The internet is an awfully big place, and there's a pretty good chance that there are some really useful parts of it you've never seen before.

Redditor DrDoofusDuck asked:

"What’s an extremely useful website most people probably don’t know about?"

Share Big Files

"can create a downloadable link to any file up to 2gb. super handy!​"


"If you can get your recipient to join Telegram, that has no file size nor capacity limit at all (just a message cap equivalent to 100,000 files, I think)."


Find A Place From A Photo

"For when you have a picture of a place and want to find out where it is (and reverse image search doesn't help)."


​What's That Word Again?

"It's a reverse dictionary. For when you can describe the thing but can't remember what it's called (and if you search 'The inability to remember a word' you'll find the name for the struggle, 'lethologica')"

"Edited to add: There are options that let you narrow down the part of speech you want, but it does take a little practice to understand how to the program understands search inquiries. You have to format your description like a definition you would read in a book."

"i.e. 'can't remember a word' will give you a lot of answers that aren't quite right, but 'The inability to remember a word' ticks the right boxes for the search function."


"I had a car accident a few years ago and I have a tendency to forget certain words. My most memorable one was when I called a mirror the windshield in the bathroom (this site had mirror as (#94). The most recent one was "paint like stuff that you put on the walls, but it's made of paper." #1 answer was wallpaper, which is what I couldn't remember, despite using the components of the word in my explanation."

"For reference, my wife asked me to pick up some stuff from CVS and I told her I got everything plus some wallpaper, meaning the receipt. Except I told her what I put in as the search term. It was an easy riddle for her, since she's used to me."


"To be fair, you could wallpaper a room with a CVS receipt."


Too Long; Didn't Read

"Terms of Service, Didn't Read: It basically summarises the terms and conditions for most websites and ranks them on privacy."


"ToS make no sense. If everyone were responsible and read every ToS for every product they use, it would consume their life. Businesses have to rely on consumers not reading ToS to sell product, then get to be all 'oh that's your fault it. It's mentioned in the ToS.'"

"There are careers dedicated to writing and understanding ToS / contracts. But somehow it's every person's responsibility to be familiar with the Tos for every product they use. It makes no sense."


What Can I Cook?

"helps you figure out dinner based on what you already have in the house."

"There's also http://www.whatthef*"


"As someone who cooks as a hobby I have to admit I clicked on the link with a snooty attitude thinking 'who can't figure this stuff out for themselves? Let's see what this is all about'. I got humbled pretty quickly, that is a great site. Thanks for the link."


No More Life Story With The Recipe​

"Just the recipe will remove the life story and ads and give you just the list of ingredients and method."

-Ocala again

"Thank you so much! I don’t need to know why you have a passion for the food I’m wanting to make. I don't need to know the story of the 1st time you had it. I just want the dang ingredients and how to make it."


Project Gutenberg Is Great

"Older books, sheet music, etc."


No More Good Poisoning

"tells you how long foods (both opened and unopened) last in the refrigerator."


​Make It Stick!

"What kind of glue you use to stick whatever to whatever.​"


No More Fake 'Sales'

"Paste the link to any amazon product and get the price history. Great to see if something is really on sale or if you are getting gouged."


It's super easy to just rely on the same websites all the time and never discover the wealth of useful sites and tools that exist to make your life easier.

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