The Craziest 'Thank God They Came In For A Second Opinion' Experiences According To Doctors

Going to the doctor is never fun.

Even if it's just a routine check-up, you still worry.

And when it's bad news, you worry more.

But we should be able to trust good news.

That's why no matter the outcome, second opinions are usually a great idea.

So much can be missed.

Doctors aren't perfect, they're human.

Redditor big-juicy724 wanted to know about the times people needed more medical advice and asked everyone:

"Doctors of reddit, whats your’ Thank God they came in for a second opinion’ moment?"

I hate to be rude by asking, but when it comes to health... ask for all the help you can get.

Look Closer

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"This guy was told he had pink eye."

"He had metal shards in his eye from welding."



"I've had a couple of gems, but the one that really sticks out in my mind actually happened about a month or so ago."

"A young mother brought in a 6 year old to ER, she was super nice, and apologetic because she thought that she was wasting my time, because she said that her son had started to develop different spots all over his body and she has no idea why."

"My initial first thought was chicken pox, so I had some swords and shields up ready to go for the anti-vaxx debate, but she claimed that she had her son vaccinated at all stages up to that point, and upon closer inspection they were mass of clusters of warts."

"Not uncommon, but because of how rapidly that they were growing, I ordered some blood work to make sure there wasn't an underlying cause as kids immune systems are pretty well equipped to handle that sort of thing. And I'm really glad that she brought him in, because he had a severely low white blood cell count which revealed a primary immune deficiency disease."



"This is my second story to post here but a great story no less. Mid 30's man walks into my office with what looks like a black eye and a broken blood vessel in the front of his left eye. He went to his primary and it was simply assumed that he got punched or hit or something, and he was dismissed."

"He was noted to have high blood pressure, but a script for medicine was written and a follow up in a few months. Gentleman comes in to see me to get another opinion on the matter and I look at him and immediately start the line of questions: How long has it been there, do you have a headache, and when you plug your ears with your fingers do you hear a 'wooshing' sound?"

"He had a cavernous sinus fistula (CCF). I sent him directly to the emergency room with his family of 4 in tow and he was in the OR within an hour of arriving. Saved his eye and possibly his life that day."

"The best news: He was a kitchen guy at my local diner which I frequent and they still treat me like royalty there when I come to eat. They all remember the time I saved one of theirs."


MRI Ordered

"This is a 'I wish I had gotten a second opinion' story. I had a doctor in high school who was unconcerned when I suddenly developed vertical double vision (which was freaking out everyone in emergency, where I had gone initially) and lost 60lbs for no reason."

"It was only a year or two later when I told him that my arm would fall asleep much faster than normal when I raised it to ask a question in class that he thought there might be something wrong with me."

"MRI ordered. Brain tumour found."


It was Fine

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"Dermatologist here. I have seen probably 5 instances of 'My other doctor told me it was fine.' That were melanomas."

"A lot of times people don’t want a full skin exams. There are lots of perfectly sane reasons for this, time, perceived cost, history of personal trauma. However, I routinely find cancers people don’t know they have. Keep this in mind if you see a dermatologist for acne and they recommend you get in a gown."


I always say... exam EVERYTHING!

Hey Nurse

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"ER nurse here. Had a lady in for simple pneumonia. Her 13 year old son was getting bored, so I showed him some equipment. I connected a simple heart monitor to him and discovered he was in a complete heart block. I printed a strip and showed it to the doc. Hmmm... We suddenly and unexpectedly got a cardiac patient."


Bad Bacteria

"My grandmother had her hip replaced, but the hip always hurt to her. She waited a year, hoping it would go away but it never did, she asked multiple doctors and did multiple x-rays but doctors said the replaced hip was fine. We finally made her go to a private clinic in my hometown, and the doctor saw that the replaced hip was fine and dandy, but the bone around it looked like it was a tad bit eaten by bacteria."

So the new doc did an operation, and there was so much pus in the leg it was insane. If my grandmother waited any longer, her blood would become infected and she would have died."

"Thank goodness she went to the clinic."


Brain Function

"My Dad (a pediatrician specializing in Neuro issues) was seeing one if his patients at the hospital got dragged into the NICU unexpectedly by a nurse who insisted a baby wasn't well. The attending doc insisted the kid was fine and just tired from a difficult vacuum assist delivery. My Dad could tell the baby wasn't okay and managed to talk the parents into a brain scan."

"The NICU doc insisted my dad was nuts to the parents. Dad was right and the kid had a brain bleed and was rushed to surgery. The baby would have died without the nurse bringing my dad in and the parents listening to him. As is, that extra time almost certainly cost brain function."


Finally Healthy

"One of my sisters friends was diagnosed with cancer at age 10. They were advised to pack up their stuff and move across the country to go to a specialist because they would have to stay there for at least a year. They even had to hire a private plane so she wouldn’t get sick on the plane from any passengers."

"Well before they left they got a second opinion saying it was pneumonia. Then they got a third that again said it is was pneumonia. Now several years later she is healthy and never got cancer treatment and has been tested for cancer regularly."



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"Wife went to ER for pain in her pelvic region. Ultrasound showed a mass, probably an ovarian cyst they said. It will pop in time. Leave it alone."

"Went to the Dr about a week later, had a surgery to pull it out maybe a month later. Did a biopsy on the mass. It was ovarian CANCER. she is now cancer free but wtf."


I hate medical issues but consulting a doctor one (and even twice) can help ease the mind or find the proper course of treatment.

Do you have any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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