Annoyed People Share The Unspoken Rule They Wish Everyone Knew
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The thing about unspoken and unwritten rules is that sometimes people just flat out don't get the memo.

Reddit is here to change that.

Reddit user lofisky asked:

"What’s an unspoken rule that annoys you when people don’t know about it?"

I'm not here to judge why people might not know these rules or whether their reasoning makes any sense - or even if I agree with everything Reddit had to say.

My job is just to let you know that if you're out here doing these things, Reddit probably thinks you're super annoying.

Do with that information what you will. Hopefully, the thing y'all do is start letting people get OFF the elevator/bus/train/thing before you try to squeeze on.


Getting Off

House Rules Fart GIF by Channel 7 Giphy

"Let people get off the bus before you get on the bus."

- HealthyInPublic

"Same with elevators/lifts."

- pwnicholson

"It's not just being nice. It's literally physics."

"First you need to vacate the space you want to start occupying."

- peepay

"My local hospital started paying people to direct people on elevator etiquette."

"The person makes you stand behind a line until the elevator is clear. The most amazing part is people still try to go against it. The last time I was there a lady budged in front of my kid who is on crutches."

- jn29

Pool Party?

"I am currently sitting at the pool at a resort."

"There is a group who decided to bring their own, rather large, portable speaker to blast music. Don’t do this."

- lincolnfalcon

"Had this in Ibiza last year at a hotel that already played music at a reasonable volume by the pool."

"Someone turned up with a tinny little speaker playing some mix he made on his little DJ setup in his bedroom at his mum’s miserable house in a crappy town in some horrible part of England."

"Don’t know if he was trying to promote himself out there or something, but we all would’ve preferred him to have just f*cked off though."

- LuxuryMustard

"I was by a pool and this girl next to me kept playing this pop song and trying to lip sync to it for a selfie video, she would then watch it and restart it to try and get a better shot."

"It was driving me nuts so I put 'I'll Go Until My Heart Stops' by 36 Crazyfists on full blast. Naturally she stopped; and then her and her friends looked at me like I was the complete crazy one here."

- samjmpage

Sharing Fairly

"When sharing food with the table, you eat your fair share."

"If there’s 4 people and 4 pieces, you don’t eat one and a half pieces or the whole plate, you eat once piece. That's fair. It's called a 'fair share' for a reason."

- Bellabunsxo

"This goes for everything! Notice how much stuff there is to go around and don't use more than your fair share without asking!"

"If you live in a house with 2 other people, and there's 3 towel hooks in the bathroom, you get to use ONE of them."

"If you share a kitchen cabinet with one roommate, your groceries shouldn't occupy more than half the space."

"If your friend cooked you dinner last night, cook them dinner another night!"

"Notice how much you take and don't take more than you give!"

- T-Flexercise

"Add to this. If its 4 pieces of X and 4 pieces of Y. You eat 1 X and 1 Y."

- theultimateThor

Happiness Hater

Cracking Up Reaction GIF Giphy

"Making fun of someone laughter or smile."

"I mean making fun of someone is already bad. But.. someone happiness expression??"

- Redfoxaa

"I remember a few years ago I was living with roommates and I unexpectedly had the day off work and was in my bedroom."

"My 2 roommates had thought I was not home and were gossiping about people and casually mentioned how annoying my laugh was to one another."

"To this day I am super self concours about my laugh and is one of the meanest things someone has ever said about me. Really hurt my feelings and was just such a random thing to gossip about."

- AffectionateDealer3

"My ex-husband used to do this. He'd say I have rabbit teeth and occasionally grab them in what he passed off as a quirky, playful act of endearment."

"I rarely bare my teeth when smiling anyhow because as a child and teenager, prior to wearing a retainer, it was truly not a pretty sight. My teeth are actually quite alright after the correction, I've even received compliments on them, rabbit-ish as my ex claimed they are."

- Even-Sympathy5728

Handicapped Enough

"If someone is using a cane/walker/crutches, please move out of their way, and move your children out of the way."

"I have MS, and have balance issues. I don't walk that slowly with a cane, but can't tell you the number of times I've nearly been knocked down by a child."

"Also, don't harass those with handicapped tags, because we 'don't appear handicapped enough' for your standards."

- NO_Cheeto_in_Chief

"My mom actually breaks down crying after almost every store trip because EVERYONE ignores her. Its like she doesn’t exist."

"No one sees her, they cut her off ALL the f*cking time, they get annoyed because she's not going fast enough, they don't move when she's coming."

"She gets so upset that she's slowly not wanting to go anywhere - she just has a leg injury and is only 53 years old. The injury was already traumatic and people are just so rude!"

- HappyHappyUnbirthday


"Being an a-hole isn't 'just being honest' - that's an excuse to be cruel and you know it.”

- LEE-3314

" 'Brutally honest' usually just means brutal."

- nocatpicspls

"My first college roommate once told one of my friends 'You're fat and you can't be upset I said that cause it's the truth.' "

"She did awful things like that regularly to me and my friends. I made sure never to room with her again and she kept giving me apology jolly ranchers through mutual friends."

"Well, she made my very sweet bipolar friend lock himself in his room for 3 days with depression refusing to come out or eat."

"Actions have consequences. After she roomed with 4 other of my friends, they all came forward and apologized because they didn't realize just how awful she really could be at times."

- asad_potatoe

Respect The Circle

episode 8 hug GIF Giphy

"If you’re out with a group of friends standing in a circle, make sure to make space for everyone."

"Feeling like you’re not included cause you have to force your way into the circle is the worst feeling ever! Just be courteous & mindful of others."

- LeonardoDeFarto

"Standing on the outskirts of the circle sucks."

- sunsetskye_

"This exact situation causes me so much social anxiety it is crippling. I DETEST approaching groups, even groups of well-known and well-loved friends."

"I was taught to watch out for others, especially to make sure shorter people were included and could get to a position where they can see and hear, and weren't left staring at backs. I wish everyone showed this courtesy."

- TiffyVella


"I remember my brother was telling a story and my dad interrupted him to say, 'your voice is really nasally. You should try to speak more with your diaphragm and sound less annoying. Alright, continue.' "

"Needless to say my brother didn't finish the story."

"Don't offer 'feedback' that's really just an insult."

- Sunupu

"I've had a teacher in high school, point at me and loudly say, 'Look at how she laughs!' "

"Good thing she's just a substitute teacher as our usual, and far nicer, one is on maternity leave. She's a jerk, trying to be the cool bad b*tch that's brutally honest with 'feedback,' but ends up being plain rude and intolerable. And so much cringe."

- totallynicehedgehog

Shopping Showdowns

"Taking up the entire aisle at the grocery store. Don't take every member of the family and walk side by side."

"Some folks actually make a list, and are trying to get in and out quickly."

- NO_Cheeto_in_Chief

"When you're walking in a shopping centre or down the street and you stop to look at something, step aside. Let other people through, f*ckwits!"

- Green_Prompt_6386

"God this one is true. If you ever believe that humans don’t need more natural predators, walk through Wal-Mart and tell me you haven’t changed your mind."

- Whosagoodboyyyyyy

"To that, I might add, don’t abandon your cart to go get something."

"Now instead of occupying a singular space, a cart is in one part of the isle, and a person is in another part of the isle. 2 or 3 people do this, the isle is twice as clogged, and I have to move their cart to get something because they are not attending to it."

"Also, doing the same at the end of isles. You pull out of an isle to turn to go into another, there is someone’s abandoned cart that all other traffic has to go around."

"Keep yourself to yourself."

- Mermaid_La_Reine


Salad Dressing Cooking GIF by Rooster Teeth Giphy

"Never microwave seafood at work."

"It’s a very strong smell that many people find extremely unpleasant, plus it always seems to carry across the entire building/floor."

- xodanielleelise

"Or eggs."

"Both places I worked at previously, someone microwaved eggs regularly. I like eggs, but the smell they make from the microwave is dreadful."

- idontknowdudess

"I still recall the trash-like stench from a woman who microwaved a bowl of broccoli on our floor twenty years ago."

- anne_jumps

"Cauliflower especially."

"I recently bought one of those cauliflower crust hot pockets and made the mistake of microwaving it (at home, thankfully)."

"The whole house stank for DAYS. Never again- those are for the oven only."

- youstupidcorn

Reddit championed for their favorite unwritten rules - now it's your turn.

What rule do you need more people to understand in your life?

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