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Toppings That Should Never Go On A Pizza

Reddit user jray1126 asked: 'What is something that should never go on a pizza?'

Parsley sprigs and red berries next to cheese pizza
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Because there's so much variety, there are very few people in the world who do not enjoy pizza.

But unlike pineapple on pizza, which some people root for and some people hate, there are some ingredients that everyone can agree should absolutely never, ever get anywhere near a pizza.

Redditor jray1126 asked:

"What is something that should never go on pizza?"

No Ketchup

"I’ve mentioned this before, but I once had the displeasure of eating a pizza where they apparently decided to use ketchup instead of the usual marinara sauce. Worst pizza I have ever eaten in my life."

"Please never do this, people. Just because they are both red doesn’t mean you can substitute one for the other!"

- NelsonDLinkous

Never Even Real Cheese

"American cheese… I’m talking to you, Altoona, PA."

- revolutionoverdue

"Holy s**t, this explains so much. The worst pizza of my life came from a relatively small city in Pennsylvania, and it came with American cheese on it. They must have been going for this style..."

- Fangled_Astronaut_40

Opinion-Free Zone

"The weight of other people's opinions."

- Laurab2324

"I disagree with this opinion strongly!"

- circsensation

Inconvenient Olives

"Olives that still have the pit. Almost broke a tooth the first time I had pizza in Portugal where evidently putting whole olives on pizza, stones and all, is fairly common."

- HIteejMOP

Fair Enough

"Bones. I want my pizza boneless."

- DarkseidHS

The Most Divisive Comment

"Whoever says pineapple, come fight me."

- partypartyyeahh

"I sometimes think people say they hate it because the internet tells them to. It’s delicious on its own, with cheese, in burgers, on pizzas, on your mum, in salads, in wraps."

- javajuicejoe


"A second, smaller pizza."

- seanofkelley

"Why does that sound cool actually?"

- blepgobrrr

Extra Salty Pizza

"I recently tried anchovies on pizza… f**k that. You might as well just pile on a bunch of salt on your pizza."

- Borgalicious

The Story Behind This Combo...

"Kellogs Frosties."

- Frl_Bartchello

"Someone tried this, didn't they."

- joelsaturnip

Keyword: "Ex"

"My ex ate pizza with a fork and a knife and used ketchup. All around disturbing to watch."

- Classic_Ingenuity299


"Do NOT f**k with the sauce. That’s what makes pizza, pizza!"

"I’ll eat just about anything as a topping, so maybe I’m just deranged. But the sauce? Don’t f**k with the sauce."

"Barbecue is fine as long as it’s not some cheap s**t. But for the love of god, USE MARINARA SAUCE! NOT F**KING KETCHUP! this has happened to me far too many times."

- SW4G1N4T0R

Only Eligible for Speed-Eating

"As I actually learned today, burrata should not be included when it’s 38 degrees out. It literally tasted like milky pizza by the end and was almost unpalatable."

- Tough_Current_4302

"I have a feeling burrata would be better on like a cold veggie pizza. The kind where the crust gets baked but the toppings don’t."

- StarfishOfDoom

Sounds... Heavy

"Mashed potatoes. I know this first hand."

- heyjudemarie

"100% agree. Potatoes are amazing, but on pizza, it's gawdawful."

- Fun_Constant_6863

The Most Inclusive Food

"Trick question."

"Pizza is for everyone. Pizza believes in equality and equity. Pizza loves you and will accept you, regardless of whatever unique toppings you prefer."

"Unless you dip it in ranch dressing. F**k ranch dressing. Just admit you you don't like your pizza, and stop ruining perfectly good pizza with salty white goop."

- thenichem

While everyone's free to enjoy pizza however they wish, these seem like reasonable items to skip the next time you order a pizza, or it might ruin the whole vibe.

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How in the world could someone NOT love pizza?!

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