It seems like any event is an excuse to bring new gifts. There are birthday parties, holiday parties, engagement parties, baby showers, and housewarming parties. It's exhausting to think about the number of gifts we need to buy. And, they all expect you to be creative and thoughtful. So, let us help with the perfect gift for the ultimate Star Trek fan.

No matter if they are Star Trek Discovery or The Original Series fans.

CafePress Star Trek: Q Quote Mug

Q is not the only one with a delusion of grandeur. Many people believe they are a gift to humanity. One of them might be your friend. This is the perfect gift for the one who believes they are a God or Goddess. I personally love it.


Aquarius Star Trek Kirk Vs Gorn Tin Sign

People have all sorts of posters to make their room be more personalized. This vintage-looking poster makes me wonder what WWE fights would look like in the Star Trek universe.


Westland Giftware Star Trek Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

If you know someone who loves food as much as sci-fi this is a great gift. Besides, who would ever imagine Captain Kirk on a shaker?


Star Trek Logo Design Handmade Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This officially licensed clock looks as cool as you'd think. The vinyl record look makes it look classy, and it ties together any room. I think I've watched enough HGTV shows to recognize good taste when I see it, and this is it.


Original Star Trek Patent Poster Prints, Set of 4 

Throughout the years we've seen 8 different versions of the USS Enterprise. I guess you could collect them all. But, here we have four to get your favorite Trekkies started. The black and white look goes great with the wall clock shown above.


Live Long And Prosper Star Trek Themed Stemless Wine Glasses

Red wine, red alert, who can tell the difference. These wine glasses will make any wine and movie nights Spock approved. It is better if you drink wine while watching your favorite Star Trek The Original Series episodes.


PlanetsForSale Deluxe Star Trek Starfleet Academy Certificate in a Luxury Gift Box

Wesley Crusher inspired many Star Trek The Next Generation fans. Many of us dreamed of attending Starfleet Academy in the hopes of becoming the next Starfleet captain. So, what better way to help them represent the Academy than with a Certificate. Now they can feel like they graduated with honors, even if they skipped a few classes.


Captain Janeway mug - Unique Star Trek Voyager Lover Gift

Coffee is the single best substance in the galaxy. It's warm, gives you energy, and tastes great. This is a great Star Trek gift for someone who has to cram for finals, or has an important presentation and needs both caffeine and the support of an amazing captain.


Night Lights Smalody 3D Optical Illusion Multi-Colored Change Touch Controlled Desk Lamp Battleship

This night light will make it feel like you really are living in the future. The lamp is controlled by touch, which that in itself is cool, but also shows your favorite starship. And, it looks like a 3D hologram. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to make their quarters feel more like the 24th Century ones.


Star Trek Soy Candles (Set of 3)

Candles are one of the nicest things about this world. They're cute, relaxing, and smell nice. Plus, fire. And this set includes three smells: Vulcan Pon Farr, Earl Grey Tea, and Janeway's Coffee. I particularly love the smell of Earl Gray, I know me and Captain Picard would be best friends. Which would be your favorite?


getDigital Tea Tin, Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Speaking of my love for Earl Grey, if your friend feels the same way about loose leaf tea this tin is the perfect present. It looks like the replicator to make it seem more authentic. The tin is empty so you can fill it with your favorite teas. Even if it's not Earl Grey. I promise we won't tell. You might want to get a heat changing mug as well to complete the set.


Star Trek Cork-Back Coaster Set 

Any adult needs a good coaster set to protect that fancy furniture or that Ikea furniture. Either way, a coaster set is of the essence. However, few people think to buy one when they move. This gift is ideal for housewarming parties. It's a thoughtful detail that won't break the bank. Plus, they'll think of you anytime they have people over and they don't have to clean up a water ring on their favorite coffee table.


Vandor 80087 Star Trek Stainless Steel Flask

Raise your hand if you have ever snuck in alcohol to a party or even a family event. Let me tell you, Thanksgiving with my family is hard. That is nearly impossible to do without a good flask. Besides, "to go boldly where no one has gone before" are great words to live by, no matter the occasion.


Toynk Star Trek Luggage Tag Gift Set

Now, for your friend with perpetual wanderlust. That friend who wants to explore, meet new cultures, have adventures, or even just Spring Break in Cabo. These tags will help a lot. If we've learned anything from Star Trek is that we need to get out of our comfort zone. We need to experience things for ourselves and be open to new people and adventures. And since most of us are not lucky enough to head out to space just yet, traveling within our planet will have to do. Great tags for a great adventure.


Star Trek Prism Enterprise - PopSockets

Our communicators, sorry our phones are the one thing people take everywhere these days. If you want your friend to remember you all the time give them something they can take with them. Something like a pop socket for their phone. It makes playing Candy Crush way more comfortable. Plus, it's the perfect stocking stuffer.


Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge

Have you ever wanted to be able to call someone just by hitting a pin on your shirt? Now you can. This Wand Company badge lets you connect to your phone through Bluetooth so you can talk to the rest of your crew just by hitting your shoulder.

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