We've all wondered what ever happened to the one who got away. Perhaps we dated them once, and it didn't work out. And we've all at some point entertained what our lives would have been like had we actually gone ahead and pursued relationships with people long gone. Relationships are, in lots of ways, about timing.

Thanks to Redditor melancholyoversmiles, who asked the online community, "Have you ever met someone and thought "wow, if we had met at a different time, we would have made a great couple"? If so, what happened?" we could listen to the people who opened their hearts.

"I liked this boy at school..."

I liked this boy at school when I was 14. I wasn't allowed to date (strict parents, first girl) but he liked me too. A decade later I run into him at my university of all places and we catch up and he tells me he always liked me and I liked him so we go out. It was fun. It was nostalgic. Lasted like a month before he told me he's like super gay. So... yeah it didn't go anywhere after that. Turns out we did not in fact actually make a great couple. Still friends though.


"I just had the wrong set of friends at the time..."

I just had the wrong set of friends at the time, they picked on him tirelessly even though he was damn near perfect. Years later one of those friends ended up with him after I moved away.


"It may sound weird..."

It may sound weird, but when I was 13 I had a best friend. As a teenager not knowing what love is. If he had not been super depressed, barely capable of keeping up a friendship and not killed himself when he was 14, we would have been perfect for each other after puberty. We loved each other so much, we never tried anything, because we knew that we would mess it up for later. I hope he rests peacefully, and he was the first male to ever feel and show real love to me until I was 21.


"In the long run..."

My best friend and I in high school were so in sync that we probably would've made a great couple. We even both came to this realization so we sat down one day and talked about it.

In the long run we decided the timing wasn't right at that point in time, and to just stay friends to keep our friendship in tact. Still see her 2-3 times a year, she's a wonderful person and even has a boyfriend now! I'm not as far along unfortunately.


"I am pretty sure he's married."

Aww, that guy was named Justin. We got along so well. We had everything in common and the chemistry was crazy sexy. But we never lived in the same place at the same time and most of the time one of us was in a relationship. And that just was the case, always. So it never worked out. Once we got a bit older I finally said we shouldn't talk anymore, because it always gets in to flirtation and that's not appropriate if we're gonna be dating other people.

He's not a lost love or anything though, just a fond memory I guess? I am pretty sure he's married. I am, and who I'm with now is much more than just us being a great couple.


"I soon realised..."

Met her during my school time. She was perfect. Beautiful, smart, intelligent, funny. We spent time together just talking for hours, and telling each other random stories, sitting on a the compound wall of her house.

I soon realised though that I was not good enough for her as while she was amazing in every aspect, I had absolutely zero skill, zero hobbies, I didn't even look that impressive physically. So, come university, I decided to improve myself and become somewhat worthy of her. So, I started reading, going to the gym, socialising more, etc. Then life happened. One of thing led to another, as I completed my grad and went on to do my post grad and then got a job, i had to change several countries.

2 years back, when I went back to my country I happened to bump into her and found out that she had married someone now. They both write stuff for magazines and newspapers. Blogs and what not. She was happy that I made it so far in life. I never found the guts to tell her that it all started with trying to be even with her.

She seems happy with her life and I am happy for her, but who knows, how everything would have turned out, if I would have spent more time with her in the past, rather than go off in a trip for self improvement.


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"In my experience..."

We both met way back in middle school and throughout the years we've had great chemistry but she always seemed to be dating someone. Freshman year of college we were both single and she asked if i wanted to try dating but I'd moved to a different city and I didn't want to try long distance. Since then I know we've both had feelings for each other but the timing never seemed to match up right. In my experience, the most important thing about starting a relationship with someone you already care about really comes down to timing.


"I met a girl..."

I met a girl who is highly energetic, extroverted, pretty, and very fun. I'd known her for years beforehand but only actually got to get to know her then. The only reason I didn't ask her out was because she was dating a close friend of mine at the time... which is how I got to know her in the first place.

They broke up, I still liked her, and then she started dating my best friend. They're actually super cute and happy together so I'm happy for them (if not a little jealous).


"At the very least..."

I can think of a few.

  1. She was already married. We were good friends while our lives intersected, but haven't kept in touch since I moved for work.
  2. She was dating/engaged to her now-husband while I knew her. We were good friends while our lives intersected, but haven't kept in touch since we went our separate ways.
  3. She's dating the person I expect she'll marry. At the very least, she'll still be together with him by the time I move away. We're polite acquaintances but otherwise try to stay out of each other's way. This was the one that really hurt because I developed feelings before I found out she was unavailable. With the others I never hoped for anything more than friendship; not so here.

"I was broke..."

I was broke at the time and she moved on to someone else. They live together and have been in a relationship for 5 years. I'm in a long distance relationship with someone else now.


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