Couples With An Unromantic 'Meet Cute' Explain What Happened

We all want those moments we see in rom-coms for when we meet our significant others.

We bump into each other at an ice cream shop and go on a wagon ride in Central Park.

Or else we meet in the elevator in the building in which we both work.

But what about people who have a not so romantic story?

Redditor VarmVaffel asked:

"Redditors who do NOT have a romantic "how we first met" story with your significant other, how did you meet?"

Here were some of those answers.

Girl, Interrupted

"Working at a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed adolescents."

'There was a riot on campus. It took two shifts of staff to get the kids quieted down and back in bed. We were supposed to get off work at 11pm but were there until 1am."

"Guy I was working with was friends with my roommate. So after we got off, I said 'I'm going home to get drunk. Want to come?'".

"That was 42 years ago. We've been married for 37 years and have two adult children."


Drinks And Food

"He was drunk. An acquaintance and I went to pick him and another friend up to go out to a club. We've been together almost 15 and 1/2 years married 13."

"Even his proposal was not very romantic. We were in our backyard getting ready to barbecue and he asked me if I would marry him. First thing out of my mouth was 'are you sure?'"

"It totally works for us though."


A 70s Life

"Not me but an old friend. Back in the 70s, my friend Shirley was at a bar late one night making a phone call in the back room on a pay phone, and some drunk jerk came stumbling in and took the phone from her, hung it up, then proceeded to make a call to someone else. She stood back and SMACKED him in the face. He fell flat on the floor and busted out laughing. That's how they met, a short bar fight I suppose lol. I always loved hearing that story when I drank with them. She passed away a few years back and was a very sweet woman."


Meetup Pre Meetup


"I was new in town, didn't know many people. I put an ad up looking for someone to go explore and do weird stuff - like put googly eyes on things."

"She answered, we emailed back and forth a few times. Met. Hung out. It was really relaxed. Then about 3 weeks later we realized it was more than that."


Vomit Choosing

"I was the DD for the night at the local club. It was getting late and everyone wanted to party more, I was getting hungry. Outside the club this guy always had his hot dog cart set up so I went outside to get a couple. The club didn't allow outside food or drink so I just sat on the curb. She came out drunk as a skunk with her friends, took a few steps then puked on me, my hot dogs got ruined too :( Her friends really weren't in any condition to drive either so I called an uber and asked him to let me know they got home safe. She called the next day incredibly apologic and asked to make it up to me. She showed up to the restaurant with a new shirt and a pack of franks, laughed hysterically, got talking and here we are. I always say she had a very unique method of picking me."


The Universe Be Damned

"Met my husband on Plenty of Fish. I had an account my friend and I used to troll people when we were bored (used my own picture) and he seemed decent so I told him what was up with my account. He thought it was funny and asked me on a date. Day we scheduled to meet up my appendix exploded and was in the ICU for two weeks. Okay, rescheduled once I got home. His GPS directed him to my house by driving through a river (we lived in Florida at the time so mud, crackheads and alligators were a concern) police had to come save him and escorted him to my house. We still laugh about it."


D&D Times

"We both joined a group to play D&D together. He was a halfling rogue, I was a human barbarian. In the first session he climbed on my shoulders to spear some foe in the throat and then on my next turn I attempted to assist him up onto the roof of the small hut next to us. I rolled a natural 1 and basically punted him into a wall for some ridiculous amount of damage. Oops."

"We've been married for 5 years and have 2 kids (well, almost, I'm very pregnant right now)."


High School ????Hearts

"I don't remember meeting my husband. I was a freshman in high school and it was during band camp. I got a text from him one night and pretended to know who he was because I was too embarrassed that I didn't know everyone's names yet."


A Garbage Time

"Not me but one of my friends told me about how their parents knew a couple who found each other around the bin truck"

"So basically one day a guy went to take back his metal can from the street but there was a big problem. The garbage worker had accidentally made a tear in the bin bag and ripped it open, spreading sh*ts everywhere on the pavement. So next week the upset man waited for the same workers to show up to get some explanations."

"Turns out that garbage worker was in fact a woman of the same age (which was really rare in those times, 70s-80s). Charmed by her uniqueness, the dude decided to share numbers. They dated and we all know the rest."

"Not the nicest way to meet someone if you ask me hahah but quite a nice story."



"I was eating tacos in a mall food court. He walked by me and I thought he was cute but then I started choking on my taco and he looked at me weird and walked away. My friend with me went and got his number for me. 7 years ago. He told me he thought I was laughing at him. Thanks Taco Bell 😂"


Wings And Sex

"She first met me while dating my best friend and I was with another girl at the time."

"Years later, my best friend convinced me to hang out with her, called her up and invited her to Buffalo Wild Wings where he and I were hanging out."

"Since we had both already eaten, we walked across the parking lot to a bar. I played darts with friends wile drinking and talking to her a bit, then after the bar closed, we went back to our cars, started making out, decided there wasn't enough room inside, and f'ked with her bent over the hood of my car in Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot at 4am. It was a magical night we'll tell our grandchildren about one day."


Swiping Right

"Tinder! I had been dumped a few weeks earlier and wanted to just do me and not worry about anyone else for a bit. Well that got old fast so I downloaded the app and started swiping. We matched about a day later and spent a few days texting through the app before she gave me her number and then about a week later we met up for drinks. I was poor at the time, had just started a new job and missed the first pay period so we had one drink and then I made an excuse to leave because I couldn't afford anymore. We walked out and I gave her a hug saying bye and we should meet up again soon. We will be celebrating our two year in December!"


Next In Line

"My husband and I met while he was dating one of my friends in high school. Whoops."

"To my credit, they broke up after she cheated on him multiple times, so I don't feel like I violated girl code too badly."


They Call It Puppy Love

"My dog got her dog pregnant."

"I don't know how those two met because he's often chilling in my fenced backyard (without a leash, only a collar with my number in it) so he must have escaped and had a good time AND come back all in under one hour. One day she called me and yelled at me for not neutering him and let him roam freely. I yelled back at her for not spaying her dog and told her that my boy isn't walking around on the streets freely. We had a big argument about everything, my dog is the only one who could have gotten hers pregnant so I couldn't just do nothing."

"We talked it out and fell in love shortly after the puppies came :)"


Unromantically Romantic

"I met my wife at trivia at a local restaurant. She was cute, and we met amongst a group of friends. I found out she was working at Subway. She was a senior in high school, and I was a freshman in college. I stopped by that Subway one day with the intention of flirting, and managed to a bit.. until I realized she was buttering me up to get a ride home. Excited, I eagerly agreed. Then, I found out she was needing to get home to get ready for a date with another guy."

"We met again when she came to my University later that year. I was going to the comedy show with Carlos Mencia, and I was hammered drunk. Lo and behold, I stumble drunkenly into a group of girls, and I nearly topple her. We proceed to have a great night, and everything from there was history. Not particularly romantic though, lol."


High School Sweetheart

"I was shy in highschool. Senior year, I decided I needed to take initiative or I'd end up graduating without having had a girlfriend for my entire highschool career. I made a list of 3 girls that I wanted to introduce myself to. The next day, one of the girls was behind me as we all kinda gathered around the door to wait for the bell to ring at the end of our last period of the day. I turned around and asked her if she knew what the homework was (I knew there wasn't any). The bell rang as she was trying to answer, so we kinda had to start walking together for her to answer me. Then we started talking and ended up walking to our cars together. We did that for the rest of the week, then I asked her to see a movie with me that weekend. Now we've been together 12 years, are married, and have 2 daughters."


What Started As A Joke

"Some bootycall agreement fwd was going around at work as a joke. I filled it out and gave it to the receptionist and she then filled out her portion. Then the next day I filled her out. 14 years and 2 kids later all is well."


That Adds Up

"I sat behind her in math class. She copied my homework daily."


The Timing Was Right

"Me and my husband met in a threesome I had with an ex (I did open relationships at the time). The sexual chemistry between us was very obvious from the jump, and over the years we became best friends that had an on-again-off-again sexual friendship whenever we were both single."

"8 years later, we both found ourselves single again and finally admitted that we were ridiculously in-love with each other. Been together and happily monogamous ever since."


Sometimes you meet the right people in the weirdest situations.

And that makes all the difference.

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