things happen in your local public restroom. We heard some stories after Redditor RuffNBoy asked the online community,

"What is the wackiest thing you've seen in a public restroom?"

"At the theater I work at..."

"At the theater I work at I was cleaning the mens restroom and in one of the stalls was an open condom wrapper, a tiny empty bottle of the nacho cheddar seasoning we sell, and the seasoning scattered near the corner on the floor. Bethesda wishes they had environmental storytelling like that."


Do I really want to know what went on there? I honestly don't think so.

"I used to be..."

"I used to be a hotel maid. Cleaning one room I found two things in the bathroom garbage can: a used condom and a whole pickle."


"I was taking a dump..."

"I was taking a dump at a movie theater and a little kid climbed under the stall and grabbed my foot. I screamed and kicked that kid so hard right in the face just out of sheer instinct. He cried. His dad said, "That's what you get Gavin."


Gavin is at it again and this time he faced some consequences.

"I walked in..."

"I walked in and my eyes were immediately assaulted by a fully naked man running a stick of deodorant up and down his crack."


Wow... what a terrible day to be able to read.

"Not only did this bathroom..."

"Gas station bathroom in the middle of nowhere. Not only did this bathroom have a bathtub (?) but there was a fully dressed and made up mannequin in the tub. Very jarring."


This sounds surreal... and honestly rather creepy.

"I once stopped..."

"I once stopped at a gas station on a road trip and the bathroom was full of dolls…. Staring with their little painted eyes…."



Their creepy and unsettling eyes!

"Two women..."

"Two people were having sex in the handicapped stall. I was seven."


So something tells me you learned about the birds and the bees rather early.

"A clogged urinal..."

"A clogged urinal filled to the brim, with an anaconda sized turd spiral floating in it, in hypnotic circles. How a turd that size could be buoyant I have no idea."


This is quite the sentence. I don't think I needed it in my eyeballs, but it's too late now.

"I was in a Berlin dive bar..."

"Olives. I was in a Berlin dive bar with some friends. In the bathroom, there was a vending machine, stocked with tinned tapas. So I came back from the bathroom with a can of olives. When asked where I got them I just replied "bathroom.""


This is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying. I can only imagine the looks on your friends' faces...

Okay, so now you understand why I can't abide public restrooms. If you're smart, you'll run for the hills the next time you're in the proximity of one. Things can only go downhill from there. (Am I being serious? Maybe... maybe not.)

Have some stories of your own to share? Tell us more in the comments below!

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