Guys Divulge The Worst Part Of Puberty

Guys Divulge The Worst Part Of Puberty
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Puberty is such a weird time for people.

And men need to educate more men.

Times and the body will always be changing.

Redditor Taran6702wanted to hear from the men who were willing to share about those awkward hormonal days of youth. They asked:

"Guys, what's the worst part about puberty?"

Growing up is hard. I hated my body changes. Who can understand?

Hot Days

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"You are simultaneously the horniest you've ever been in your life, while having the least amount of game you'll ever have."


Skin Issues

"Acne for sure. I never had it too bad but I remember being very self concious about it. I can't imagine how some people I knew who had horrendous acne felt."


"Adult acne is wild. puberty isn't just from age 12-18, it continues well through your 20s. Feels like most people dont realize that. I had an average amount of acne as a teen but when i hit 20 it went insane and cystic and awful. 28 now and on a new medication for it, hopefully i’ll have clear skin someday."



"Honestly, the worst part for me was some dudes literally went through puberty overnight. Say bye to your short friend Timmy on Friday and on Monday he walk in like 6 foot 1 with a full grown beard. Some dudes literally take their entire teen years to reach a level that feels like 'manhood' and when you're a slow bloomer, it can be difficult to watch everyone around you grow up while you feel like you aren't."



"The smell. I remember the exact day in which my sweat started to stink. Of course it was at school, and of course I was the last one to notice it."


"Ever get to school and realize you forgot to put on deodorant? That public bathroom liquid soap rub on the pits was something else."


Mirror, Mirror

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"All of these answers, and nobody has mentioned that kids in puberty just-plain look freaking terrible. Some parts of your body are adult, some parts are still child-like, and it’s all mixed awkwardly together."


What awkward years. Good for all of you willing to share.

No Jeans

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"Being made fun of every time your voice cracks, and having to learn to hide all the boners that constantly start happening. That's when the switch from sweats to jeans happens."


bad advice

"Being constantly desperately horny all the time while simultaneously your voice is breaking and you have painful acne and perhaps most importantly adults dismiss your problems or give you horrible advice."



"Hair in places where razors are not ideal."


"Also as long as you buy a half decent razor and slap some shaving cream on there (though I like to use coconut conditioner), you can shave your scrotum without too much fuss. Hairy scrotums may be the grossest thing on a human body."



"It happens twice. Your teen years and then … your 30s happen."


"Happens twice for women too. Menopause is basically puberty with hot flushes and night sweats. And it can last 12 years for some women. But the symptoms are just like puberty: hormone changes, acne, mood swings, aches and pains, sh**ty menstrual cycles."


All of it!

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"Where is the 'all of the above' button on this post?"


Puberty is never fun. It's amazing we all survive.

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