People Divulge The Things They Wish They Never Found Out
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People having the thirst for knowledge usually benefit from the acquired information.

But that doesn't necessarily pan out for everyone, especially when it comes to people being apprised of information that was never intended to be heard in the first place.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor Cheap_bagel asked:
"What’s something you wish you never found out?"

People don't always need to know the real impression of others.

What The Friend's Mom Really Thought

"I grew up on the poor side, I had a friends house i was invited to a lot from like the 2nd grade to the 8th, her mom was always so kind to me. One day after school I came through their back door, as I’d done for years back then, to drop off a school book."

"I overheard my friend telling her mom that I was stopping by, and her mom asked her why she still hung out with me because I was obviously so trashy. I’d know this lady most of my life, I saw her several times a week for years, I was devastated, I knocked on the door, and quickly dropped the book of in her smiling face, and I never went over again. She broke my heart and I felt like everyone secretly thought I was trash."

– MorbidlyCurioussss

What Google Revealed

"My current manager used to be just another member of the office team until he was promoted. For a while I'd been saying he was probably going to be the best manager I would ever have, he was super chill, he would go out of his way to do the work he knew we hated doing, he would listen to my coworker's podcast and talk to him about it every week, he was just one of us despite him being our boss."

"A couple weeks ago I googled his name for sh*ts and giggles and found out he used to work as a teacher until he got fired for posession of child porn."

– VeryIncompetent

Limits To Speed

"Hello sir/mam, Here is your speeding ticket. You have to know that it's f'king illegal to go from 0 to 100 this quickly. Have a good day."

– Kalideagarwaen

Parents divulged NSFW information their children can never unhear.

Exploring Uncharted Territory

"my mom told me that she and my dad tried butt sex one time before i was born and i have absolutely no idea why she told me that."

– psychpopnprogncore

Point Of Inception

"My mom told me in front of my friend in high school that I was conceived on the side of the road (highway 12 to be exact) and they were in the way home from a Halloween party, she was dressed up as Princess Leia."

– Busy-Bench3300

The Mother's Load

"Finding my mom's porn stash at the age of 23."

– TheMetalMisfit

Family history can reveals dark truths.

Unwanted Trait

"Found out cancer runs in my family and everyone who had it, died. I am having health issues that I haven't been able to get checked out and it makes me nervous."

– okayiguess123

An "Isolating Experience"

"That my parents could very well get Alzheimer's and it scares me that they may not recognize me even 15 years from now. And that I probably will end up having it later down the line. It sounds like a scary, isolating experience that slowly rips you apart."

"It's bad for those watching on the outside but I can only imagine what it actually feels like. Sometimes I wish I could live in ignorance but I feel like I would end up hurting more when/if it happens to my parents or loved ones."

– hiemerxd

Shattered Romantic Notions

"My Grandmother told me she never loved my Grandfather. How he was just there and she needed his help with her six kids (none of my aunts and uncles were his, yet he took care of them like they were). She decided to tell me on my wedding day."

– Huggies509

A Lost Sibling

"I WAS a twin."

– 12yearsOfWriting

Dad's Addiction

"That my father cheated my mother on every possible occasion and his second wife, also looks like he has somewhat of a hooker addiction."

– Much_Committee_9355

Science is fascinating and also horrific.

Friendly Parasites

"All the freaky parasites we encounter in every day life that our bodies’ immune systems (so far) have protected us against."


The Deadly Virus

"Basically anything about rabies."

"That sh*t gives me nightmares."

– HypocriticalIdiot

"Dehydration, fear of water, vivid and horrifying hallucinations, extreme anxiety, loss of memory, and more as your brain is slowly eaten from the inside. Definitely not a fun time. Also, once you start showing symptoms you're 100% going to die a horrible, slow death with or without medical treatment."

– 14thCluelessbird

Workplace Hazzard


'I used to work in the oilfield, and airborne silica is most certainly a thing in our industry."

"They didn't bother to inform us about this situation, or ever provide dust masks for users that worked on frac locations until 5 years into my 9 years of working for them and got the absolute sh*t fined out of them from a random OSHA audit."

"Silicosis normally takes a decade or two to actually manifest, and is incurable (without a lung transplant) as particulates such as this cannot be removed from the lungs. Over time, your lung capacity just diminishes, and there's nothing you can do to stop it."

"You might have paid me well for the 9 years I worked for you, oilfield, but you probably are killing me slowly as well."


Fake Powder

"There is no pumpkin in pumpkin spice."

– Vahlez

The Odds Are Not In Their Favor

"I always had half a plan to retire at 60 in an amazing place I always wanted to live and have a comfortable life. Then I found out that the numbers added up and I could actually do it. Now all I can think about is the next 4 and a half years I have to get through. Work is meaningless, I'm uninterested in taking on fresh challenges, and I spend most of my day wishing time away. I know it seems like a first-world problem, but I'm f'king ruined."

– CJDownUnder

Some of these Redditors learned the hard way that some things are never meant to be heard. ​

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Like the time I found out that Caesar salad dressing had anchovies. Before learning this, I loved drenching my lettuce in the creamy stuff.

Now, I will no longer go near the stuff that I used to enjoy before when I was more naive.

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