People Break Down Which Things Should Not Be Considered Normal In Our Society

People Break Down Which Things Should Not Be Considered Normal In Our Society
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Speaking truths and being transparent in social and work situations are key to effective communication.

But I believe there is a line.

If your opinion of someone or what they do is something you find completely objectionable, there is a way to say it. You know the saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?" I stand by it.

If what you have to get off your chest is something that will ultimately hurt their feelings, I personally think it's best to just let it go. Of course, every scenario depends on the situation but it's good to examine it before acting accordingly.

But too often people normalize their behavior of insulting someone and then saying, "I'm just being honest," as if they've exonerated themselves of guilt.

Speaking of normalized behavior, Redditor handful_of_prozac asked:

"What shouldn't be considered as a normal thing in our society?"

The following are just bad business models, wouldn't you say?

Toiling Away The Hours

"Working 5 days a week for majority of our lives to retire sore, old, broken and financially strapped."


Marketing Fail

"Advertising products with pictures that do not accurately represent the product's manufacturing."


A Sweet Trap

"Also advertising sugary junk to children. It's insane when you think about it."


"In the UK there's actually rules against exactly this. The ASA (advertising standards authority) has all sorts of rules around what you can and can't do in advertisements. It's not a law per se but it's an industry guideline that all major channels follow, breaking the guidelines means your ad gets pulled."


Contagious Co-Worker

"Having to work while sick because you need the money."


These bad public behaviors need a serious reckoning.

Missing The Receptacle



"Yeah, I don't think people that litter realize that it's a crime to litter."


They Smell And Stick

"F'k everyone who throws their cigarette buds to the ground."


"and chewing gum. going to train stations most of the floor is filled with ancient black gum that just became part of the pavement."


A Public Forum

"Using speaker phone whilst in public. Nobody cares to hear your conversation."


Keep It In Your Ear, Bud

"And music. I will freaking give you earbuds if you can't afford them, just don't make 40 ppl listen to your music because they were unfortunate enough to ride on the same tram as you."


Many people are prone to committing these social behaviors and they are either unhealthy or potentially dangerous.

Blind Faith

"Politician worship is unacceptable. If you support someone then fine, support them enthusiastically if that's how you feel but when you refuse to admit their faults then you can't hold them accountable."


Living To Work Or Working To Live?

"Or just in general: The Hustle Culture. This idea that working hard, sacrificing all your time with family and friends just because you believe one day all your hard work will magically pay off and you never have to again."

"It's toxic in the end because it doesn't account for people's mental health, let alone physical health. You can't just keep working 24/7 six times a week and not expect burnout."


Pink Or Blue?

"Gender-reveal parties with ever escalating stunts. Send this cultural trend back into the abyss from whence it came."


Going back to what I touched on earlier, I believe people should keep their brutal honesty to themselves.

A good theater friend of mine worked hard on a passion project that did not earn rave reviews on opening night.

Her friend saw the show and told her afterwards about all the things she thought was wrong with the production without sharing any positive points on her bulleted list of critiques.

Needless to say, my friend was gutted.

The pride she had working with a dedicated cast and team shattered after listening to her friend's scathing review that was irrelevant to her wonderful performance.

Still, if her "friend" was considerate enough, she would have kept her negative opinion to herself instead of wearing her virtue like a badge of honor.

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