People Share The Things We Can All Agree Are Morally Wrong

People Share The Things We Can All Agree Are Morally Wrong

Sadly, we live in a world that cannot seem to enforce basic human rights, even when those human rights have been commonly accepted by the international community as a standard to which we must strive.

Violence against women persists, even if much of the world acknowledges that it is wrong. What else is happening out there that we can all agree is pretty much reprehensible?

People shared their thoughts, from the humorous to the serious, after Redditor InfiniteBus599 asked the online community,

"What is something that we can all agree on being morally wrong?"

"Putting car crash noises..."

"Putting car crash noises and sirens in radio commercials."


These are an accident waiting to happen. Why has no one done anything about this yet?

"Buying up..."

"Buying up a whole community’s water source and selling it back to them."


Nestle has some of the most damaging business practices on the planet.

"I saw a documentary..."

"Insulin price gouging. I saw a documentary on this because it didn't happen in my country and let me just say, holding people to literal ransom over life-saving drugs is seriously some evil stuff."


Welcome to life in the United States!

"Putting an empty box..."

"Putting an empty box of cereal back in the cabinet instead of getting rid of it."


You just described what my cousins did throughout my childhood. I always knew they were terrible people.

"Being rude..."

"Being rude to workers when they've done nothing wrong."


Taking your frustrations out on service industry workers who haven't done anything to deserve your vitriol is pretty terrible, I agree.

"The McDonald's ice cream machine."

"The McDonald’s ice cream machine. They are morally obliged to be more reliable. A heart can only be broken so many times."


This is why you need to go to Wendy's, just saying.

"Killing someone..."

"Killing someone for no reason. Like just deciding to murder a stranger."


Serial killers would not agree with you on that one.

"Rounding up civilians..."

"Rounding up civilians and prisoners, tying their hands behind their backs, and shooting them in the back of the head as you're pulling out of a war zone. Nazis did that in my country and now we're seeing it happen again but guess there's nothing we can do, amirite."


The atrocities committed in Bucha are truly something. The silence of much of the international community is deafening.

"Sneaking in..."

"Sneaking in Japan's Suicide Forest and recording a dead body on a tree while laughing with your friends."


The video you're talking about led to YouTube completely revamping its monetization policy which caused a lot of small YouTube channels to lose their monetization.


"Using and taking advantage of someone."


Yes! Treating people as a means rather than as an ends in themselves. I'd rather be alone than with someone using me for their gain.

Sadly, we can't all agree on some of the issues that should be obviously morally wrong, such as child abuse. It's quite the world we live in.

Have some suggestions of your own? Tell us more in the comments below!

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