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There are those who have come so close to experiencing death, they wind up cherishing every moment of their lives after surviving what could've been a fatal catastrophe.

Then there are others who actually flatlined and miraculously came back to life.

Not very many people know what actually happens to us when we eventually expire, but thanks to these survivors who lived to share their stories, we get an idea.

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Going to the doctor is never fun.

Even if it's just a routine check-up, you still worry.

And when it's bad news, you worry more.

But we should be able to trust good news.

That's why no matter the outcome, second opinions are usually a great idea.

So much can be missed.

Doctors aren't perfect, they're human.

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There are instances where doctors literally have our life in their hands.

Trained and seasoned professionals that they are, we'd like to trust them with any diagnosis they give us.

But being mortal, even doctors make mistakes.

With that in mind, we might find ourselves confused that we don’t seem to be any better, if anything we might be getting worse, despite our doctors assurances that everything was fine.

Sometimes these mistakes or oversights which result in little to no consequences, other times having deadly consequences.

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"It's barely a scrape."

That's what my grandmother would always say when I fell.

In my mind, my limb was hanging off and I was already in need of a blood transfusion.

It takes time and deep breaths to decipher between a flesh wound and a mortal ending.

That's why it's helpful to have a granny who says...

"Get a band-aid, some vodka, and move on."

The vodka was after college.

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