After years of hearing how simple and beautiful the Amish lifestyle is, Imgur user AeroGirlsLikePlanes took to the internet to reveal the truth about the community.

"I saw this image earlier and decided to do something I've been meaning to do for a while: post some of my experiences in an Amish community when I was a teenager. These are only my experiences; I know that many people have had great experiences with them, and even I knew some people that weren't terrible outside of their cultural practices.

The worst possible punishment as a Amish woman is to be singled out in front of other people, because attention is immodest. This young woman went insane after this happened, and the bishop that shamed her was her father.

I know this from young women I knew that got married.

I was actually present when one man beat his wife because she had said "no" to their 3 yr old son, and he already outranked her in authority according to the father. Tl;dr woman gets beaten for not obeying 3 yr old son.

There are a lot fewer old women in these communities than there are old men.

This seems trivial to anyone outside of that culture, but something like this is every Amish girl's worst nightmare.

My father lost his job in the recession when the pallet shop he worked at was forced to close.

And we ate it anyway because we were starving.

So these are some of my less traumatic stories; I have a hard time talking about some of the others. Anyway, some Amish are wonderful people, but their culture is based on abuse and taking advantage of the weak, which seems to be unknown or ignored in popular portrayals of Amish life."


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