There are some things in life which seem like a rite of passage which everyone in the world goes through at least once.

This could be anything from the frivolous, such as eating ice cream or getting drunk for the first time, to the slightly more serious, such as breaking a bone, or needing an operation requiring you to stay in the hospital.

Everyone must go through these and other things at least once in their life, right?

You'd be surprised.

Indeed, there are in fact many people out there who have managed to steer clear of things which are somewhat avoidable, such as going on an upside down roller coaster, to the seemingly inevitable, such as getting a tooth pulled.

Redditor Ronaldeartlett was curious to hear the things people have somehow, against the odds managed to avoid, so far anyway, in their lives, leading them to ask:
"What have you managed to avoid your whole life?"

Perfectly Single!


"I single handedly avoid every date possible by being myself"- shoubby

"Marriage."- Enough_Pumpkin_3961


"Breaking a bone."- NikolaTesla666

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No Civic Duty For Me!

"Jury duty."- blackcat211

So Far Anyway...

"Death."- CBeisbol

Dirty Habit!

"Smoking."- lovelife124

af smoking GIFGiphy


"Getting covid, apparently."

"Multiple people I've been around have tested positive multiple times, every test I've had has been negative."- poqpoqo

Always Use Protection

"Herpes."- 6twoRaptor


"Despite years of reckless, unsafe sex."- robertodurian

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We'd like to think we can avoid somethings which deep down, we know are inevitable.

But, be it through preventative measures or pure dumb luck, we can at least feel proud of ourselves for avoiding them for the time being.

And if more singletons viewed the lack of a ring on their finger as an accomplishment, one can only imagine the world would be a much happier place.