People Confess The Most Out Of Line Thing A Doctor's Ever Said To Them

As patients, we rely on the expertise of medical professionals to be able to identify whatever ailments we're suffering through.

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Redditor Tight-Change-3696 and their sister both work in the medical field but in different professions. The sister has a tendency not to be entirely truthful about her job, and this has rubbed our Redditor the wrong way for quite some time. When they both responded to a medical emergency while shopping at a local mall, […] More
People Break Down The Most Unprofessional Thing A Doctor Has Ever Said To Them
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Because we rely on a medical professional's expertise regarding our ailments or concerns, we have no choice but to trust them.

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People Describe Warning Signs That Someone Should Go To The Hospital Immediately
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Why do we gamble with our health?

I know the most common answer to that is... "because healthcare costs are a joke!"

But as we get older, or even in youth, we need to be listening to our bodies.

Sometimes a trip to the hospital is just necessary.

Nobody wants to go, but if it's a live-or-die situation?


Redditor phenomLG wanted compile a list of all the reasons we need to take medical issues seriously right away. They asked:

"Whats a sign you need to immediately go to the hospital?"
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Doctors Share Their Best 'How The F**k Are You Not Dead?' Experiences
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WARNING: graphic descriptions of illness and injuries

Doctors and caregivers perform miracles and, when things work in favor of patients, are praised for performing miracles.

Sometimes, however, those miracles have nothing to do with the medical professionals tending to a patient who narrowly escaped death.

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