People Divulge Their Best 'Gotta Take One For The Team' Stories

People Divulge Their Best 'Gotta Take One For The Team' Stories
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You never plan on taking one for the team until the moment arises.

In fact, up until that moment you were probably set to go about your life, completely unaware someone else will rely on you to solve a difficult situation for them.

Whatever the reason for the tricky spot they find themselves—be it legal trouble or a social, situational snafu—you step up, take the hit and talk about it later on the internet with other people.

Reddit user, Betanci0, wanted to hear about the time you leapt on the grenade when they asked:

"What’s your 'gotta take one for the team' story?"

It might be small, whatever the bullet you take is, but there's no doubt.

You were doing something you didn't have to do for the benefit of others.

People need their Ricky Martin, after all.

Education Is Important, After All

"Took a class in college that I didn’t want to take but if I didn’t, the class couldn’t be run and two other people would not be able to graduate."


"okay most people arent dropping thousands for the team, kudos to you"


You're a kind person – and you saved your classmates a lot of time!

Living The Crazy Life

"I was on a cruise, and they were doing auditions for the “end of trip” show where you’re impersonating a well known performer/song. We were over an hour into the karaoke time and no one had auditioned yet. I’d had a few drinks and figured “what’s the worst that could happen?”"

"That’s how I found myself performing on stage as Ricky Martin with backup dancers"


You took a gamble and it paid off! There has to be video of this somewhere, right?

Let Me Off The Ride

"I was at Universal in FL with my best friend and our two boyfriends, waiting in the line for the hulk roller coaster. It was 97 degrees Fahrenheit and the air was like soup, and we had already waited in line for an hour."

"I was feeling a little overheated but was ready to wait it out when I took a look at my best friend who looked white as a sheet, like she was about to faint. I finally called it and said “hey guys I’m not feeling it, Steph do you want to go grab food and shop in that store with the good HP stuff?”

"I could sense the immediate relief from her as we walked out of the line. Her bf is a Florida native and she was trying to put on a brave face, but I knew two more minutes and that chick would have passed the heck out."

"We ate ice cream and shopped while we waited ANOTHER HOUR for the guys to get through the line to ride the 2 minute roller coaster. Totally worth it to take the “weak” title for myself to bail."


You may not like it. Actually, taking one for the team usually means you have to do something you really don't want to do.

Last thing you want is people to see you in a silly dress.

I Smelt It Therefore I Dealt It

"Was in a car ride with my GF and some family, my GF lets out a nasty fart, and my uncle starts complaining about the smell."

"It was the first time my GF met these people, and I figured it would be super awkward if they figured it was her, so I took responsibility for the fart. Besides some more complaints directed at me, nothing else happened."

"The fart was hella stinky so I don’t blame them for complaining at all"


Okay, that's true love right there. You're still together, right?

Staying With A Pal Until The End

"Friend of mine got into a late night fight at a bar and was sent to the closest police station, everyone left and I was left with him, rode the police car with him and called our lawyer and helped through all the legal procedures to pay bail and get him out. Still had to get to work by 8:00 a.m."


You're a trooper – and a good friend. That's a scary situation and you were thankfully able to be there for him.

Not Walking Out In Front Of Everyone Like This

"My friend picked out terrible bridesmaid dresses. If you can picture it: Structured goldenrod cheap transparent chiffon with a body clinging tank top slip the size of a napkin underneath. Sort of that twee shabby chic prairie style that was en vogue a decade ago. My husband called me an, and I quote, "Amish slut"."

"All the bridesmaids hated them but bride friend was type A and no one wanted to complain. I fell on my sword and begged her to let me pick something different because of my weight, as I was the chonkiest one in the party. I absolutely refused to stand in front of people in that handkerchief."

"She wanted everyone to match so she switched to a much more flattering one. I got a group hug from all the bridesmaids in secret. It's been a decade and she still brings it up occasionally that the first dress was fine and everyone else liked it"


Taking care of others. "Taking one for the team" can easily be broken down to mean you're putting aside your own aspirations, hopes, and plans, to help others.

Move Along, Move Along

"I was out with a bunch of my friends and the designated driver fucked off and left us about 10 minutes into the party. I did not have my license but I knew the people I was with and I knew they would drive drunk, so I didn't drink and I drove them home."

"Got pulled over by the RCMP, he asked for license and registration, I gave him the registration but said I didn't have a license (I had let my beginners lapse and didn't get it because I didn't have regular access to a car)."

"He started in on me asking me why I was driving without a license and I said pointed to each person in the car and said, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk and I didn't drink. He gave me back the registration and said carry on."


Stepping Up During The World's Needy Time

"I work for a small mental health charity when lockdown hit in 2020 I stopped being paid and took on all the administration as we had to make the admin furloughed. Hard times but we managed to continue supporting people for free during the hardest of times"


Step Up And Prove What Kind Of Person You Are

"Kind of a 'gotta take one for the team' but it's a pretty sh*tty one. I was a freshman in high school and it was homecoming. Our class pulled a sh*tty prank on this girl who had a learning disability and voted for her to be the freshman rep as a joke and she won. Well the guy that got voted to walk with her backed out the day before and I was 2nd in line."

"Being a freshman, knowing it was a joke and knowing I'd have to walk her down with everyone watching I was mortified but I did it. I remember my step brother giving me sh*t and laughing at me and then my step father found out what I was going to do..."

"He chewed my step brother out and was immensely proud of me. I don't think she ever figured out it was a joke and she was so happy that night."

"It was probably the highlight of her high school years honestly. Some 25 years later my dad ran into her parents and they still thanked me to him."

"You just never know whose life you might touch, be kind."


Always be willing to help.

Simple as that.

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