People Explain Exactly Which Types Of People They Just Can't Take Seriously
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I just can't with some people. Well, to be honest, I just can't with most people.

I often just don't have the time, or the mental and emotional bandwidth to figure most people out.

Too many of us are just cemented in our ways. And that can be a turn-off to the rest of the world. I've lost track of the number of conversations I've had where I couldn't connect with a person because they refuse to try.

Redditoru/RTGacwanted to have a conversation about some folks we encounter throughout life, by asking:

What sorts of folks do you refuse to take seriously?

I stay out of any and all political conversations online these days. That is a group (mob) of people who I can't take seriously, because they have lost the thread. And it's coming from all sides.

Service Concerns

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"People who treat customer service like trash."

- OoooTooooT

"Customer service who treat people like trash."

- jawnpablo


"People that base their whole identity on one thing."

- picklednose

"Especially when they have no personal contribution to said thing, aka Super Fans. A person who lives and breathes for swimming or cooking or some other activity that requires skill is totally different from somebody who just obsessed over a show or Fandom or whatever bullcrap."

- Surfing_Ninjas

"I couldn't agree more. Especially if the thing their identity is based on is devotion to sports."

- motown_missile

Behind the Curve

"Flat Earthers."

- Ghiraheem

"Oh there's definitely at least 100. They have conventions and crap. But yeah still the minority. There is a very fun and interesting documentary about them called Behind the Curve which I recommend if you're interested."

- Ghiraheem

The worst part?

"Anti-vaxxers, anti-masks, holocaust deniers and more recently, "gravity deniers". These people makes me lose faith in humanity sometimes. They think the force of gravity was invented, or just doesn't exist. It resonates with some flat-earthers... the concept of gravity is correlated with a spherical planetary mass with a force pulling everything to the ground (center of the mass)."

"To the earth be plane, some believe that what keeps our feet on the ground is bc this plate is always moving upwards. The worst part? I know all this freaking disgraceful bull. Somehow I lost to them by occupying my already small brain with this crap."

- pira3_1000

Question People

tinder swiping GIFGiphy


- Koskesh11

"At what point can someone be seen as a "redditor"? I use it a lot but I don't consider it to be a part of my identity whatsoever. It's just an app I use to pass time. I rarely talk about it to anyone."

- maxdevader

Oh reddit. You are a quirky beast aren't you? And customer service, there is so much vitriol being thrown about, I'm opting to just stay home.

All about You!

Pick Me Season 10 GIF by RuPaul's Drag RaceGiphy

"People who think that the fact they have problems negate the fact that others have problems. Shockingly, many types of problems can exist simultaneously."

- RustyCopal

Obscure Opinions People Are Fully Committing To | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Info Wars

"People who get their news off social media. I mean more the people who will take social media as gospel. I will hear things and do research outside of social media to hear the actual information. And even then it's all from biased perspectives. So I read both lmao. Fox and CNN so I can get both sides"

- ParsnipBusy

"I do, but before i tell anyone about it I search for the whole article online so that I don't accidentally lie to my loved ones."

- Nicominde

Too Extreme

"People who won't even try to think about how other people feel about things whether it be political, religious or just something petty and instead act like their world view is the correct one. Reddit can be a bit of echo chamber for any and all political/social beliefs. Some sub Reddit's get banned just because they are too right-wing or too left-wing and I'm totally against that crap people should be able to say what they want unless it's threats of violence. Reddit ain't perfect when it comes to censorship."

- DarkLordOfNirn

"Oh, must be nice"

"There's also the people you know who are always broke or in heavy debt and can't afford anything. Who always sarcastically scoff "Oh, must be nice" when you mention you went on a vacation or bought yourself something new, because they suck at finances and can't let others enjoy themselves."

- BridgeHot2524

For Sure!

Angry Excuse Me GIF by JinGiphy

"People who are 100% sure about literally anything, and 1-uppers you know the people who always have or did or something the same as you or someone else but better somehow."

- Kusanagi8811


"People who preach one thing and practice another." ~ Bob49459

"Knowing the right thing and doing the right thing are two different things. But I don't pretend I do the right thing, I just advise it." ~ freakyjaz

"well the Bible says to be kind"

"Extremely religious people/toxic Christians. The kind who say things like "well the Bible says to be kind" and then turn around and make death threats against others. The kind who would give money to a church but throw insults/assault homeless people."'

"Those who use their God as a weapon against others. Those who would kick out a child for being gay or pregnant outside of marriage. People who say things like "Well God is punishing you for X" whenever something bad happens, or say things like "oh well that religion's fake so it doesn't count. Only my religion counts." Basically the kind who use holy books to excuse their trashy behavior."

"Also religious nutjobs who actually believe things like "credit card chips are the Mark of the Beast", "social media is evil and sending all our kids to Hell!", and "It's blasphemy to celebrate any other holiday in December besides Christmas!" Cult type stuff to like any who require complete obedience to the leader or a political party." ~ confused_enby102

We Hear You!

Angry Lets Go GIF by BrownSugarAppGiphy

"People who say they are a bad *itch or alpha male. No announcement is needed if you are." ~ redpillbob69

Deep South

"First, let me say that I am actually ashamed of myself for this but I have a very hard time taking anyone with a southern drawl/accent seriously. When I hear it, I automatically assume the person is an uneducated, backwoods redneck. It's awful, I'm sorry." ~ QueenofSwords78

Type Slow

"People who can't type worth sh*t. If I have to struggle to read it because there is no punctuation then I just won't. I understand that punctuation sometimes doesn't come naturally to people, but I don't want to have to decode a paragraph to just understand what they're saying."

"So, if someone types poorly to the point where it's hard to understand I will ignore them no matter what. I've also noticed that this type of person tends to be super up and arms with whatever they're talking about too, which makes it even more of a reason to avoid talking to them." ~ magikaaaaaarrrp


"People who say they're empaths. Empathy is a spectrum. Some people can't or find it hard to have empathy. This includes but isn't limited to certain people on the autistic spectrum and sociopathic/psychopathic disorders. Most people outside of this feel empathy and can read a room enough to understand how others are feeling. If you go out of your way to tell me you're an empath, you're basically telling me you think you're special and use it as justification for being an a**hole to others." ~ redditstolemyshoes


"People screaming... like I don't understand how I'm speaking to you in a clam tone and you're screaming at me. Like screaming won't get it fixed and won't get anything resolved, speak right or just walk away 😒." ~ Expert_Geologist3888

Give me a reason...

"I will take anyone seriously until they give me reason. I was working a job over the summer between college semesters and met a big foot researcher or photographer or whatever you want to call it. Nice guy and I got curious asked if he had any actual photos."

"He showed me what appeared to be this little... thing that looked like a small imp or something? I don't really know what I saw, not sure if it was edited it could have been and I am going to be cautious and say it was fake. But what he showed me didn't look like a guy in a suit." ~ Outnabout3535325

Wow there are a ton of messy humans running amok. Is it any wonder why the rest of us drink? And I loathe 1-uppers. I had to say that!

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