People Share The One Trait They Have That Will Probably Get Them Killed

People Share The One Trait They Have That Will Probably Get Them Killed
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If you ever read an article about my murder, please know that I brought it on myself.

Somebody said something dumb and I 100% could not hold my loud face back from expressing all the things we humans can't say using only words.

And I probably talked mad sh*t right til the very end.

Reddit user saucetrailia asked:

"What's one trait you have that will more than likely get you killed one day?"

And yeah ... We're all in trouble

If You Insist...

Aleister Crowley Yes GIF by PENNYWORTHGiphy

"I am awful at saying no and I'm terrified of being seen as rude."

"So I'd probably get killed by someone who takes advantage of that."

- a_fruitcake

"Just 'May I kill you, please?' 'Well, if you insist...' ”

- Lord-Impressive

Space Case

"I space out. My internal world just absorbs me."

"I am very likely to just walk into traffic obviously one day."

- laney2181

"This was how I wrecked my first car."

"Driving at night, back country roads about a quarter mile from home, thinking about game progression on Borderlands 2 ... aaaand now I'm upside down in a ditch with a face full of airbag because I clipped a deer."

- -AntiVegan-


"I will try to friend any animal regardless of it's danger level."

- saucetrailia

"Samesies. All animals are friends!"

"Shark? Sea puppy."

"Hyena? Big catdog."

"Moose? Long antler tall friend."

"Cobra? Wide headed noodle."

"Rattlesnake? Musical noodle."

"Jaguar? Spotted crunch crunch mouth friend."

"Crocodile? Scaly crunch buddy."

"It will undeniably kill me if in the wild long enough."

- Kondrias

"I'll bet women are the reason we were able to domesticate wolves."

- J0k3rA34

"If there is a snoot to boop, then it is your duty to boop that snoot."

- midnight_someone_17

Sausage Stroke

nom nom eating GIF by LaffGiphy

"The real answer: I love food, usually the fatty unhealthy kinds."

"Burgers, fries, hotdogs, bacon, chicken fried steak, gumbo, sausage... I want it all in me."

"I'm going to die from a stroke, heart attack, or cancer. Or choking."

- secret-citizen


"I can't help interrupting people, otherwise I forget what I was going to say."

"I also say everything that is in my head, never in a rude way, I'm just always very open with how I feel about things and situations."

- AngelicWooGirl

"Sorry if you're not looking for advice, but I have this problem sometimes."

"When I have something I need to say, I touch my index finger to my nose until I'm able to say it. It looks a little goofy but it's less rude than interrupting all the time, and you won't forget what you're going to say while you're actively touching your nose."

- glitterbugged

"You are amazing. I did this today and it bloody worked!"

"You total legend. Thank you for making me a little less killable."

- AngelicWooGirl

Road Rage

"I'm not proud of it, but after years of denying it I'll finally admit that I've got a good amount of road rage..."

- jo_coltrane

"I know how I'm going to die."

"I'll be behind some idiot clogging up the passing lane. I'll flash my lights, he won't move. I'll honk my horn, he won't move."

"He'll probably brake-check me."

"Then, when I get an opening, I'll pass him in the other lane and he'll shoot me as I drive past."

- UpTheFe

Bait And Reel

smug american psycho GIFGiphy

"I gaslight in arguments with random strangers and try to make them freak out and rage."

- fartpie69420

"You realize people literally actually die doing this, right? Not hypothetical."

"Jaco Pastorius did."

- [Reddit]

"I do this too. I love pushing people's buttons even though I hate people doing it to me."

"I won't actively seek out a fight or argument, but depending on the circumstances I can be a real menace and I will have this stupid amused smirk the entire time too!"

- Rocket-Tree

"Yeah... that is not okay. That's psychological abuse. Abusing people isn't funny."

- brushstrokes

Choking Hazard

"My ability to choke on a microdrop of saliva."

- Surviving2

"Omg, you too? I have never met another person who chokes on their own saliva before."

- ClothDiaperAddicts

"I laughed and choked at your comment."

- AdultBabyGoat


"I love to work."

"I worked 80 hours a week for 8 months. I told myself it was because I didn't have staff."

"Now I have staff and I picked up ubereats as a side gig. So I am still working about 80 hours a week."

"Money is a small factor, but I just like to work."

"I'll probably work until I die."

- Neblos2514

Monkey Time


"I jump and climb up rocks and trees and stairwells that are super high off the ground. Several times I’ve almost made a bad jump that could’ve broken my neck."

"Just recently on a hike when I was just hopping down from a tree seven feet off the ground, my foot got stuck and I rotated and landed flat on my back."

"If things went a little different, I could’ve broken my leg from the weight or whacked my head against a rock right next to where I landed."

"I badly hurt something really low in my back and started laughing hysterically and uncontrollably from the pain, contemplating the odds of that happening or how much worse it could’ve been or how many other times it could’ve happened."

"That experience haunts me and I’m trying to be much more cautious now, but there is nothing that makes me feel more alive and free and happy than scaling the obstacles of nature."

"Yes, even though I know that just one misstep could bring it all crashing down."

"If there’s anything that kills me before I’m old, I can just about guarantee it’ll be my own dangerous desire to monkey around in places I shouldn’t."

- TrickyTalon

Death is coming for us all eventually.

Some of us, apparently, are more likely to speed things along than others.

Did you see your likely cause of death here? Got something to add to the list?

Meet us in the comments!

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