Let me tell you; girls want more than just to have fun. We want Star Trek-themed gifts to match our Trekkie obsessions. We want real tricorders and warp speed and our very own Enterprise. I understand it's a bit unrealistic, so these gifts will have to do.

We might have unrealistic expectations of what we deserve on our birthday. But more importantly, we want gifts that show how much you care. So, if we wish to be the next captain of the USS Enterprise, or we want to follow Dr. Crusher's steps. These are gifts that will be loved by all Star Trek fans.

But if you need help figuring it out, we have the ultimate gift guide for the special women in your life.

Star Trek: The Original Series Tricorder

For doctors out there there is nothing more important than helping their patients. We might not have Star Trek technology just yet, but hopefully, we get to a point where we can fix a broken arm in a matter of minutes. Until then, this tricorder will definitely help you diagnose and think about the best treatment for anyone in need. Okay, full disclosure, it doesn't actually work but it's still pretty cool.


CafePress - Star Trek Quotes Insignia

If she's the type of person who casually quotes Captain Kirk in everyday situations, this t-shirt is perfect for her. It features all the fan faves. From "beam me up, Scotty" to "make it so" this t-shirt is perfect for the fans who instead of saying goodbye say "live long and prosper."


Star Trek Original USS Enterprise Patent Prints

Everyone's quarters should be tailored to their residents. Family pictures, maybe a poster or two. However, no house is a home until you feature your favorite show on the walls. So, what better way to make someone feel at home than by putting up some prints of your favorite starships. These prints include four versions of the Enterprise. Who wouldn't want to see the Enterprise every day.


Starfleet Qi Wireless Charger

Some of us are constantly looking at our phones. And by some of us, I mean all of us. We truly are dependent on that tiny shiny brick. But, who can blame us? that's where the internet is. So, what better gift than an officially licensed wireless charger with the Starfleet logo. Trust me, it's the perfect gift for the tech fan in your life.


Star Trek Catan

Catan is already a fun board game. Catan in the Star Trek universe is the ultimate game. It includes 19 planets, a Klingon bird of prey, and support cards in case of "red alerts." This is also perfect if you're hoping to make game nights a regular thing. It's not only a great gift but also a great way to guarantee some quality time.


Star Trek Collectible Wine Glass Set, Starfleet Command Insignia Badge

Girls' night is a synonym to wine and good movies. And the perfect wine (or the cheapest) should be paired with the best glasses. That makes these glasses a great gift. Make it so.


Star Trek Next Generation TV Starfleet Academy Hoodie

You can never go wrong with a hoodie. Especially not with this comfy Starfleet Academy one. I'd like to think this is what all students wear to their Basic Warp Design course or Biology. And we can wear it to Biology and Communications 101.


Star Trek: The Original Series Kirk & Spock 2020

We all know who we'd want running our country. This awesome Star Trek mug lets people know your friend is a Trekkie but also keeps updated in the latest news, and happens to be a concerned citizen. It doesn't have to be a heat changing mug to spark a conversation.


Star Trek Discovery Lapel Pin

This is the perfect stocking stuffer. This pin goes with any jacket or shirt for that fashionista who also likes to keep her fandom close to her heart. Besides, what better way to show that she's a member of the Starfleet federation?


Star Trek Juniors Sheer Yoke Gold Costume Sweater

Every girl needs a go-to comfy shirt. This one is perfect for the people who love to lounge around in their comfy clothes and binge-watch their favorite Star Trek series. Pair it with some popcorn, and it's the perfect rainy day attire.


Women Of Star Trek Silouhette T-Shirt

There are many reasons to love Star Trek. One is the amazing, strong women who show how strong and smart Starfleet officers can be. These women are iconic and role models to many. Besides, it's always great to see some strong women kicking Romulan butt on TV.


Cobble Hill The Women of Star Trek

Speaking of the awesome women of Star Trek. There is a jigsaw puzzle that features everyone from T'pol to Dr. Crusher. This is also perfect if you're hoping to spend some quality time with the person you're buying this for. Just picture it, rainy Sunday afternoon, hot cocoa, and this puzzle. Sounds perfect.


Mr. Spock Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone

Some women (*cough me cough*) love to wake up and play music to start the day. Picture a Rita Moreno in One Day at a Time kinda deal. What better gift than a speaker. And not just any speaker. This Bluetooth speaker plays your favorite music as well as speaking 9 phrases from The Original Series voiced by Leonard Nimoy himself.


CafePress - Shut Up Wesley - Star Trek Quo - Womens Hooded Shirt

Show me one person who hasn't at one point want to scream "SHUT UP!" Exactly, you can't. This hoodie says it all when your words can't. If the woman you're buying this for gives you a look every time you say something annoying. She'll just have to point at her hoodie and you'll understand it's time to re-evaluate your statement.


Star Trek Bracelet - Star Trek Arm Party Bracelet

Some women have go-to everyday jewelry. Whether they use the same everyday earrings or their favorite necklace, they are now going to add these bracelets to their routine. They include three pendants in black and silver tones. I'm sure they'll use these bracelets on the daily. ​

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