I love pizza.

How in the world could someone NOT love pizza?!

Over the years people have gotten VERY creative with their toppings.

It's a whole new world when it comes to mixing flavors on the dough.

Though some of those choices may be a bit out there.

Why not take a chance?

Redditor MRF1982 wanted to discuss the best and worst of the pizza menu. They asked:

"What’s an unusually good pizza topping?"

I'm not very adventurous with my pizza toppings. But entice me...


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"I don't know about toppings but just wanted to say, re-heating left over pizza in my air fryer made the pizza 5x better than when it originally was. Some type of voodoo in those air fryers."


Spicy Touch

"Calabrian Chiles. A local place did Calabrian Chiles and Pepperoni which is now my single favorite topping combo."


A place I used to go in Chattanooga had them as a topping. My favorite was ordering it Detroit style and EVERY time the waitress, 'Do you know what Detroit style is….ok do you know what Calabrian chiles are? Ok.'"

"I asked the waitress if those come up as complaints often and she said, 'often enough we always ask those questions to avoid issues later…'"


"super pizza"

"Add some different cheese on top of frozen pizza, changes the game."


"I've been doing this since I was a kid. Any frozen pizza with added cheese/toppings becomes known as a 'super pizza' in my family."

"I'm a single dude and I like to grill at least once a week so I have some dank meat to use throughout the week for work lunches, ramen noodles, stir fry, and super pizzas. I buy cheese pizzas because they come with fancier cheese and then I add whatever I got grilled up (usually pork loin or chicken) and I add some extra cheese of my own just to make sure it's a true 'super pizza.'"


Hot Sweet Touch

"Spicy Honey."


"I had this one friend who dipped her pizza in honey back in high school, and we gave her so much crap for it. We thought she was so weird, none of us had ever heard of anyone doing that before and she kept trying to tell us that it was a thing other people did too, and we weren't buying it."

"It became such a big running thing that we would be out having a completely unrelated meal at like chipotle or some Chinese food place, and someone would break out a bottle of honey from nowhere and offer it to her, deadpan, then she'd go all red in the face and we'd burst out laughing."

"One time when we were older, she finally got a few of us to try it. The look of vindication on her face at that moment was legendary. The pizza almost tasted good enough to make up for the taste of having to eat all the crap we gave her over the years before that."



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"I had a pear, caramelized onion, and Gorgonzola pizza last night and it was AMAZING!"


Well those are some interesting options. Not sure if I'll try. But hey...



"Potatoes in thin slices."


"Love some loaded Baked Potato Pizza. Sour cream instead of pizza sauce topped with low moisture mozzarella, thin potato slices, bacon, green onions, and cheddar cheese. Our local place makes it."



"So I went to a local pizza spot, and tried a pizza with strawberries on it. It was spicy and sweet at the same time. Super weird but also super delicious."


"This is the first answer I’ve seen that seems remotely unusual. In that same vein, while vacationing in St. Augustine, I had an amazing popsicle flavored with strawberries and local hot peppers. Sweet, ice cold, late heat!"


"I had one with blueberries and goat cheese a few years back - it was really good!"



"Pesto base, roast or confit potato, blue cheese, rosemary."


"I just googled confit potato, thinking 'If this is just mashed potato with duck fat, Imma fight someone.' Only to learn that it is not. It is far more magical. Just when I thought potato had no more to offer the world."



"Really fresh arugula put on after the pizza comes out of the oven and drizzled with EVOO, salt and pepper. Makes any pizza a delight!"


"One of the best pizzas I ever had was arugula and figs. Still paled in comparison to the red baron I ate the first time I smoked. But yeah arugula is nice. I remember thinking 'Why is a salad on my pizza? Oh yeah I ordered it.' 9/10 would try again."


Special Topping

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"Roasted garlic. You don't think about wasting a topping on it but when you do, it makes the pizza taste absolutely amazing."


Some of those sound fantastic. Yum.

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